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  1. I agree about Wilkes. He used to be my favorite character because he was bumbling and funny. Now he is just annoying. He outranks Bill.
  2. Just finished Season 3 of Bordertown. Hoping for Season 4. Quite an interesting main character. Going to start Season 2 of Deadwind and then move on to Marcella, which came highly recommended.
  3. LisaM


    I just started watching. Finished the Season 1 series; I have to admit that I had to FF through most of the serial killer violence parts. Too gruesome/dark for me. I really like how dedicated Cardinal is to his wife.
  4. I thought this was very well done.
  5. Season 2 of Deadwind drops on Netflix on July 1. ETA: I started Cardinal last evening. It is on Hulu and stars Billy Campbell as a Canadian detective on the trail of a serial killer. There are 4 seasons. I have two episodes remaining in Season 2 of Bordertown. Except for the occasionally dark murder, I am really watching the characters grow and interact with each other.
  6. I tried Episode 1 of Wallander last night when I took a break from Bordertown. I couldn't get into it. Stopped about 3/4 through.
  7. I loved Trapped and really enjoyed The Valhalla Murders. I have to FF through a few scenes on Bordertown because holding girls captive is not a good storyline for me. I do like the characters on Bordertown and am sticking with it to see where they go. For something less dark but still quite good, I can recommend Balthazar - which I found thanks to a recommendation here. Good blend of humor, mystery and medium dark.
  8. I am in the middle of Season 1 of Bordertown - a police drama set in Finland. The protagonist is a genius detective with Sherlock-type abilities to figure out clues that nobody else can put together. So far, it's been almost too dark for me but I'll keep going.
  9. Great! It's definitely my favorite British mystery show. The character of DI Deering (Viv) ranks as one of my all-time top characters - right up there with Vera. So well written and the actress is terrific. I really enjoyed the supporting cast - each one brought something unique to the mix. I still cannot believe that TPTB opted not to continue the series. What a mistake.
  10. Am in the middle of Deadwind on Netflix. Set in Finland, the protagonist is a female detective who is recently widowed and is caring for 2 kids. Murder and mystery ensue. It was slow to start but has picked up and the mysteries are becoming more complex.
  11. LisaM

    S01.E04: Fall

    Finally got around to watching the 4 episodes. I loved how Emily made a new life for herself in Nantucket and included Berta's extended family in it. Also how she insisted on Luke and Lorelai agreeing to come to Nantucket for visits as a condition of giving Lorelai the money. Emily Gilmore in sneakers! I really liked the wedding and appreciated Kirk's contribution. (Usually I can't abide Kirk but this was great.) I liked hearing Sookie and Michel argue and am thrilled that Lorelai has figured out a way to keep Michel from leaving. I really liked the Luke/Lorelai moment in the kitchen when Lorelai returned from the non-hike and said they should get married. Did not mind all of the cameos from the Parenthood and Bunheads people - and from Alex Borstein, who will always be Drella to me. Did not like any of the Rory storyline - especially the Life and Death Brigade, which went on for way too long. Would have preferred to see more Rory/Lane and more of Mrs. Kim. I did like Rory's visit to Christopher. Assuming that the 4 word ending was how ASP planned it 10 years ago, I think it works much better with Rory at 22 than with Rory at 32.
  12. LisaM


    I binged Seasons 1 and 2 back to back and finished last evening. SPOILERS below. I thought Season 1 was terrific. Really liked seeing how how the earlier fire impacted the recent events and particularly, how Andri's family was affected. It took a while to distinguish between a few of the actors/characters and to figure out how everyone was connected. I had just seen the actress who played Agnes as the lead in The Valhalla Murders so it was nice to see her in a different role. Andri and Hinrika do not look like the Hollywood picture perfect actors who often play cops on American tv shows - which was very refreshing. I quickly fell in love with both of them - especially Hinrika. Season 2 was quite good but not up to the level of the first Season due to the storyline. Loved seeing so many women in positions of leadership - Hinrika, the Mayor, the Minister, the Police Chief. In particular, I thought that Hinrika was great - very decisive and good leadership. Also nice to see Hjorter from Season 1 who has married and turned his life around after the fire. Interesting to see Kolbrenn from Season 1 still pulling strings. However, Season 2 was marred for me by the huge role played by Andri's daughter. UGH. Looking forward to Season 3 and to seeing how the show gets Andri back to the small town again. Also interested to see who joins the police force.
  13. Thrilled! I am still re-watching American Pie.
  14. I'm now halfway through Trapped Season 2. So far, it is not as good as Season 1 - which was great - but I am enjoying it nonetheless. Has anyone seen Rebecka Martinsson on Acorn? Season 2 will be released in July so I'm wondering if Season 1 is any good? I am starting to get hooked on these Scandinavian mysteries.
  15. Definitely. I would give it at least through Episode 1.
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