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  1. WritinMan

    Titanic (1997)

    Typically, for me, a great movie is one that sticks with you long after watching it. While other movie memories come and go, you keep thinking about it, revisiting certain parts in your mind.
  2. WritinMan

    Batman Movies

    I've always thought Clooney was a great choice to play Batman, but was given a shit script. The problem for me is that dialogue in Batman & Robin is god-awful. Childish, really. It sounds like it was written by a child who has never heard people talk.
  3. Hey, if you're serious about something you don't let a little thing like Covid-19 get in the way.
  4. Well, overall, the season was not great. I got a few chuckles out of each episode. I think Malkovich was the hero of the show. I've never liked Kudrow so all her scenes pretty much fell flat for me. The daughter character is terrible. I'll be surprised if this gets renewed.
  5. Episode 2 with the dog and monkey story line was very poorly thought out. Kind of surprises me when productions like this don't have ONE person that says: "You know this seems like a really bad idea."
  6. I liked the first episode. Not hilarious, but I thought it was amusing.
  7. You must have watched some different After School Specials than I did. 😆
  8. Celebrities...? That's a very loose definition.
  9. Hopefully, that doesn't turn into something like that horrible scene with Cameron Diaz in The Counselor. If you've never seen the The Counselor consider yourself very lucky.
  10. WritinMan

    The Star Wars Saga

    While I loved Thor: Ragnarok (easily the best of the Thor movies), and really liked his episode of The Mandalorian, that's all I really know of Taika Waititi, so I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this yet. Definitely a different choice for a Star Wars movie. Then again, so was Lord and Miller and we know how that turned out.
  11. Hopefully this means we'll never see Officer Debbie ever again.
  12. Wow. That was as terrible episode.
  13. Wow. A whole three minutes of story before another commercial break.
  14. Wow. That was a lot of talking....
  15. Such a fantastic episode. So much tension at the end. Loved the cold open. Kim continues to be awesome. I feel sorry for Jimmy. Even if he is a con-man and a shyster, he is in over his head. Of course, we know he will come out of it, but at what cost?
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