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  1. You’re right, but it really drove the point home (finally) about the comments we’ve heard in past seasons when something takes a downward turn after delivery (“are you sure the placenta is complete?”). We see the infant and everyone rejoicing, but their job is only half done at that point.
  2. Something was definitely up with this episode because my satellite provider has The Kingdom (which was delayed 35 minutes) listed as S2E0. I dumped it because I wasn’t going to watch 25 minutes and not know how it ends. In a week or so I can watch it (during a very short window) on demand. Also, the third episode here is labeled by my provider as S2E2. Grumble and bother! I fixed the timer to run longer, but this show was on Sunday last year, too, no? Maybe I didn’t do that before because it premiered after all the game delays?
  3. Daff

    S12.E04 True Blue

    It was simply to show us “old school” internal controls imposed upon “loose cannons” that were in effect before awareness of the pressures public servants faced in the past. Old habits die hard (per the protective partner). What I found more disturbing was that Danny, Frank, and Pops all knew about the practice. Did they just delude themselves into thinking that surely it wasn’t happening anymore, did it slip their minds, or do they choose to ignore it?
  4. I understand what you’re saying, but I think you’re confusing the two different types of permitting. Yes, every step of the way during construction, inspections need to be done and things like plumbing and electrical need to be approved before you can drywall and do finish work. The couple’s contractor is taking care of that now, but these processes are not within the purview of the neighbor’s authority. He’s in charge of authorizing a business to open (although, he may choose to go to the codes office to check whether renovations were performed appropriately). Say, for example, the old house
  5. Probably costs big bucks to license/“permit” a commercial business, with regular inspections and regulation. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money until the work is done, staff is secured, and the hotel is ready to open the doors to the public.
  6. Is “Autism” listed in the DSM-5? She has, in essence, published the medical diagnosis (psychiatric) of an employee for no good reason other than monetary gain. It surely doesn’t stop at the billboard, someone will take a picture and it’ll go viral. I can hear him now, “Oh…..No…….No….No!No!No!No!No!No!No!!”
  7. No, you’re not the only one. She’s constantly struggled with her sins (she knows darned well she shouldn’t take the last cookie or piece of cake, but in the moment she can’t help herself). Pride and vanity seem to cover the various behaviors, and she’s well aware. It would be interesting to have a new midwife who had some education in psychology-to challenge her and ask the hard questions. (That idea-REALLY not popular here, I know.)
  8. I deal with them by not watching them. On my local PBS, they’ve shown the same set of cast interviews 3 weeks in a row now. Nothing new. Why would they do that? edit: (nearly one week later) and…it’s the same add-on, “The Cast Talks About Season 10”. Must be they will only offer new snippets if you pay for passport (or buy the DVD).
  9. I heartily appreciate the spot-on imitation, if not the sentiment!
  10. That was better than expected. My favorite moment was discovering that Kasie has some chops; that, and Ducky’s epiphany that Gibbs’ head is in a better place. I thought the plot was different and pretty involved, too. I can’t even remember in all the profile photos, did we ever see the face of the actual perp?
  11. I’m now thoroughly confused on the timeline here. Only 3 episodes ago, the intro mentioned Easter approaching, yet here we see summer flowers in full bloom and characters wanting to have picnics at the shore.
  12. Although, it might just be everyone, from writers to actors and crew, being weary of the restrictions to their creativity due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  13. I agree, more like disappointed (“coal in stocking” disappointed). Maybe she was hoping for him to offer to cook, man the phone, organize the supplies? Anything to help lighten the load.
  14. Well, at that time, it was predominantly men who crafted the laws and if a woman were to be assaulted, the popular opinion among men was that she somehow contributed to it (dress, behavior, etc.). Whereas, if the assault happened to a man, they automatically assumed the guilt should be placed solely on the shoulders of the perpetrator. Disgusting (but yet, these attitudes just refuse to be reformed, even now- case in point, AMLT).
  15. Yes, intriguing and, (oh my!) engaging mystery without murder? Unheard of, yet we crave more. I’ll take the intelligent, respectful, geeks any day.
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