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  1. I remember that picture - it was a group shot. She did not stand out as being darker than all the other girls in it. Her costume was a bad choice. The tan is not natural but it’s depth is consistent. She’s actually darker in the Christmas uniform.
  2. It looks like the Rachel on Friends haircut which so many of my college girlfriends had. I think it’s a good interpretation. I never wanted it but I know it was popular.
  3. I remember him being bi-racial. They have four little boys and I believe he works on an oil rig. They seem to be a very sweet little family 💙 I used to follow her on Instagram but I no longer have social media (outside of PT).
  4. No worries. To me she’s as plastic as a credit card 😊
  5. Yes! Yet another example of Eboni twisting someone else’s words to fit her narrative. I didn’t think Bershan was alluding to All Lives Matter (as opposed to BLM) at all. And she certainly never said those words. I thought she was trying to say we’re all women, we’re all the same doll parts, I’m sick of having to define identities on everything, let’s celebrate each other and enjoy the evening. 🍸
  6. oh my our corporate in-house catering used to make mini shrimp cakes for receptions and such - so, so good 🍤 chef used to make a homemade aioli to go with them. magical.
  7. Honestly Shawn doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind her and I’d much rather watch Shawn than Amy or Courtney. I see the things that everyone criticizes and they don’t really get my hackles up. I don’t see what the big deal is. People on PT don’t like her. Meh. No worries. The Katrina comparisons are kind of funny because I knew Katrina when we were kids and our moms were in the Junior League together. She acted then and well into her 40s like her sh*t doth not stink. She’s eating humble pie on the Q now because it’s pretty much the end of the road for a career in fashion. Her mom is an absolu
  8. Allegedly CT was out partying until the wee hours and was hungover/late the next morning. Rachel’s choice of costume was bad but she did not deliberately change the color of her skin for the costume. She has been perpetually tan from day one. Still it was a bad choice. I believe she owned it and apologized. I do think it’s a load of BS though that girls whose personal photos were compromised have been held back from GL and All Star status.
  9. David looks so thin!
  10. Meanwhile I’m over here imagining a 24-year old Ramona and her purple thong having Turtle Time in the last days of disco 😆 ETA: I still say I would LOVE to see photos of Ramona and Sonja going out when they were friends before they each got married. Can you even imagine the trouble those two got into in their 20s/30s!
  11. Not electing to get the vaccine does not mean you automatically have Covid-19 😉 * In order to stay in training camp they must have the vaccine. The choice is indeed personal and it can be quite daunting because of many health related and legal reasons tied to the vaccine's emergency use status. However it does not mean a TCC is not a role model because she decides for herself not to get the vaccine and elects to leave. Her reasoning is no one's business but her own and she should not be judged because of it. * Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to continue following the gui
  12. I feel about Eboni the same way I feel about Dorinda. Underneath it all I think they are likeable women, and I would like them a whole lot more without producer intervention. That includes the encouragement of allcohol (hehe) consumption and scene direction. I have a hard time believing Eboni is this naturally preachy in real life. I'd be really disappointed if she was. I, like others, would really like to see fun Eboni. Housewives should be fun. Eboni, not fun. *and Leah. I would like Eboni a whole lot more without Leah.
  13. I agree that Karissa looks great but I don't think the Duggar hairstyle looks professional. It's too long by about 4". Also I was talking about her face and hair - not her clothes.
  14. It was very much a cross of Cruella and Madame Medusa 😄 She just needed some green jewelry to go with the cigarette holder!
  15. You can read about Harlem here: https://www.nyc-architecture.com/HAR/HAR-History.htm
  16. @HitItHarder..BAM can I just tell you your screen name gives me much needed chuckles! I swear that episode is way up there in the Plutocracy of MTT. It's on ALL the time (and I love it). Screeeeeeeem!
  17. Omg I can smell the new trade show carpeting fumes from here 😄 This picture reminds me of every booth I've ever worked.
  18. I hate to say it but Karissa's aesthetic is very Duggar to me 😬 She has an adorable figure and face though. I'd love to see her bring the hair up about 4 inches and switch to a lighter brown, and use some color cosmetics on her cheeks/lips to brighten things up. She looks so drab and one-dimensional and some color would go a long way!
  19. I love that they used a variation of the fan formation - it's pretty to watch!
  20. And she is keeping up with the stereotypical aesthetic of physical appearance too - not with the clothes, but hair/face/body. I think she is an attractive woman but the clothes and personality ruin it. Kier is a beautiful girl, especially for a young teenager. She doesn't have any of that awkward teenager look.
  21. I agree - lots of white on white. But no, I don't think she's having money troubles. She got Southampton in the divorce and they sold the marital apartment. Southampton is her primary address. I suspect, like Lu, she rents a pied-à-terre to keep one foot in the city. And for filming.
  22. If Ramona doesn't think the vice president is the best person for the job, she isn't going to agree with her guest that it is progress, and she shouldn't have to. Her house, her boundaries. Sis Magpie said it above - feminism doesn't mean you have to support every woman in every situation.
  23. Eboni's politics are identity politics. She hasn't said a single word about the qualifications or the record of the vice president. She has only talked about her gender and the color of her skin. (quoting you for context) I agree.
  24. I don’t have a problem with Ramona not wanting to discuss politics. It’s not “we don’t discuss those things in our circles”. I belong to two friend groups of which the members all have differing ideologies. I have a strict rule of no politics out of respect for each persons’ beliefs, not because we “don’t talk about those things”. We’re not friends because of our politics and we’re not going to change each other’s beliefs or values. Everyone is entitled to their own. So we leave it out and just enjoy each other for who we are. I thought that was all Ramona was trying to do and Eboni just kept
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