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  1. torqy

    S05. E18. Ready

    I'm starting a drinking game with Mrs. Torqy based on sightings of a Peter Frampton t shirt on Mme. Secretary. I need to wear a crash helmet while watching to avoid concussions from being hit over the head with sanctimony.
  2. torqy

    S04. E18. Ohana

    This episode resembled a knock-off of a Scorpion episode.
  3. torqy

    S03.E17 Liar Liar, Room on Fire

    Doris and Angela are still my favorite two characters on this show, followed by Anna-Kat. Is this the first time that Doris' husband has appeared?
  4. torqy

    S07.E18: No Such Thing As Bad Luck

    I was not military but I commented at the time that Severide was out of uniform. I guess Perfect!51! can get away with that kind of thing.
  5. torqy

    S06.E15: Olivia Olson

    I totally expected Red to push Aram out of the plane, which I suppose was flying in a big circle over the Atlantic.
  6. torqy


    Mrs. Torqy and I recognized the Robert Fisher headline rip-off instantly, although it's an 18 year old headline. (If you live in Arizona, you've heard it all before.) Plot cribbed from news articles almost word for word right up until the beating of the second massage parlor woman. I called the back-door (or front-door) pilot as soon as LaCroix appeared.
  7. torqy

    S02.E13 Fight or Flight

    Rewrite of Sleeping With the Enemy with Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin
  8. torqy

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    The Nell & Sydney episode almost felt like one of the Flynn/Provenza "comedy" episodes on The Closer and Major Crimes, except those were much better. @123BP, I had the same feeling about the writers lack of focus or direction.
  9. torqy

    The Enemy Within

    At least they got rid of the (first) mole in a couple episodes. 24 would have taken half a season to do so. I think the on-call sniper was directed to kill Cruz and Keating both. Can't have loose ends, ya know.
  10. torqy

    S06.E11: Bastien Moreau

    Hilarious! Already an internet meme!
  11. torqy

    S06.E16: The Forgotten

    For a short time I thought Kelton was in fact the serial killer. He's sleazy enough that I'm pretty sure there's more to the story than just him cooking his crime stats.
  12. torqy

    Bull in the Media

    This discussion makes me wonder, does MW basically play himself? Did not watch Dark Angel, but Bull and DiNozzo seem like the same character in different jobs with different names.
  13. torqy

    S16. E14. Once Upon a Tim

    Writers mixing their stolen storylines in this ep. Virus that nibbles a bit from each paycheck was done in Office Space. "Geek Girl" named Chloe was right out of 24. Still a good episode, though.
  14. torqy

    S7 E13: It Wasn't About Hockey

    Crossover episodes have been problematic since Homicide: Life on the Streets and Law and Order days and even before. It's rare to catch them together in the correct order. Why bother when Brett can show up on Med, Halstead (the cop) shows up on Med, the crew from PD shows up on Fire or Med, yibble, yibble, yibble.
  15. torqy

    S02.E14: Stupid Things in the Name of Sex

    I must be taking different mushrooms than everyone else; I thought Nora the Ungrateful Niece (aka Dwayne Pride's daughter) poisoned dear Aunt Gertie. TVLine has this show as a safe bet for renewal, for what it's worth.