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  1. Cracked me up that bouquet and the boutonnieres were lilies.
  2. They do this a lot. The action and suspense in GH stories often pick up just after sweeps have occurred, and it always makes me wonder why.
  3. Regardless of how they become co-conspirators, I've been wondering if he's too afraid of her to break up with her.
  4. I would think a white shirt and black trousers would be a fairly business neutral look for men at a store like Kleinfeld. We've certainly seen some inappropriate all-black outfits on some of the women over the years. (I would expect to see a tie tied, though, and not used as an accessory.) I think it's far more appropriate that some of the stuff we saw Shea wearing. And like @rereader2, I'm willing to give him a pass on attitude right now. He's only had one client onscreen so far.
  5. Someone should explain to LW that sometimes people FF so they don't have to suffer secondhand embarrassment in their own homes.
  6. I thought the MIL was indicating that she was not going to be quite as critical as the mother.
  7. This is something I've noticed a lot this season. It's always been a bit of a problem on original recipe SYTTD since there are so many young women who seemed to think looking like they were stuffed into a sausage casing was attractive. But this year, even some of Gok's brides who had an average bust size could have benefitted from some support garments and not just relied on what was in the dress, IMO. I also don't understand why so many of the Pantora dresses are so tight, unless the new style is to let the guests at your wedding know if your belly button is an innie or an outie.
  8. To be fair, based on what we've seen on the show, he's probably spent most of his time with the Q's nanny, so it's not that unusual that Olivia wouldn't have noticed, especially since we all know that she spent a lot of her spare time during his earlier years meddling in Lulu's life. She probably only looked in on her kid after he was asleep. 😉
  9. Personally, I find a little chest hair peeking out of the top of a shirt sexy. But, if my consultant came up to me attired as Peter was, I'd probably automatically say something like, "I guess I got here a little early. Go ahead and finish dressing and we can get started in five minutes."
  10. Mike is far more complex than you're giving him credit for being. (RME) Just the other day he reminded Nina that no one came looking for him, justifying, I guess, why he didn't look for them. I look forward to seeing if he hangs on to that grudge when his memories come back or if all will be forgiven. (I guess that's another way of saying I'm looking forward to the end of the story.)
  11. Maybe the post was a way of tweaking the anti-vax people she knows.
  12. I think I'd like him to tell her that he knew they'd have to kiss at the wedding, so he thought he'd try it once ahead of time -- but that he was relieved to discover that she was repulsed by the idea too. Mainly because I'd love the effect that would have on the Carly we've known all these years.
  13. I think the writers think it's an inside joke, going back to the party where Milo was more or less forced to strip. Why they think seeing uncomfortable men taking their clothes off is funny beats me.
  14. Interesting that he made no allusions to what everyone saw happen to him -- not even a "some people tried to get rid of me," throwaway line. Did being frozen give him a different accent?
  15. Nothing I can say that hasn't been said already. But I think my neighbors might have heard me yell, "Hell no," when he appeared. It's a good thing Kirsten has always portrayed Maxie as self-involved. Anyone else would have known immediately that something was up just from Nina's behavior. So, was Watros going for comic effect?
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