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  1. Aw, I like Tina. She's willing to stand toe to toe with Jessica.
  2. A home food prep business isn't easy to set up - unless you do it under the table. I have a friend who had to add on a kitchen dedicated to his business. But that said, yeah, it's a TV show so maybe they won't worry about that. $50 for a lasagna seems pretty pricey, but then again the client has money. I'm glad she found something to do to bring in some money. I really enjoyed the scene with Oliver's "2 moms". It did kinda remind me of the current admissions scandal, though. Somehow it didn't seem like cheating to me, but maybe it's because I thought it was so funny.
  3. He thought that because that exact thing had happened when he was in the store earlier with the fake ID.
  4. I am totally lost in the story arcs, but I am enjoying the episodes anyway. All the actors are so charming.
  5. I liked the "synchronized swimming" at the end credits; they must have had a lot of fun filming that! It also emphasized how tall those boys are getting!
  6. Maybe this was mentioned in another thread, but why does Trip call Katie "Mrs. A."? Is it just to show how dumb he is? About the lunch lady: it was nice to see Kathy Kinney again. OK, the character and situation was ridiculous, but this whole show is ridiculous; you just have to sit back and enjoy it.
  7. I had totally forgotten that Katie had a job! Too bad she quit; I would have liked to see more.
  8. Yeah, all Adam needed to do was say "hey, knock it off" and the guy would probably have stopped. There was no reason for her to put up with that.
  9. Ariel Winter (Alex) was on "Law & Order: SVU" last night (October 3) in an episode titled "The Darkest Journey Home". I don't normally watch it, but I saw her in a promo so I thought I'd check it out. She played a girl who got drunk and was raped but couldn't remember the details. During the episode she slowly started remembering. I thought she did a good job. Also, her hair was lightened and looked pretty good. You can see a picture of her and read about it here: https://www.eonline.com/news/1079421/how-law-order-svu-and-mariska-hargitay-changed-ariel-winter-s-life
  10. I'm still enjoying the show, especially Phil.
  11. I've always found Billy Gardell to be very likable, and he is in this role (although a little stalkerish). But I hate the mustache!
  12. I know it's a sitcom, but I'm also tired of Taylor being so stupid she couldn't function in the real world. I liked the plots with Anna-Kat - being so happy to have graduated out of the special class, and messing with her mom over the spy watch. She's turning into my favorite character.
  13. Flynn in particular really shows anger at sexual predators. Brenda is hostile to Catholic priests. Provenza has his crossword puzzles. Tao overexplains things. I like how they have each character exhibit individuality.
  14. This episode was on Lifetime this morning. Most of the time I sided with Fritz in their dust-ups, but I was definitely on Brenda's side on this one. He acted like it was no big deal since he was "handling" it, although in later shows we saw him getting angry and saying "I need to go to a meeting." Also in "Til Death Do Us Part": The team was looking for a witness who would have been the accused's alibi. His name was "Topper". I can't believe that no one questioned whether this was a nickname! Flynn even said "what kind of a name is Topper?" but no one picked up on it. So they just looked for a guy named Topper Barnes, and of course didn't find him!
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