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  1. I have just started Season 4 and so far, I am thrilled with the new Superintendent, Frank. What a welcome change from Munro, who became a bit too cartoon bad guy. Blake was shown to have success after success - despite his unusual methods - so Munro's refusal to treat Blake with anything but disdain and contempt did not ring true for me. I really liked when Frank told Blake to just keep doing what he is doing since he is clearly having success. Bill Hobart seems to have changed his tune abruptly too. It's also unclear whether Blake could survive financially without being the police surgeon. We know that he has patients but his practice does not seem to be very busy. Knowing whether Blake "had" to retain the job would be a key point. Jean and Blake have finally moved forward! It looks as if we are about to lose Mattie. I've enjoyed the character so I will be sorry to see her go.
  2. LisaM


    Just read that filming for Season 3 is beginning. https://www.icelandreview.com/culture/trapped-season-3-filming-begins-in-north-iceland/#:~:text=Filming of the third season,September 24 and October 9.
  3. I have not yet watched. Wanted to record all of the episodes so that I can binge. Speaking of binge, I am in Season 3 of The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I saw a news article today that they are starting to film Trapped Season 3.
  4. Late to the party - just finished a binge of Season 1 and am into the beginning of Season 2 (Danny departs, Joy dies - that surprised me, Daughter alive but wants nothing to do with Blake). I think that Jean is my favorite character but Mattie is close to the top.
  5. I'm in the midst of a binge of The Doctor Blake Mysteries on Britbox. PBS Masterpiece is premiering Van der Valk on Sunday night. It is about a contemporary Dutch detective.
  6. I was watching Episode 1 of Jonathan Creek (from the 1990s) and recognized a voice coming from a minor background player. Sure enough, it was John Marquez who plays the cop in Doc Martin.
  7. I just started watching Jonathan Creek. Nice pairing between the two leads. Unique protagonist who is a designer of magical illusions and apparently brilliant at solving mysteries.
  8. I watched Episode 1 as well. I thought it was worth coming back for more - especially since this was only the first episode. DCI McDonald was a bit too strident and annoying for me; hopefully she will tone down a bit. Loved Dodds. Looking forward to them building a relationship.
  9. I had been saving the finale to watch at the right moment. (I think that I really did not want to be done with the show.) Loved it - although I could have done without David's "happy ending". Thrilled that all of the townspeople were included - especially Ronnie, whose hatred of Patrick will never be old for me, and Ray. Teared up as the wedding started and did not stop until the show ended. The sign! Perfect and brilliant. Such personal development and growth from all of the Roses - and Stevie. The themes of acceptance, love, tolerance, friendship are really needed now. I hope that the show cleans up at the Emmy's. Going to start a re-watch.
  10. Finished Season 3 of Unforgotten. Excellent series. For me, ranks up there with No Offence, Vera, Balthazar, Shetland and Trapped as my favorite foreign mystery shows. The acting and story were great. I particularly liked that, unlike so many other shows, there was almost no depiction of violence. I did not have to cover my eyes during any gory stuff. ETA: Started watching River last night on Amazon Prime. Unusual British police drama - 1 season, 6 episodes. Well done so far.
  11. LisaM


    Halfway through a binge of Season 1 on Amazon Prime. Fabulous show so far. The two detectives are terrific and I love how the 4 stories of the potential suspects wind throughout. ETA: I thought that Season 1 was excellent. I really liked Beth's redemption story. I'm still not sure that I buy Claire as the killer but I can live with it. Really did not like her son's horrible tormenting of her in the care home. Started Season 2 last evening. I like how they seem to be following the same formula: we are shown a cold case together with 4 seemingly unconnected - and interesting - people who will ultimately be involved with the dead person. Cassie and Sunny are terrific, as usual, and I enjoyed seeing some of the cops (especially Murray) from Season 1. ETA: Finished Season 2. Terrific... Even better than Season 1. Loved seeing Holly Aird and Mark Bonnar. Mark Bonnar blew me away in his final scenes with Cassie.
  12. Started watching Mystery Road on Acorn. Set in the Outback. 2 missing teen boys. Judy Davis as the Senior police officer. ETA: Finished Mystery Road. Quite good. Looking forward to Season 2 which should be out on Acorn this year. Am in the middle of Season 1 of Unforgotten on Amazon Prime. I'm not sure how I missed this one before. It is excellent so far. Male/female detectives on the trail of a 40 year old cold case. Highly recommended so far.
  13. Finished Season 3 - did not like it nearly as much as Seasons 1 and 2. I agree with Scrb in that the villains were not believable at causing the kind of technologically adept mayhem - the video with the Doughnut Man's girlfriend, the gas in the truck, etc... The villains in Seasons 1 and 2 were more of the criminal mastermind types; these two were not nearly in that league. Clearly a lot of time passed between Seasons 2 and 3 given the age of the daughter who was now living with Karl. I would have liked to have known why Karl and Laura finally separated. I did like BB and Louise - as well as seeing the new Commander leave his job. I kept hoping that Elise somehow managed to survive and was not obliterated.
  14. Coroner, the Canadian series, premieres tonight on the CW. ETA: Finished Season 3 (final one) of The Tunnel. Not as good as Seasons 1 and 2. Now looking for the next binge. ETA: Have now watched first episode of Hinterland (which I liked and will continue), the first few episodes of Sommerdahl (which I also liked but had a bit too much focus on their marital issues), and the first two episodes of Murdoch Mysteries (which reminds me a bit of Frankie Drake Mysteries perhaps because it is also set in Toronto). I can see binge watching Murdoch while also continuing with the other two shows. I was disappointed in the first episode of Coroner.
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