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  1. As much as I squeed at the Dan and Louise shimmy-sham, for me it would have been better if there were more of a build-up to it, i.e both of them being nervous, talking a bit about what this would mean to them, etc....but beggars can't be choosers. Wish they would give Michael Fishman more to do. Cosign at Bev saving the day with the house, god help Dan.
  2. Humph....it looked like he was holding himself as he pulled out.
  3. Sighs....I miss HBO so was glad to get a free preview last weekend so I could at least see the 1st two eppies. Loving the season so far. We're almost at Tuesday and all I'm still thinking about? That hot hard slap on the ass Andrew gave Molly during sex before the beginning credits, CLAUDE HAVE MERCY!!! I informed Mr. Yogi that I'ma need that for future shimmy-shams. (Fans self) Okay....I'm back. Howled at Issa's Jigaboo costume and wondered if anyone would catch it. Kelly is hysterical, can't get enough of her. Can someone explain, was Issa being disappointed with the sex with Calvin? What did she mean?
  4. Gosh, I'm so sorry for Kathy. They were tight as peas in a pod.
  5. Hey! No negative talk of our 'fearless leader'....really Sunny? The heiffa ain't Jesus!!
  6. As for myself, I'm just wondering who's holding Donna now. I love you guys.....in a special way!
  7. My response: Love you, Spielberg, but WSS is a muhfuckin' classic and should never be touched, PERIOD!!
  8. Oooh! Thanks....my fave Shannon was 'Give Me Tonight'. Didn't mind 'On the Upside'.
  9. Didn't watch this eppy, who is on next week?
  10. Interesting....what's up with the TP buyout? S'long as there isn't a Barilla Pasta shortage, all is well in Puppetland.....mama loves her pasta!
  11. Anyone have any drama when going to the grocery? Twas thinking of going after work today.
  12. Somewhere, Bullwinkle is looking for his hat.
  13. Yeah, I would have complained about the cashier once I got home and cooled off.
  14. Da HELL?! Unbelievable. These are the times when I wish my sister had been with me....lady does not play and would have reamed him a new anus only to rip that one out too.
  15. Ya'll got me grumpier than normal this week, lol! I hate being on the bus and having some dickwad stand on the side of the door where you have to depart from, nevermind there are empty seats all around! So, when I get off the bus, I make sure my cane stomps the foot of the moron or I use my ample hip to smush the person aside. This morning, I stood behind a woman to purchase my ginger ale when her friend came in and gave her money to get her something. That was bad enough but I nam myoho renge kyo'd it off. Then, bitch had the balls to walk back to the cashier and ask for something else?! Oh hell no! I bellowed 'EXCUSE ME! Do you not see me behind this lady?!' I didn't hear her response 'cause I had on my headphones, but my arched painted brow must have given her pause because the twit walked away. Rudeness really gets my Irish up and I ain't even Irish!
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