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BB In The Media: Outside the Fishbowl

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The Have Not room looks like a deli. But there is a POW on the living room wall. Light bulb -- could this be a Back to the Future theme? Otherwise I thought maybe action hero.

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Spoilergirl is saying there's a 90% chance of a winter season of BB, and she's heard the theme is Legends/Celebrities.  If that's so, I guess they're combining regular BB and Celebrity BB.   

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That's no surprise and going to happen since the strikes are nowhere close to being over. Even if the strikes ended this month, they wouldn't have material ready to go until late February at minimum, as they basically need to start pre-production, which includes planning the new seasons and writing.

They're most definitely going to need reality shows to fill the gap, so I imagine it'll be less of a BB26 and more like a Big Brother Mini season (probably less time if they're bringing on celebrities).

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Yup - I noticed it, too. All I can think is that it's not truly live because that was definitely an edit. An edit that changes nothing in terms of outcome, but should be addressed, because it was so unsubtle I picked it up live and rewound to verify what I'd seen. Multiple times. 


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So what a double standard BB has. We (rightfully) had a houseguest removed for using a racial slur. Now Jared uses a slur referencing those who are developmentally delayed and nothing happens. I guess TPTB don't want their surprise mother/son twist ruined but there should have been some consequence. I am from CT so I was pulling for Jared to win, but I've lost respect especially based on this.

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