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On 8/30/2022 at 9:52 AM, Shannon L. said:

I loved the original Fletch, but I'm not impressed with the trailer for the new one.  I'm not sure if it's the writing or if John Hamm simply doesn't have the comedic chops that Chevy Chase has. I may change my mind, though, with a 2nd trailer or if it's getting good audience reviews.

Just watched it on Paramount Plus and enjoyed it. It's not quite as comedy forward as the original, but it's still witty. Hamm definitely doesn't have Chevy's timing, but his Fletch feels more like a real person. 

The movie is only 90 minutes so it's an easy watch, I highly suggest checking it out.

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Ghosted looks fun. Although it reminds me of the dynamic Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter had the the comics and could’ve had in the MCU if Feige and the Russos hadn’t screwed it up…

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