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  1. Exactly....I definitely saw the attraction when Claire admitted to Derek in the hammock where she really lived and they began laughing hysterically. I guess I’m the biggest pussy that ever pussied, 'cause reading that article left me a little verklempt! They make such a cute couple and I’m SO happy for them.
  2. I adored this character growing up, one of the original bad asses, next to my mother who raised three kids in the rough North Philadelphia projects.
  3. Whitley Marion Gilbert-Wayne, A Different World Jasmine had the bomb body and could rock anything:
  4. So..... For all the bitching that A.J. Johnson's wife did to get his 'real fans' to cough up money for his GoFundMe; the money went way over what was asked for, and this is how his service went? Only thing missing were the chicken dinners afterwards, this is something out of Cornerstone Baptist Church in the hood! SMDH
  5. Yup! Born and raised at 25th & Diamond in North Philly, as kids we didn't play that shit. IKR?! First of all, if I were Wendy I wouldn't have invited Gizzard and her puppet. And guess what, if that had happened they would have been put out so damned if Wendy does, damned if she doesn't. And if it bothers her so much maybe Gizzard should hip hop her ass to a hotel, which is what she did I believe. And Robbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, I don't need to hear about your period...shit, stay home and make your boys miserable, we know Juan's likely banging someone while you're out anyway. Pr
  6. CRAP! So you weren't able to see all of the NY Homecoming on YT? I don't have frickin' Paramount either and I'd love to see this one and Miami, if that's the next one. Where else could I see it if not at Paramount+?
  7. Yup, that was it for me....don't know about Alton, but Giada IMO was being really bitchy to a contestant and her behavior turned me off to her. Oh, and in one of her cooking shows she berated one of her friends for daring to go back for thirds of something she cooked!
  8. If Jay Ferguson is still a part of the show then where the hell is he? I miss Emilio and wish they would have kept him and Becky together. Not that anyone asked, lol, but.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Turpin As a child, I lived in the rough projects of North Philadelphia. Thanks to my mom, I read tons of Hollywood books (when I wasn't eating, lol). Anywho, I discovered BT in one of those books and as a result of reading so many of them I have a nerd-like trivia knowledge of old Hollywood.
  9. I adore Elisha Williams as Dean....that is all.
  10. LOL, I don't look like him....but my sight ain't as good as it used to be, my glasses do make me sexier.
  11. More like the Ben Turpin look, as I have a lazy eye.
  12. Me.....'cause Mr. Yogisbooboo finds it sexy, 😛
  13. Just happened today..... There's a cute maintenance guy in my apartment building that I've crushed on for a bit. Today my sister let him into the apartment due to an alleged leakage from upstairs, so maintenance had to check all apartments. Now, when the doorbell rings it sometimes comes from the television, which is what I thought happened this time....when I came out in my bra and panties to ask my sister if she heard the doorbell, I walked straight into him! I screamed a few expletives and hobbled into my room. Needless to say, I no longer have a crush on him!
  14. Sighs....Bernie. He's up there with Lucy and John Ritter regarding deaths that hit me hard.
  15. Spill the tea, don't be teasing up in here! Chile I forgot about this....Monique started AND finished, unfortunately that got her gone and Candiace spending damn near six months channeling her inner Mary Jane Paul with the 'I'm special, I'm good' post-its every which-a-way.
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