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  1. The second hour started with "Six months ago" written across the screen. I watched it, but I was wondering if these were folks who wouldn't have made the final cut if there had been no pandemic.
  2. I thought the athlete's first dress was stunning -- from the front. It's possible that the top being sheer and essentially backless was what encouraged her to say "next". I don't see how a person could be very comfortable in something styled like that on a day that involves moving around a lot. I did think it was humorous that the dress that Jocelyn's mom said made her look like a can of exploded biscuits was a Pnina (It was a perfect description, by the way, and something that more brides should be told when trying a strapless gown).
  3. This episode was from 2011. Although on one hand, I can kind of understand her concerns as a mother, on the other hand, with hindsight It is interesting to me that we have proof that Carly has been injecting herself into Michael's love life for a long time. I would have thought he'd tire of it by now. Once again, so much for character growth. As @dubble zout said, "Nothing has changed."
  4. The show really is doing a tremendous (but probably unintentional) job of showing us that Sonny and his crew have been horrible for a long, long time. When all of this is over, I wonder if TPTB will wish they had gone the route of Y&R and show things like a week of weddings instead. Oh, wait, they'd probably just show us a week of Sonny and Carly getting married again and again. Never mind.
  5. In spite of its obvious Godfather/christening ripoff, (and Carly wearing lame' to a christening) today's episode was a good episode, featuring a lot of the cast, including Luke being a decent father. I will, though, never forgive the writers for eventually having Dante be "Dad, you shot me! Oh, well, bygones!" The memory of that action should have been a festering wound that remained throughout his time on the show. If the writers bring Dante back, my wish would be that they would reveal that all of Dante's mental issues stemmed from being shot by Sonny. And having Sonny's anguish lead to his downfall.
  6. Thanks for posting this. It was truly enjoyable. And everything Sam said could still be said today. So, I guess, no character growth for Carly in the last 9 years . . .
  7. This is what ticked me off. Yes, he donated the sperm. But at that point Jason and Sam were clearly a couple; Liz had talked to him about how Sam would feel, and Jason had wondered if he should clean out the nursery before Sam left the hospital. Why would Sonny think he would be the one to tell Sam about the baby? Why did Jason have to say that he would be telling Samantha about the child? It was Sonny making it all about himself.
  8. I nominate this moment as an indicator of the time when Sonny began moving from being the "mobster with the heart of gold" that Scotty mentioned in yesterday's episode to the a$$hole he is today (in spite of what apologist Lois was saying). Even his scenes with Jason about Sam's losing the baby were really all about him.
  9. Well, today I did learn that Sam's been mumbling for years. And with today's episode's 2020 hindsight, it was made even more clear that Jason's real, true love has always been Sonny.
  10. I think his character is one who has continuously been done wrong. I know he's supposed to be a baaaad man, but the audience is supposed to love other characters who have done awful things (cough Franco, cough Sonny cough Sonny cough Jason). I'd like to see him come back and be redeemed in some way. But then, I also think he's a better actor and a lot better looking than his fictional GH half-brother. And I would like a pony that farts rainbows, too.
  11. Just that one scene with Billy interacting with Liz (We can get through whatever this is) and her son (I won't leave) was a tremendous reminder of how TIIC wasted someone else with talent.
  12. I guess that says something about the industry in general -- people with talent who won't commit to long term contracts are ignored, but people who phone in performances for months on end (and we've discussed some of that behavior here in the past) keep getting rehired.
  13. Maybe I should have said "to let viewers know that Robert and Anna wouldn't get back together." I could definitely get behind Robert F! Scorpio getting the goods on Peter and, in a perfect soap world, sending him to prison for a long, indeterminate amount of time. I was pleased when Robert and Holly reunited long ago (when we saw the back of a faux Holly's head in a tub), but I agree that the idiots in charge ruined her. I also wish Finola would get a haircut, or a different hair style. She looks so much better in the old NBs with shorter and/or fuller hairdos.
  14. IIRC, when that was actually occurring, Anna assumed that Robert wanted to reunite with her and gave him that lecture when he had not been planning to propose to her at all. But I agree with @statsgirl that Robert/Anna is a more exciting match than Anna/Finn. I'm afraid offscreen, allegedly dead Holly has been written in just to prevent an Anna/Robert rekindling.
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