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  1. That's because they are, but yeah, the Taylor Shaw stuff was nothing but red herring looking back. Yeah, there were red flags about that.
  2. Not sure, but it was pretty messy with the Taylor Shaw storyline and Kurt's family drama. Yeah, it makes it obvious when they do that.
  3. Free

    S04.E18: Ohana

    Probably had to squeeze in another cameo.
  4. Free

    S04.E18: Ohana

    It was really distracting tbh.
  5. Yeah, I didn't really know what the show was anymore at that point.
  6. Well it technically didn't end well for anyone there considering the way that show went. The site is undergoing changes, I think.
  7. Honestly, they don't know what to do with either of them, hence why there's constant forced drama that has to keep throwing at them.
  8. Yeah, the show need to be done with her and her people. Yeah, they didn't know what to do with her character.
  9. They definitely cut down on the budget so they probably had some tax incentives or filmed in some cheaper locations in some situations.
  10. Yeah, the writers have been struggling with Jane's character.
  11. Basically the villain of the season but without the attachment to Jane that the previous villains had and to facilitate useless drama between Tasha and Reade.
  12. Agreed, they dragged her character out too long.
  13. Agreed, I don't think she'll last past this season though from the looks of things.
  14. Because she keeps overcomplicating her plans and making even more problems for herself, she basically led a trail of bodies right to her in the end in this episode.
  15. That would be interesting, or is it some weird roleplay with the main characters filling in those roles...
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