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  1. Renewed for Season 2.
  2. LisaM


    Just watched the latest episode. It was good but this was the first time in awhile that I guessed the killer ahead of time. Loved Kenny baking!
  3. I was shocked when I saw this news. There have been a lot of departures from this show - unusual for a hit. My first thought was that they dispatched Tali to boarding school just in time.
  4. LisaM


    I really liked this last episode. Did not guess the killer for a change. Malcolm cracks me up.
  5. I watched a fun cop show on Amazon Prime called Cuffs. Set in Brighton. Quite good. A shame they only made 8 episodes.
  6. I find it weird when one or two of the ghosts is missing from the episode - and nobody mentions them. I gather that the plan is for all of the ghosts to be in each episode but was this originally a Covid thing or an actual artistic choice?
  7. This show sometimes gets too violent and gory for me. This episode was one of those times. I had to keep FFing through certain scenes.
  8. LisaM


    I liked that we barely saw the perp but instead focused on the victims' families. Glad that Rina is done. I never saw the point of having Rina and Isobel and much prefer the latter.
  9. Fabulous episode! Sophie's 60 second countdown with the RIZ head was gold. When Hardison first popped up, I yelled like an idiot. So glad that Sophie decided to stay and lead the team. She has great chemistry with Harry, who I assume will still be with the team next season.
  10. Watched the first episode of Stay Close on Netflix. Did not love it although it is nice to see Cush Jumbo. Edited to add: just watched Dark Woods on Topic. German murder mystery based on a real life event - - police head's search for his missing sister. Quite good. Watched the first two episodes of Season 2 of Queens of Mystery which just dropped on Acorn. Light-hearted and fun. They replaced the lead actress but the replacement looks so much like the prior actress that it did not matter to me.
  11. I am really looking forward to another season of this show. Has there been any confirmed word of a start date?
  12. I like the George befriending Billy storyline.
  13. Happy to see Tali depart. The napalm bombs were horrifying. Felt terrible for the mother.
  14. Exactly. I started watching The Chestnut Man on Netflix last evening. It is a Danish thriller written by the creator of the original The Killing. So far, gory but good.
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