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  1. I'm watching it as well. I agree about the beautiful scenery. I find the show to be okay; It's a pleasant way to pass an hour but I am not nearly as engrossed or as invested in it as I am with many of the other Acorn shows.
  2. So far, I am really enjoying this season more than the last one. Love the idea of Nadja and Nandor as the Vampiric Council leaders -- and continue to crack up at seeing the Vampiric Council listed on the Directory in the building. Guillermo being upgraded to Bodyguard was a great idea - as is Colin Robinson having an expanded role. Seeing the long table at the Casino with Seanie and Marissa Jaret Winokur - and their friends - sitting side by side with the Vampires was wild. The Vampires interesting style of dress fit right into the Atlantic City venue. Nobody gave them a second tho
  3. I liked the new female agent a lot. It sounds as if both Hana and now the injured agent (whose name escapes me) will be off of the show for a bit. Updated: https://www.primetimer.com/item/Kellan-Lutz-confirms-hes-left-FBI-Most-Wanted-ElSZL5
  4. LisaM


    I think that the rest are coming in 2022.
  5. I've finished all of the Miss Fisher books. I found them to be even better than the tv series. I was able to borrow most of them from the local library on my Kindle.
  6. In the US, Season 4 has dropped on Amazon and on PBS.org
  7. LisaM


    So happy to see Vera back! I thought that this episode (Season 11, Episode 1) was quite good. Lots of red herrings and Vera being Vera. Cracked up at her tossing the food detritus before she got into the car. Grinned at every "Pet".
  8. Hah! I'd also like some streaming service to pick up Nicola Walker's new show "Annika" in the US. First episode of Season 11 of Vera was excellent. ETA: Season 4 of Frankie Drake Mysteries just dropped on Amazon and PBS.org.
  9. Also: The Good Karma Hospital (Acorn) - not a mystery but stars Amanda Redman from New Tricks. Set in India and Sri Lanka. Quite good. Winter (Acorn) - Australian mystery The Paris Murders (Amazon - French) - there are numerous seasons, some of which are on Amazon. River (Britbox and Amazon) Astrid (Amazon - French) Baptiste (Amazon - French) Doctor Blake Mysteries (I'm not sure if this is Britbox, Acorn or Amazon - Australian) Deadwind (Netflix - Norway or Finland) Bodyguard (Netflix)
  10. Bordertown (Netflix - Finland), The Valhalla Murders (Netflix - Iceland), Bron/Broen (Topic - and soon to be Amazon - Denmark and Sweden), Luna and Sophie (Amazon - German), Agathe Koltes (Amazon - French), Van der Valk (PBS Masterpiece - Amazon - Dutch)
  11. Off the top of my head: No Offence (Acorn) is my favorite British show. Brokenwood Mysteries (Acorn) is set in New Zealand but is excellent as is Shetland (Britbox). I thought Pembrokeshire Murders (Britbox) was quite good. Unforgotten (PBS Masterpiece on Amazon) is fabulous and there are 4 seasons. Queens of Mystery (Acorn), Loch Ness (Acorn), New Tricks (esp the early seasons) (Britbox), Frankie Drake Mysteries (Amazon) and Murdoch Mysteries (Acorn) are all good. Doc Martin (Acorn) is not a mystery but is very good. I'll likely come back and update later.
  12. I started watching Astrid on Amazon Prime. It is a French police drama where the protagonist is Astrid, an autistic genius who works in Criminal Records and has a photographic memory and the ability to make connections between multiple cases. She teams up with a female police commander to solve crimes. It's interesting - not great - but different. Update: After watching almost all of Season 1, this show has grown on me. I really enjoy seeing Astrid's autistic support group - something we have not seen on tv. Looking forward to Season 2.
  13. LisaM


    Unable to edit my previous post. Finally finished Season 4. I think that Saga Noren now tops my list of favorite heroines. What a tremendous character and performance. I will truly miss her.
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