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S04.E18: Ohana

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For a moment I wondered whether I had accidentally walked into the Five-0 forum. Ohana? Really? Are we still supposed to find clues in episode titles? Will Rich show up in a vintage Hawaiian shirt?

An old friend of Zapata's? Does she even have any new friends? Is this the return of MI6 lady?

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The acting on this episode was horrible, like if nobody got to see their script before the day of shooting. Weller was the worst and his fanboying of Bill Nye was awful. The MI6 lady was almost just as bad. The plot and dialog was terrible, even Rich and Patterson were grating. I think the bees would choose extinction over being associated with this episode.

If Jane/Remy has her memories back, why isn't she helping the FBI more. Does she remember who was the father of her child? What terrorist acts she committed? The names of terrorist cells and their members. How her terrorist group got their supplies. That kind of information might keep the show going for several seasons even without cracking another tattoo. It seems like Jane/Remy got her memories back and it didn't change her at all.

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4 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

Weller was the worst and his fanboying of Bill Nye was awful...

Figured that would have been finished the last time Nye was on the show.....

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Tasha forgot what it's like being without a team? She's the one that decided to join Keaton's stupid plan. It's not like they kicked her out.

I know Tasha is a fool but why was Caludia so adamant to go rogue?

The FBI and MI6 are ignoring the "dangerous" threat of HCI Global and only these two can stop it? OK! Good job Claudia! You couldn't walk a city block before getting killed!

Are we sure Claudia is dead this time?

Did they try to set the record with how many "B" puns dropped?

Surprised Ginny wasn't killed by a bee. 

I like that Chaz the hypocrite henchman was concerned about killing Bill Nye but showed no remorse for killing Agent O'Neill. 

Weller's mother now? Good grief! She's probaly pissed she wasn't invited to wedding and now turned evil.

13 hours ago, AnimeMania said:

The MI6 lady was almost just as bad.

When she screamed "I'm mad". I almost spit out my tea in laughter.

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Well, for once the episode title made sense - so that's something. Weller smiled more in this episode than in all previous seasons together. That's also something. And the Make-Up artist was having the time of her life between Patterson, Claudia and Jane's gorgeous eye make-up. Poor Zapata was stuck with no concealer and a smudgy-smoky-eye to show she's tiiiiiiired.

Thank God for Rich, his bee puns and glorious shirts.

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First, don't ever rank on anyone's poetry, Weller, until you prove you can do it better.

Now Patterson's dad is Bill Nye? The REAL Bill Nye? Didn't he have a different name last time he was on? If there was a drinking game every time "Bill Nye" was said, we'd all have passed out before the bees escaped.

IRL Bill Nye does have one daughter, Charity Nye. If that's Patterson, why isn't she named Nye instead of Patterson. Just askin'.

Jane says Tasha looks terrible while Jane looks like she stuck her head in a lawn mower. Later in the show Jane did comb her mop down some. But it's never nice to tell someone how crap they look, even if they do. And especially if you look even worse.

LOL at the bad person holding a gun on Patterson and whoever else that was and giving them three minutes to do whatever they were suppose to do. Yeah, go ahead and shoot them, THEN who is going to do the science work? What a bunch of dumbasses.

Weller fanboying was so OTT. In fact, this whole episode was OTT. Patterson being all badass and kicking ass. Yeah, right. Not. Even RichDotCom got on my nerves. This show is really smelling up the tank it's in lately.

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I am starting to wonder if Patterson's first name is Kiddo. I got a good laugh out of her line about "the next lasagna you have is going to be served on a prison tray!"

Weaponized bees are a terrible idea, as the bad guys found out. I remember playing a text-based game back in the BBS days where there was an option to try using fire ants against your opponent. It never worked and always failed with the same message: you are unable to find any friendly fire ants.

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17 hours ago, LisaM said:

I have a phobia about bees so there was no way that I was going to watch this episode. 

The bees kill surprisingly few people (maybe 3? and none that don't deserve it) even though they are deadly AF.

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1 hour ago, MrFluffy said:

Bill Nye does not have any children. Don't know how that Charity Nye rumor got started.

I saw the "Charity Nye" thing on the Internet. You know, the place where everything is true. She had never been photographed though, one site said. So I looked further and found this:

In the 2017 PBS documentary Bill Nye: Science Guy, Nye revealed his family's plight of ataxia. Due to his father's, sister's and brother's lifelong struggles with balance and coordination, Nye decided to not have children himself, so as to avoid the chance of passing on the genetic condition to them, even though he "dodged the genetic bullet" himself.

Thanks, @MrFluffy for clearing that up. I guess Patterson is the daughter he never had.

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It's been a week and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that Patterson wanted to de-CRYSPR a whole hive of bees and Dad and not-surrogate-daughter went along with the plan. They talked about reintroducing RNA to kill the toxin. So they're going to work on every single bee? I suppose the modification was done by performing CRYSPR on a queen bee. But once the modification is in every individual how can you fix this? I know I'm overthinking this.

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Absolutely ridiculous episode.  SO cringe-worthy.  From Weller getting a Bill Nye fanboy woody, to the unbelievable speed at which they track/pinpoint/call up, etc. articles, bank accounts, locations, etc.  If the real FBI can tap into these items within milliseconds, then I stand corrected.

On ‎4‎/‎13‎/‎2019 at 10:49 AM, mxc90 said:

The MI6 lady was almost just as bad.

Omg, what horrible casting!  Did you see the way she was holding her gun when in profile?  Like a little ol' granny.

I love me RDC, but sometimes his lightning quips get on my nerves.  I know he's meant to lighten the mood, but they sometimes come out at really in-apropos times

How pissed would Reade had been if he knew what Zapata was plotting with Claudia - in HIS apartment??  Was the laptop she was using even on a secure server?

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Bill Nye plays himself here. He also played himself in a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory. This means that the two shows occupy the same verse. Does this mean we can have an episode where Leonard provides practical physics help to Patterson and RDC on a project? Or Raj uses his astronomical knowledge to assist them in determining how a terrorist can use Halley's Comet to enhance their satellite weapon? Or, maybe that Wolowitz stops by to build a space toilet?

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On 4/19/2019 at 12:01 AM, MrFluffy said:

He's also an atheist, so "Charity" would be an unlikely name!

I think the idea of his doing a cameo was cute, but his acting bordered on abysmal. A one-trick pony, so the length and magnitude of his role in the script unfortunately accentuated that.

Charity isn’t an exclusively religious virtue. 

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