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  1. I thought it was fantastic. Watched it twice.
  2. Well, Wendy finally gets a wake-up call as to what she's actually involved in. Was it the previous episode where she thought she was her own boss? Yeah...no.
  3. It's a little surprising that Snells have been able to achieve what they have with Darlene being so f'ing stupid.
  4. LOL, Rocco. There has to have been someone better that could have taken that spot.
  5. It's like the writers suddenly remembered that Daryl should be injured.
  6. People will always find a way to get their smoke on.
  7. Everyone is already infected.
  8. Schwarzenegger sues robot company for using his likeness: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/arnold-schwarzenegger-sues-russian-robot-company-100622751.html His likeness if he had been stung by several bees....
  9. Great episode--and Hank and Gomez!
  10. Come on, why wouldn't she shoot him in the head?
  11. I was also surprised by that because it should have gone to Stallone. Yeah, that's right, Stallone.
  12. I do recall reading this episode would have a shocking moment. I was not expecting that....
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