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Media: The Matlock Expressway

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After having a successful law career in her youth, the uber-intelligent Madeline  “Matty” Matlockreturns to the workforce at a prestigious law firm where her silent-but-deadly demeanor and quick-witted tactics win cases and take down criminals. Matty endeavors to establish herself in her new high-stakes world as she works alongside the firm’s younger associates.


Kathy Bates as Madeline “Matty” Matlock, a wily septuagenarian attorney returning to the workforce at a prestigious law firm. 


Skye P. Marshall as Olympia, a senior attorney with a thirst for justice, Matlock's boss, she is laser-focused and hard to impress, she is now in charge of three junior associates.


Jason Ritter as Julian, Olympia’s attorney ex-husband and son of the head of the firm, he comes from a life of privilege and has trouble balancing his work with his personal life.

David Del Rio as Billy Martinez, a charismatic young associate who is willing to help Matty succeed, he seems to know way more than he should about the firm. 
Leah Lewis as Sarah Yang, an ambitious young associate, she sees Matty as an obstacle in her path to success. 

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 I have no idea why they're calling this Matlock.   It bears no resemblance to the original Matlock.   The original was set in the South with the lead character being a super successful sought-out lawyer who ran his own firm while being old and curmudgeonly.   This show is set in NYC with the main character having to fight for recognition in a world populated with young hot shot lawyers while being old and bawdy.   Other than the leads both being older and attorneys there's no similarity whatsoever. 

 This is like that Murder, She Wrote reboot they were going to do a few years ago with Octavia Spencer as a nurse who works in a hospital and solves crimes.   Yeah, that says Murder, She Wrote to me.  Thankfully that one didn't go far, probably in part because Angela Lansbury said it didn't really make sense to call it MSW.  


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Had no idea this was in the works, but I'll give it a go.  I love pulling the "old lady" card once in a while, and it looks like Matty is really good at it.  LOL.

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On 6/5/2023 at 12:24 PM, KittyMom4 said:

I am so excited for this show, I love Kathy Bates and I loved the original Matlock!

I did on an online survey about this show. It's not like the original. 

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14 minutes ago, AnimeMania said:

Wow. That’s a whole lotta callbacks for a preview: (Matlock), Perry Mason, and Angela Lansbury.

Sign me up!

Kathy Bates looks fabulous.

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