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S01.E02: Unchained and Untamed

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Aesha and Ryan's opposing views on service are tested during an explosive lunch; Brittini stands up for herself on deck, while Benny takes issue working in the anchor locker; Captain Jason introduces a most improved award that isn't well received.

Title seems mostly to be about Benny, who's tasked with "flaking the chain" which is to go down into this confined space near where the chain for the anchor is reeled in and he has to push the chains so that they don't bunch up and get tangled.

Benny hates it and cuts his feet, jumps out, says he can't do it.  Culver, the former football player and hardcore fitness enthusiast does it with no complaints.

For his antics, Jason awards Benny with his version of the dunce cap, a helmet with covered with mosaic of mirror tiles like a disco ball -- I thought he was polishing a disco ball.  Benny refuses to wear it at the crew dinner.

You'd think he could be a prime candidate to be fired, though no such talk yet.  Let's see whether they will play the will he or won't he fire cast card.

But Benny is licensed and apparently the main guy to pilot the rather large tender that they use when taking guests to snorkel -- so it may not be so easy to replace him.  Snorkeling should be a key activity for the guests but they didn't devote much footage to it.

First clash between Aesha and Ryan happens when the guests return from snorkeling and hang out in the hot tub, ordering drinks.  Ryan starts plating and the crew, even captain Jason, starts taking up burgers and other dishes.

But they have to get out of the tub and the food is likely to cool  Ryan pouts, says they can't be reheated, that Aesha should have told them to go to table because the food is ready.

Well no matter, these TikTok fools loved the food, letting it cool even more by photographing it before eating it.


Looks like Bravo isn't going to miss a chance to get the cast drunk and into the hot tub.

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If you haven’t seen the episode yet, nothing but spoilage ahead… you have been warned….





…AND…. No drama after all – they’re out of the marina.

The guests love their Tik-Tok!  Whatever that is…  (:

Chef – “Just relax – I’m gonna decide what you’re gonna have and you’re gonna love it.”  Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts…

Guest (on being told what he was having for breakfast) – “What’s the alternative?”  Aesha: “There wasn’t one.”  And yet the guests are eating it up – literally!  I’m really keen to see how that flies with other guests.  Wait until you get a bunch of vegans, etc.

The snorkeling shots are fantastic – it’s so nice to see the colours and wildlife.

Sorry, chef, the guests don’t work for you, it’s the other way around.  You can’t just randomly decide to plate when the guests aren’t at the table yet.  And was chef horking down whipped cream from a can or doing a whippet (24:02)?

Ben is definitely going to be a problem.  What do you reckon the over/under is for him to last?  He belittles Britt and won’t take direction from his boss.  And he’s such a drama queen!  Won’t flake the anchor chain?  Sheesh.

So Benny got the “You sucked the most” award for charter performance.  Not saying it wasn’t deserved, but I’m not sure a de-motivation award is going to get the best out of people.  If someone had a basically good attitude, they could take it in fun.  But Benny has issues, and I think this is just going to make things worse with him.

Oh, wow, the guests for the next charter look like they’ll be a real handful!

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On 3/18/2022 at 10:45 PM, Tanukisan said:

  And was chef horking down whipped cream from a can or doing a whippet (24:02)?


I thought that very same thing, was he being sly about it? Everyone knows you have to turn the can upside down.

Also, he made homemade whipped cream before but this time he uses the can of whipped cream, he can't pipe out his own whipped cream?

I get the chef wanting to minimize the crazy ordering at breakfast, we have seen how that can turn in to a mess but why not give three options and prep some things?  The chef is thinking they will have what he makes or nothing and like it?  Sooner or later that will bite him in the ass.

Is anyone else getting confused between the captain and the bosun, I am.


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Very often the key to to diner style breakfast is one or two daily specials....and the fruit, bacon, croissants.

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