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  1. I could not enjoy this episode as much as the previous ones because I was cringing for Zoey the entire time. I barely got through Santa Clause and had to FF through the song in front of the Zuckerberg clone. The scenes with the family gutted me.
  2. Really like Darcy with Gary probably because I really like the actress. Cannot stand Maggie. Delilah does not bother me. Theo acts as if he is 6 years old.
  3. I was literally shocked by the Richard hallucinations. I really fell for Catherine being in the room with him. I knew that Sherri Saum (who I love from The Fosters) was going to be a guest star. When Dr. Irish started talking about his boys visiting their aunt, I thought that was the character she would be playing. Needless to add, big surprise. Poor Richard. I could not watch him self-destruct while starting his speech.
  4. I loved how Alexis used her knowledge from her prior life to solve the Escape Room.
  5. I enjoyed this episode too -- in contrast to the last one which was in Criminal Minds territory. I liked seeing the dual storylines - which eventually coalesced into one.
  6. My favorite parts revolved around Maggie hiring a nurse for Mitch. Was bored by the Spellaversary guy (whose name I cannot recall) pining after Leif. The Joan/Leif kiss = ugh
  7. I'm in the middle of Season 2 and I love this show. The actor who plays Mr. Kim seemed to lose a lot of weight following Season 1. It threw me for awhile. I particularly like how so many of the characters are recurring and keep popping up. There is at least one laugh out loud moment for me in each episode. A really good, warm-hearted show which fits perfectly during the coronavirus crisis.
  8. If the girl was a human trafficking victim, why did she run across the room into the aunt's arms? She was clear across the room. Also - didn't she need surgery?
  9. I second this from personal experience. Also - why was Mitch's bed still upstairs? That would have been one of the first things to change after diagnosis.
  10. This episode was way too dark for me. I have no desire to watch this kind of depravity. Moreover, I'm still not warming up to any of the Team with the exception of the Indian brother-in-law. It's telling that I do not know any of their names but for Jess.
  11. From the previews, I knew that this episode would be way too dark for me to watch. Thanks to all of you for the summaries so that I can know what happened in the episode without having to actually see it.
  12. Enjoyed this one a lot. Looking forward to seeing how Tommy deals with her son-in-law being one of the johns. I have grown to really like this show. I hope it gets renewed.
  13. I have not so thanks very much for the suggestion!
  14. I don't get Teddy running to have sex with Korasik at this moment. Does not ring true at all unless Teddy was suffering from some unseen postpartum issues which clouded her thinking. Completely out of character. DeLuca walking in sub-zero temperatures without gloves also makes no sense even if he is impaired. The whole "where is Alex" situation makes no sense but is understandable because the actor walked out without giving TPTB time to craft a suitable exit story. We've seen how much Alex loves Jo and how much Alex loves his patients; there is no way that he would leave either unless he was completely not in control of his faculties mentally or was unconscious, dead, etc... Loved the Beanie Feldstein storyline. Seeing Helm walking around like normal after the prior episodes makes no sense.
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