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  1. Tony Lewis, lead singer of The Outfield, has passed away at 62. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/the-outfield-lead-singer-tony-lewis-dies-at-62-171410559.html This one really bothers me. "Your Love" was one of my favorite songs in high school and one of the first songs I wanted to learn when I started playing guitar. RIP.
  2. Well, I do enjoy watching Milla kick ass.
  3. That is such a nothing event for people to get all worked up about.
  4. Indiana Maggie coming to save the day! How can there still be so many walkers?
  5. WritinMan

    Fargo In The Media

    I don't think I've ever agreed with anything Seitz has ever said. And I've never even heard of "The Ringer." The first two episodes were fun. I'll keep watching.
  6. Some people acting goofy in the stands made her emotional?
  7. WritinMan

    NFL Thread

    Skip Bayless acting like an asshole? No....
  8. I just read that the voice of the gills was Patton Oswalt.
  9. Sorry, Sunny, that pizza crust thing you made wasn't "charred." That was burned.
  10. Spaceballs sucks. Yeah, I said it.
  11. Well, that looks pretty "meh" to me. The best thing I've seen so far is Wonder Woman in that gold armor, which is pretty impressive. Cheetah looks terrible. I'm hoping those CGI shots are still in-progress. Perhaps this one can avoid crashing and burning in the third act.
  12. WritinMan

    The Batman (2022)

    Didn't sound like that at all.
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