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  1. Last night (June 16) was a great show - the bit about the black farmers was very interesting (and important!). And the interview with Ashley Ford was great too. Trevor has gotten so good at interviews!
  2. Mayim Bialik will be guest host of Jeopardy May 31-June 11. Full list of guest hosts here: https://www.jeopardy.com/jbuzz/news-events/jeopardy-guest-host-schedule
  3. My favorite episode is when Bonnie and Tammy go visit their former foster mom. I don't like the B plot (Christy and Jill going on a double date with 2 guys from their AA meeting), but I love the scenes with the foster mom and the scene in the car where Tammy realizes that Bonnie knows that Tammy's father killed her mom. "My mom was so pretty...." I cry every time.
  4. Did Mary ever mention on TBBT that George cheated? I don't think they can ignore him dying, but it's possible that Sheldon as a child misunderstood something he saw. I'm kinda clinging to that hope; I like George.
  5. I hated the last season in part because of all the multi episode arcs. There were just too many characters to keep track of.
  6. Stephen was on NPR's "Fresh Air" earlier this week and he does talk a bit about broadcasting from "the closet" - hear the interview here: https://www.npr.org/programs/fresh-air/2021/04/27/991243365/fresh-air-for-april-27-2021-stephen-colbert?showDate=2021-04-27
  7. Not only the way Kayla died, but the horrible thing they did to hide her body. What kind of monster would do that to her own child?
  8. I really like Drew and his girlfriend together. I understand Adriana not wanting anyone around when she's recovering from chemo. When I'm sick I don't want anyone around. I was trying to figure out where I've seen Adriana before, so I looked her up on IMDB.Com. She played "Alita" in "Alita: Battle Angel" but her face in that was modified by CGI.
  9. I love Andy, and I love Jill, and I love them together.
  10. There is a way to see just the forums you follow: From the home page, click on the "Follows" tab in the black bar and then click on "Forums".
  11. Felix Silla is also known as one of the little people in one of the most famous Bonanza episodes: "Hoss and the Leprechauns": He is the smallest one, 2nd from left, no hat.
  12. I was expecting Rock to sneak his girlfriend into the lady's house that had left town.
  13. First: where is Norma going to live now? Did I miss that? Second: I was glad that Drew had a good time and didn't embarrass himself or Eli. I'm glad they're not making him into some kind of schmo; it's ok to be a little socially awkward and I'm glad they didn't overdo it. And he was very kind and understanding to Norma. I can see he's a good therapist.
  14. I just watched the "Tina" documentary on HBO. When I heard that quote using the "n-word" I was shocked, so I'm glad Capitol addressed this. I join @DearEvette in recommending "Tina".
  15. I knew it wasn't likely, but I was hoping for a Dolly sighting! My niece took her laptop apart to "clean" it during an Ambien episode. People do weird stuff on sleeping pills.
  16. I thought it was a good plot twist that Calvin could not build a treehouse. He has an auto shop so should be mechanically capable, and apparently he knew his way around the home improvement store. It was funny to see Dave conflicted about it, although I don't think he would have let Grover play in an unsafe treehouse.
  17. Drew snuck back in, gave the waitress money for the meal, gave her a big tip, and gave her some money to "pay for a dine and dash from about 20 years ago."
  18. Her accent in real life is definitely more "British" than her character on the show. I checked her Wiki entry and she was born and raised in London but her parents are Nigerian. I feel rather pleased with myself for noticing! Her stories about riding the elevators were interesting; in fact she is a really interesting person.
  19. It's always annoying to me when on TV people in large corporations think they can get raises by asking their immediate supervisor. So I was glad to hear Jerry (?) tell Marty that he didn't make those decisions. It's odd that Marty wouldn't know how how that worked.
  20. What a sweet episode; I loved it!
  21. That apartment sounded nice - they should have both just moved into it. I think I'm done with this show. It's just not getting any better.
  22. I watched the 6th season episode "The Layover" yesterday - description from IMDB.COM: I wanted to check on the actresses who played the flight attendants, and ended up spending over an hour on Youtube watching this hilarious series of short videos about "Sh%t Southern Women Say" (there are 16 in all): Julia Fowler, the redheaded flight attendent, wrote and directed these.
  23. I like this approach. I really like both shows, and I don't have a problem with George being different. I wouldn't want to watch a show where George was abusive to his family; I don't think many people would.
  24. I thought it was a good episode - I liked both plots. (I would love to see that robot, but I'm not a 10(?) year old boy. And a taser is pretty cool too.) But regarding the "prep" - that is by far the worst part of the colonoscopy "experience". I don't know why Calvin would even consider going through that again later.
  25. The trivia night guy was pretty funny, but he should have tried to sell that bassoon - I just did a quick google and even a cheap one goes for about $800. (Did Tommy say "I don't need another bassoon"?)
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