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  1. OK, that was the best episode so far. And yet still kind of silly. But...Stephen Root and Danny Trejo!
  2. Always a pleasure to see Alabama and Saban lose.
  3. So...now we have Guy's Chance of a Lifetime were contestants are exploited--I mean compete--to run one of Guy's imaginatively named Chicken Guy franchises. Chance of a lifetime for whom exactly? This is what we're getting from that $80 million contract Guy signed.
  4. Could have just as easily called this show Angst. Would have been the exact same show.
  5. WritinMan

    The 355 (2022)

    Wow--that genuinely looks terrible. And I've never heard of it. Nice marketing. I read a lot about movies and it opened in over 3000 theaters and this is the first I've heard of it. Working title: Not Charlie's Angels.
  6. Ben Affleck had an "awful" time filming Justice League. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ben-affleck-said-had-awful-171705625.html That's OK, Ben. I had an awful time watching it. It all works out in the end.
  7. Well...and we thought 2021 couldn't get any shittier. RIP, Betty. You were freakin' hilarious.
  8. Hey Ben, then maybe you should keep your pie hole shut rather than insult a woman that, despite you being a raging pain in the ass, still tried very hard to help you get your shit together.
  9. Kelly is truly dumb if he does this. Alabama, Georgia, and Auburn will be very happy, though.
  10. I know today's episode of The Kitchen was from 2018, but....goddamn Justin Warner is creepy.
  11. WritinMan

    NFL Thread

    Ah...the Lions lose on a last second field goal. "That's really surprising," said no one.
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