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  1. It was a bit OTT for Downton Abbey as well (especially given the abrupt ending for that romance).
  2. Yes, I agreed, that’s why I said I get it. But the scene with snow did stand out. All the Hallmark stuff is like that. Also, if they try to take care, it’s very apparent what they’ve done because they’re not very good at it. For example, fall scenes can have obvious CGI color, but mid ground and distance deciduous trees are still green (or worse, in flower). And the constantly shown winter scenes with piles of snow in the fore, green, leafy trees just down the street!
  3. I get what you’re saying-ridiculous, as if they dredged up film in the can whether it fit or not. However, the September-October snow? Not as rare as you think. Very sad to see snow on the last of your tomatoes when you live in Northern climes. (And the temps might have been in the 80s a day or two before).
  4. You can be fully paid up to date, never late, and have excellent credit-doesn’t matter. At any given point during the term of the contract the lien holder can sell the debt to another entity. It takes a lot of employee wages to process monthly payments and if a bank (loosely, any FI) is sitting on a number of defaulted loans, it’s a quick, easy way out. More often than not, however, the lien holder will contract out for the processing and management of their mortgages-and those companies are unscrupulous! My local lending bank did that. Every month I always had to go to the bank to complain
  5. Since he appeared in several “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” movies-as Rita’s father? You’ve piqued my curiosity with your humor-now I have to go look at what he HAS been in lately.
  6. Daff


    Try IMDb for The Librarian-TV series. Two blondes were in that, and the “guy” who never left was John Laroquette.
  7. Keep seeing ads for this….on Fox (which in my market, can’t seem to stick to a cable deal and sometimes “goes dark” until folks complain). Anyway, I’m looking forward to this as I really appreciate this actress in everything I’ve seen-she’s smart and sassy, a joy to watch.
  8. Especially after everyone at work cautioned Sam to “ease back into it”. I understand what you’re saying-the underlying sentiment being, “YOU are just not that Important!” (with a capital “I”)
  9. I forgot the reason why I wanted to comment yesterday. It really irks me when TV always shows people sniffing chrysanthemums, especially when they come away with a whistful smile, like they smelled something pleasant! Agreed, Martha’s little group competition was inspired and allowed for us to see more of the town. And apparently, Stephanie’s cafe has now grown up-to a “restaurant”, with “mood”! Will she still serve specialty sandwiches, named for town folks?
  10. You are spot-on about the downfall. As for Catherine Bell’s appearance-I recently spent about 15-20 minutes inspecting the images section of IMDb’s JAG page. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what she’s done, except age. I’ll admit, it looks like she’s got an enhanced upper lip now, and overall, she’s a bit puffy, but in all the Jag promotional pictures, her upper lip looks touched up (as opposed to the in-scene shots). I say this because her upper lip in the candid shots lacks the two defined arcs upward toward the nostrils. Doesn’t every woman who wears makeup outline those upward and f
  11. I know exactly what you mean, but it helps if you think of the actors as a theater troupe (which really is the vibe I think they’re going for-like a repertory group-new season, new production). I, too, found it a bit flat. Maybe because of the bland set, props, and scenery. Maybe they’ll do more with what they’re using as they go on (I’m thinking back to the funny bit about the length of the handle on the Shitshoveler’s shovel).
  12. Daff


    I believe she had not only used all of her accrued leave, but applied for extra (3 or maybe 6 weeks) due to medical concerns, all in an attempt to postpone her return to work. Of course that kind of indicates that she was under psychiatric treatment, and we’re left to only imagine what those sessions were like.
  13. Daff


    You could probably get by with just watching 3-#6. Once you see the freaky, cold attitude Alex Jennings conveyed, the whole sordid story will come flooding back! His performance in this rivals (or even surpasses) that of Anthony Hopkins.
  14. Daff


    I usually leave episodes on my DVR for the entire season (they’re removed by my cable provider if the network doesn’t allow this). It’s especially helpful with this show as the connection among all the characters introduced in the first few episodes aren’t revealed until later.
  15. BBM. Can I ask where you are located? When I was a child, Hoffman’s hot dogs and “snappys” (the white ones) were sold exclusively at a stand (only open in season) in Liverpool, NY (N of Syracuse). It wasn’t too far from the baseball stadium, and the regional farmer’s market, so it was always busy. Long lines, no sides (maybe fries…but only mustard early on, no catsup). In my 20s and 30s, they expanded to another stand and began to sell quantities to grocery stores. Today, every supermarket sells them year ‘round. Large quantities in the cases for summer, less so during winter. And
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