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  1. I'm not a mafioso, but if I found a warehouse with dead henchmen inside, I wouldn't think someone was trying to do my organization a favor, I'd think there were at least two other organizations that wanted to get into my territory and both were more than willing to so whatever was necessary to be the ultimate victor. But then, that might lead to an interesting plot.
  2. It took me a long time to conclusively agree, but now I do -- not only are Michael and Willow chemistry-free, they manage to stop dead any momentum the show may have on any given day. We all know Michael and Sasha will never get back together, but I'd sure love for her to mention to Michael how much Carly appreciated what she and Chase had done. After all that outrage that Michael and Willow expressed today, I'd like to see a little of it directed at Carly for knowing the truth all along. There was some good soapy stuff with Nik and Ava today, but I wish they'd just let Julian die on the rocks rather than having him being thrown under that fleet of buses that will probably all back up to run him over again.
  3. This episode convinced me that they never thought the show would last this long, so they've been pulling ideas out of their nether regions for the last several years, convinced that each season will be the last . . . and then they have to create an even more bizarre rationale to keep going another year. I kept wondering why she was wearing that stupid watch cap. It clearly wasn't that cold.
  4. Wouldn't he be in about the same general age group as Michael? If so, it's probably hard to pair him with anyone and have fewer sparks than Michael. FWIW, I really liked the rapport between Brando and Sasha. Maybe they could just become good friends.
  5. Hey, MB! If you want to know how to effectively deliver a line while whispering, take a look at what Genie did today. In the meantime, maybe cut back on whispering your dialogue.
  6. I liked his work, too. Just as many here could not accept him in the role, one of the overriding messages of this season, reinforced in his final meeting with Ebal, was that he -- and his organization -- would never be able to be accepted in the way that the Italians had. From the first episode, we were shown that he had the right ideas, and he could see a bigger picture, but he would never be able to win.
  7. Well, maybe Carly, if she thought it would give her more access to make Jason focus on her . . . 😉
  8. This. Somebody at that hospital should have been doing triage and immediately realized that there was something wrong by looking at her eyes.
  9. So, I guess what we take from this is that Brook won't be onscreen for a while, and when she does reappear, it'll be Amanda playing her.
  10. I'd really like to see him become infatuated with her. First, it'd give him a chance to break out of the Stone Cold mold around at least one person* (and it would make Carly's head explode). It'd be fun to see Britt continue to drop truth bombs on him and NOT become a Corinthos acolyte and Jason still continue to want to hang around her, the more puppy dog-like the better (and it would make Carly's head explode). I'd like to see Carly confront Britt, who would refuse to play Carly's game for the sheer joy of making Carly's head explode. *yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm aware that he may not want to exert the energy to act, but heck, I can dream . . .
  11. Jason (pre-brain damaged Quartermaine) and Karen were involved before she fell for Jagger. Even if he doesn't remember her, literally, he should at least have been aware that they were once involved when they were younger (and had some kind of reaction to what Sonny said). And IIRC, after the crash they did meet at a Nurses Ball when Karen had been recast. She had a line about, "I was told you wouldn't recognize me."
  12. rur

    S04.E09: East/West

    That kept throwing me off for the rest of the episode. I kept wondering if the dog ever got taken outside.
  13. I found it amusing that they didn't go too far down the Karen Wexler road. At least there's some retconning restraint. I thought Jason should have had slightly more reaction, though, brain damage or not. I really thought we were there today . . . then no. But on the other hand, do we really need Nina joining the Let's Sit Around All Day and Talk About Nothing But Wiley's Wonderfulness Club? I thought he sounded like he didn't know how to read, and I was wondering if he'd ever read to his own kids that badly.
  14. Last night, I was passing through a room where a tv was on when I thought I saw Pnina -- so I stopped and saw the end of what was probably one of the first commercials for her diamond ring collection. I did a quick search and found a number of announcements, but this one was the most entertaining: https://www.brides.com/pnina-tornai-x-jared-engagement-ring-collection-5086592
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