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  1. I really need Kevin to be evicted, it ain't cute being such a weepy whiner at 40! Gotdamn but he makes me want to listen to Nicole F., and her voice makes a bitch stabbity 24/7. And FFS, he should have clocked out when doing the POV game, he could have won. Choosing him and Keesha as All Stars was seriously scraping the botton of the pudding cup, both sucked in their original seasons as well.
  2. Lynn Hamilton, who played Donna Harris, Fred's fiancee is still alive at 90.
  3. As someone who only had a thigh gap at conception, I find this interesting....I assumed all non overweight women had them, even the slighter thick thighed ones.
  4. Here, here!! I'll shank a bitch that comes betwix me and my Cap'n Crunch w/Crunchberries and Barq's Root Beer.
  5. Um....so....why in the bluedilly vulva was this even mentioned?! Don't tell me the ladies got together and compared cause, well, I'd puke.
  6. Oh...damn, how quickly I forget. Thanks!
  7. I feel silly for asking, but... How is 'Grateful' a slur?
  8. But Jerry didn't say that when they met....IIRC, Memphis was rude to Jerry before he got to know him. Back to tonight, it was cool to see Kaysar married with a son.
  9. Could do without Christmas or Memphis and hope they go sooner rather than later. Never liked Memphis for the way he was so dismissive towards Jerry due to him being older and Christmas was a bully in her season.
  10. He should have consented to a cat, hell maybe parakeets instead of that scary looking bird. We had parakeets when we were young....Wini (named after an aunt) and Butch, who I called Butch Bird. And lawd, did they stink and were loud. Hmm, I believe Butch flew out the window one day. Childhood digressing, carry on!
  11. What show have you been watching? For the past five years, Monique has been dancing to the beat of her own drum and could not care less if she's liked or not. The bird is a bit much....suppose he nips at the kids or Chris? I'm sure the next scene would be of Chris extracting a bone from his mouth and adding it to the bird carcass on the plate, lol. If it ain't about the money then Rev. Jamal must have a golden tongue and the magic stick. Otherwise, Gizzard should be more sympathetic to her girls regarding their relationship. And Grace is going to have the boys lined around the block, she's beautiful. How come Gizzard and Beaky Buzzard can be tag team mean girls but when it is done to them it becomes offensive? FOH with that. And Beaky is still the same moron where Juan is concerned....a few seconds of sweet talk and you forget about what you were saying regarding marriage? Oy. I wish Karen would stop with the blond wigs, she's pretty but needs a proper brown wig. GAH!! I don't need to see Charrisse's muppet ass on my screen this season. Chase and Dean are too cute!
  12. Dang, thought this was coming on Wednesday for some reason. Trying to watch via On Demand now....why in the bluedilly hell does this stupid screen keep slowing down?!
  13. Finally got to see this eppy yesterday. I'm confused....did Mary pronounce blind as mline? I never understood this joke. I felt for her when she was screaming for Pa at it being dark. Nevertheless, I...could...not...STAND Mary! Dang, she always had a stick up her ass and thought her petticoats didn't stink. Watching from the beginning, I can see why the eppies were Laura heavy...she had fun.
  14. In agreement with all regarding Kelly's 'grief'....everything that came out of her mouth meant nothing to me. I'm sure Joy and family will respond with class should Kelly bother to reach out to them with condolences. Where do I go to read the Kelly/NPH tea? Why do they no longer speak?
  15. Outside of the back braids that were hanging down, I liked Whoopi's hairstyle. MT was NOT having Meghan's sass today.
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