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  1. I love the "tiara" moment! "Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me! Put it on me!"
  2. Seth really needs to listen to NPR - it's not just for "old people". No need to be snotty, Seth. I've noticed this too!
  3. I wish they would settle on a way to display the running technical score. I think they should go back to showing the base score and GOE for each element and not this "base score and final score" or "max score and element score" crap. I don't want to have to do math in my head during the skate! And why should we have to see the max score? It's not like in gymnastics when you start with a max score and then make deductions.
  4. I'm enjoying the extended interviews the last week or so. I guess they're having problems getting in-person guests, but it's working out as far as I'm concerned.
  5. The plots are so awful, I've been concentrating on Becky's hair. She needs to lay off the bleach.
  6. I think their app must use a lot of memory/resources. Maybe a design flaw, since I haven't had any problems with other streaming channels. I had problems just loading the HBOmax app on my Roku. I ended up getting a new Roku (moved the other one which was maybe 4 years old to a bedroom TV) and everything's been fine since.
  7. Sorry, but I thought that coat was ug-ly. That little girl was awful, but I'll bet the actress was having a blast!
  8. I thought at the end when it was confirmed that Alberta was poisoned, it would somehow fulfill her "destiny" or whatever and she would be able to ascend (or get - what was it? - "sucked off")
  9. People on TV shows start home baking businesses but never have to deal with health department regulations. I know "it's only a TV show", but I have a friend who had to add an entire separate kitchen to his house to start his business. It could actually be an interesting episode to see them handling the consequences of a health inspection.
  10. Grammy nominations have been announced and Jon Batiste got several nominations: Record of the year - "Freedom" Album of the Year - "We Are" Best Traditional R&B Performance - "I Need You" Best R&B Album - "We Are" Best Improvised Jazz Solo - "Bigger Than Us" Best Jazz Instrumental Album - "Jazz Selections: Music From And Inspired By Soul" Best American Roots Song (for writers) - "Cry" Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media - "Soul" Best Contemporary Classical Composition - "Batiste: Movement 11" Best Music Video - "Freedom" https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/2
  11. Last night I finished a re-watch of the series. I first watched it during the previous administration. Even though the previous and current administrations are so different, I think the show ages well and most of the plots are still relatable. (But I hate CJ's hair in the last season. 😁 )
  12. Isabel May, the actress who played "Veronica" in several season 2 and 3 episodes (she was the "bad girl who found Jesus" and Georgie had a crush/friendship with), is in the new Paramount+ series "1883". It stars Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. I saw a promo for it on the Paramount channel.
  13. I took the survey; it took less than 5 minutes.
  14. This cast is so amazing and talented; I wish the writing was better.
  15. It's funny.. I watched BBT since the beginning, so am very familiar with Sheldon and his quirks, but the other day I was watching an episode and "adult" Sheldon did something and I thought "he's doing a good job of imitating YS", then I realized it was the other way around. Iain Armitage does such a good job!
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