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  1. "@MEET TROUBLE, @THE CRAZED SPRUCE, @HANGED MAN (even though you didn't play much back then), can you blame me for trying to keep the spirit of seff and emjay and apple and Queen and brat#3 alive?" Tbh, @MarkHB, even though it happened in a regular game, when I think of LOLMafia, I think of 1track DLing herself. And the old "rules" of: All things fruit lead to apple; all things tree lead to Maple/Spruce, unless they lead to apple; all things Canadian lead to Maple/Spruce, unless they didn't. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  2. Yeah, Night two was me and my... massive Lisa Vanderpump powers of deflection.
  3. Around here, caprice is ALWAYS the word of the day! 😄 Don't tell him I said this, but our friend HM is right about a lot of things.
  4. I've been having a busy week! Another of m. caprice's nephews is visiting (with his girlfriend) and I'm being run ragged!
  5. WTAF? When did this get started? I've been cruising through, checking for PMs or notifications and haven't seen anything until today when suddenly people are mentioning me. I must be important! Since clearly none of you are me, none of you are worthy as breathing the same air or, more importantly, drinking the same wine, as me. Therefore: 3 to DL BizBuzz (SilverStormm, aquarian1, Deadpool) 4 to buzz off 1 to DL deaja (BizBuzz) 6 to level things out 4 to DL The Crazed Spruce (JTMacc99, Drogo, Deaja, ohjoy) 3 to put down the Pinot Grigio and make a difference
  6. I will never understand just WTF is wrong with the word "moist." It's a perfectly good word! Sure it gets overused in cheesy romance novels, but when applied to my flourless chocolate cake, it is PERFECT!
  7. 9. meet trouble My sister and niece watch way too many of these shows. I know them only through the gifs, so I can be in for that part!
  8. Nope. ğŸ˜ž I had hoped we did a few years ago when m. caprice's company had members of an improv troupe at their Christmas party, but a1 wasn't one of the four there.
  9. Welp, my name is meet trouble (aka caprice or keep trying or kt). I'm the unofficial auntie of a ridiculous number of kiddos ranging in age from six months to 24 years. I love reading, writing, photography, theatre, and travel. My favorite color is: green I’d give anything to have met: well, I did meet him, but I'd give anything to have had my grandfather around for more than five years. I wish I knew more about: I have a pet and it’s called: My strongest quality is: mostly proper grammar My weakest quality is: filling out things like this My favorite foods
  10. It's always fun when you're playing along with us, Spiff. 🙂
  11. *sigh* I'd really, really like to join the game. However, I'm going home for Thanksgiving. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem since my mother actually does have internet access. The thing is, my niece and her husband are also going to be in town which means that I'll be spending every available hour I have getting the sweetest little girls in the world to be comfortable with their crazy auntie. In fact, I might just end up having to hip check and/or body slam their grandmothers to have my time with the twins.
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