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  1. LisaM

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    Yes - that is Episode 1 of Scott & Bailey. I watched it on a plane - like you, got so annoyed by the actions of the female cop that I quit the show cold. There are plenty of other good British detective shows on Acorn and Britbox that I did not want to spend time watching crap.
  2. LisaM


    The only part that I am looking forward to is the potential adoption of the bartender's baby. I think that the lead actress is terrible. Nice to see Michael B. Silver who I remember from NYPD Blue.
  3. LisaM

    S05.E10: Chapter Ninety-One

    I love Jane and Petra. How far they have come.
  4. LisaM

    S05.E09: Chapter Ninety

    I love seeing the 3 Villanueva women together. Also love seeing Jane/Petra. They are my real dream couple - not romantically but as a family.
  5. LisaM

    Agatha Raisin

    Regarding Sarah: it appears that they made a conscious decision to pare down the supporting cast and only feature the same main players in each episode. They included Sarah to the mix and dropped not only her husband, the Vicar, but all of the other faces that we frequently saw in passing. Perhaps it was a financial decision? I turn on the closed captioning for this show sometimes because I miss the dialogue due to the accents. It helps! My favorite character is Bill's partner, the bumbling lead detective. He is terrific!
  6. LisaM

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    I didn't love this episode. Did not find the murder case to be particularly interesting and had no interest at all in the new detective we have never seen before. I did think that Gregson looked particularly healthy for someone who almost died.
  7. LisaM


    100% agree. I watched it last night and remembered why I stopped watching last season. It is just not good. I can't believe that this got a second season.
  8. LisaM

    S03.E22: U-N-R-- UNREALISTIC

    Great series finale. Have to admit that I teared up at the end.
  9. The article I read this morning talked about the possibility of multiple seasons due to a new financial model.
  10. LisaM

    S07.E05: Into the Woods

    Love how the new captain can't quite wrap his brain around Joan's explanation.
  11. LisaM

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    Loved seeing Dr Akopian come out for the finale of the concert.
  12. I wasn't blown away by any of the musical numbers and unfortunately can't say that any inspired me to rush out and buy tickets. I thought that James did a good job but I really loved the team of Josh and Sara last year and hope that they are chosen again next year. Liked the bit in the bathroom with NPH too.
  13. LisaM

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    Loved the whole supporting cast in the song with White Josh. I think that practically everyone was there - including Mrs. Hernandez and the Rebetzel's assistant (whose name I have forgotten). Always happy to see Dr. Akopian.
  14. LisaM

    Detective and Mystery Shows

    I'm in the middle of Season 3 of No Offence. It is excellent.