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  1. With all due respect, Dayton was not prepared (both times she auditioned), she was late and she had memory issues. Kelli expected her to be better prepared and she wasn’t and that is why she was so hard on her. VK’s passes for her behavior and weight gain were another issue. Still neither made the team that year. VK just made it further than she should have. I definitely remember discussion in here about Hannah’s appearance in addition to the mental health piece. I tend to think her attitude wasn’t in the right place and that’s what got her cut. I honestly can’t remember if Hannah or Bren
  2. With Hannah I thought there *was something going on with her size. She was never overweight of course but wasn’t she the one who could barely keep her backside contained in the shorts?
  3. LeGrand seemed like a sweet girl and it was clear she was in some sort of crisis. They should have kept her issues and her cut off the show ☹️ ETA: Yes I’d like to know how she’s doing and hopefully she’s ok!
  4. I think co-hosting is a function of QVCs pandemic format bc they still don’t have in-studio OAPs. They needed to mix it up a bit and get people back on the sound stage. Amy and Alberti are co-hosting right now.
  5. It's still out there - she was starting a YouTube channel: I have grown so much over the years and have also learned so much, and I want to share all of it with you guys! My highs, my lows, my triumps, and my pitfalls... from weight loss and fitness, to my journey in professional cheerleading. Being a start up YouTuber is extremely difficult because of all the time that goes into filming content, editing videos, and then promoting the final product. I will be spending a lot of time creating this video series for all of you, and basically earning no money at all, which is a struggle f
  6. I can just taste the personal pan pizza and Pepsi though, ah memories.
  7. The weight loss gofundme was pretty pathetic too..
  8. Well right now she's dry humping Paul in Italy, so.. 😁
  9. I don’t agree. She worked and paid her own way through college. Whether she got a loan from a bank or a loan from her dad doesn’t matter. It was a bridge loan and she paid it back a month later. A loan is an agreement, not a “gift”. That’s self-made enough for me.
  10. Ramona is a self-made woman and her money does not come from pinot grigio 😉 Ramona started a company called RMS Fashions, Inc. According to Bustle, Ramona's dad gave her $70,000 with the idea that she would become an entrepreneur. Ramona was 30 at the time and started RMS Fashions, Inc. When retailers have too much inventory, the company purchases it and then has discount stores buy it. Bustle reported that Ramona was able to give her dad back that money after a month. The publication also says that Ramona attended Fashion Institute of Technology and even worked 30-hour work wee
  11. I would have vertigoed my way out of there so fast I probably would have knocked over the fortune teller on contractor stilts in the process.
  12. Funny that Leah went around the room pointing out how each returning cast member treated her “like sh*t because she was the new girl” without even considering the way she herself behaved last season. Calling Eboni out for ruining every social engagement with teachable moments isn’t treating her like shit. It’s letting her know she’s been coming off as preachy teachy and it’s buzzkill. I thought I might like her at first but I can’t with the smirky face. I don’t get the Covid glam squad. It’s not at all real, but then again Leah is the least real member of the cast if you add up all
  13. I don’t know, Ramona can’t be much of a moron if she’s gotten herself as far in life as she has. She garbles her words. That’s why we love her. It was really rude of Leah to talk to her and about her in the manner that she did. She’s lucky she didn’t wind up with a drink in her face!!
  14. We’d be very happy to see her. Bonus points for a cast member panic attack.
  15. It’s none of Eboni’s g*d damned business who Ramona voted for or why.
  16. S5Ep1 Sonja mentioned Eric Clapton and his pool cue bag when she and Aviva went to the salon for pedicures and Aviva had her backup leg in a bag 😆
  17. It never occurred to me before but maybe Rachel thought it was okay to dress as Bruno Mars because they both have Asian heritage.
  18. You want to know something wild though? Rachel and Bruno Mars actually do resemble each other. She’s a quarter Japanese and he’s half Filipino.
  19. Amy Stran flossed her teeth live on camera. (and it wasn't a presentation for a dental product) 🤷‍♀️
  20. I think Cassie and Chelsea were friends because Cassie’s husband and Chelsea’s then boyfriend were close.
  21. Driving around in that Slingshot car of his. It’s like the epitome of late midlife crisis horny teenager behavior.
  22. What always baffled me about this picture is Kashara and Heather actually did darken their faces and appropriate Mexican culture but no one ever said anything about it.
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