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  1. I actually enjoyed both of the videos....damned Ashley, that hair is FIRE!!
  2. Yup! She'll likely cuss them out like she did Mia at the party last night.
  3. Ugh, can we please stop trying to make these two happen? They come from the Jerry O'Connell School of Thirstiness.
  4. What in the gay Rocky is this shit?! This broad is gaudy af! Damn Ashley, way to support your husband! I get that you’re concerned about your cash cows, er sons but I dunno….if Mr. Yogisboo wanted to try a new venture I’d like to think I wouldn’t piss on his parade. Her response came off as rude to me. Speaking of ‘rudeness’…. While Mia could have responded better to Gizzard’s text, IMO Gizzard was just as bitchy with her ‘not Karen’ invite. She could have asked Mia to meet with just her and Robyn….I’d like to think that Mia would have known that it didn’t include Karen. Th
  5. Now if any of those sonsofbitches have anything else to say, NOW'S THE FUCKING TIME!! I didn't think so. This posting is adjourned. 😉
  6. Maybe she's referring to those Seabiscuit veneers?
  7. Every time I look at Tiffany I think of a former co-worker....and that ain't a compliment, though I like Tiff and hope she goes far.
  8. Oh Wendy….damn, all those negative comments about how boring you were last year really hit you, huh? This ‘Zen Wen’ nonsense has got to stop. And she’s acting towards Mia like Gizzard did Monique, enough already! She’s so damned thirsty now it’s pathetic. Could we switch Robyn’s friend for Robyn? This girl is gorgeous and has a lick of sense unlike her green eyed friend who lacks a backbone. Juan, the time it took you to badger Robyn about getting up the boys? Your trifling ass could have done it yourself, hell you could have made them cereal and gotten them to their computers!
  9. Y’know, loud and obnoxiousness aside Britini actually looked beautiful at the eviction ceremony….then she had to become Vanilla Ice and everything went to shit! I stan’d that dress though, very pretty. Still say that Sarah Beth is the prettiest, then Azah, then Britini (when she dresses womanly). Whitney’s Seabiscuit veneers ruin her looks. Two of the True/False questions threw me off because I thought X messed up too.
  10. One of my fave eppies on yesterday, Girl Talk. From Julie and Barbara's Silent Night voicemail to Ann and the girls cuddling in Schneider's cabin, I loved their talks about life and whatever else came up.
  11. Claire is going up, no question...as for the 2nd, either Britini or unfortunately Derex X.
  12. To me, Claire looks like Janis Joplin/Carrie White. I had no idea she was 6 ft., dang.
  13. THIS. Eventually Freddie found her voice and like Jalessa gave it right back to Whitley.
  14. 😂😂, no you didn't go to MADAME! But a cock-eyed Madame I'd say. Wendy is threatened by Mia like Gizzard was towards Monique. I don't see them ever finding common ground. Now, I don't have children so a question for the mommies in here....did y'all have 'bean' problems after your births? I mean damn, G. (who I liked right off the bat, plus he's cute) must be chewing that sucka like you do the tips of fried chicken wings!! Gizzard, listen to your daughters...at this point they are far more wiser than you are when it comes to men. And heiffa, Bravo paid for Robyn's, Karen's AND
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