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  1. No one caught the sly dig at CBS News? "Major Garrett"?? Guess it's true...only us geezers watch that news show.
  2. I live in Arizona. If you're sick of hearing about Lori, imagine how sick I was of hearing about Jodi Arias. Jodi and Casey Anthony should send thank-you cards to Lori, the new most -hated woman in America. I'd love to know how they managed to kill Alex Cox and made it look like blood clots in autopsy.
  3. Chad has to be at least complicit if not actively involved. The 5 kids seemed off somehow, like they were on psych drugs. I want to know why Tammy Daybell's autopsy is being kept secret. Some "smoking gun" to be used later in Chad's trial? The deaths of Tammy, Charles Vallow, Lori's first husband and Alex Cox need to be scrutinized closely, I think there is more than meets the eye. Definitely Lori is a black widow!
  4. torqy

    Major Crimes

    Brenda was "quirky," which can be fun in small doses, even in real life, but 7 years of it got tiresome. Agreed about the squad being fleshed out better in the second series. Rant: Whatever happened to TNT and USA, who gave us shows like this and Burn Notice?
  5. A question for those in the know: I notice that most of the episodes run around 40 minutes. Since Bosch does not have commercials, is this running time set so that if the show is re-broadcast at some point commercials can be added?
  6. This show has now reached the Saturday Morning Cartoon level of ridiculousness.
  7. My sister in law was married to a firefighter, and despised fire shows for all the reasons stated above. She said they were all T & A and no fire stories. Anyone remember L. A. Firefighters?
  8. I missed the second episode, so spent this one trying to figure out who's who and what's what. Anyone consider the possibility of faked labels on the "stolen" vaccine? I call it that Wheatley will have his goon shanked in Rikers ASAP.
  9. As the spouse of a survivor of 3 different cancers, I am certain that the "Cancer Industry" would be apoplectic if a bona fide cure was found. Imagine their horror when the donations for research stop cold! As a practicing diabetic, I think that industry would feel the same way.
  10. Couple of thoughts: Jack Bauer's evil brother. Can't un-see it every time I see Lasky. Re: the Lola Legion: My old boss told me long ago "maturity in business is being able to work effectively with people you may not like much"
  11. Dr. Bell's redheaded stalker patient reminded me somewhat of an older, freckle-less version of Kami Kotler from The Waltons. I have seen the promiscuous woman with tumor plot not so long ago on another medical show, but can't remember which one.
  12. Never saw Original Recipe series. Not sure how McGill would have been as Jack. Anyone like him better than Eads? Anyone? Bueller?
  13. And the prosecutor looked a lot like Amber Fry
  14. Are we actually, finally, done with that awful woman? I think she will come back from the dead just to annoy viewers.
  15. torqy

    S05.E01: My Corona

    If they were going to do "It was all a dream" they should have at least had Patrick Duffy as a guest.
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