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  1. Britt was the one who saw Alexis and Neil in the hotel in New York. It's possible that they brought her on just to drop that bombshell. Or maybe they'll keep her in order to wreak a bit more havoc, since Julian has already headed off to school the shrink.
  2. The story about the initial pairing of Sonny and Brenda is showing up all over my newsfeed. Apparently, it's one of the things covered in Benard's book. Here's one article about it: https://soaphub.com/general-hospital/maurice-benard-reveals-sonny-and-brendas-general-hospital-beginnings/ One quote from MB that I found interesting -- and very telling -- was this: "In the beginning I told my friend Vanessa it wasn’t working for me. She could’ve told me to go to hell, but she chose to work her ass off, because she was so determined. I was very proud of her and the rest, as they say in show business, ‘is history.'” Am I wrong, or is he saying that Vanessa did all the work? If so, then he's unwittingly made it pretty clear that he's always been a tool.
  3. Maybe it's because people sick in the hospital right now is hitting too close to the national condition, or maybe it's just me, but the whole Corinthi clan was more despicable than usual today. Carly's absolute smugness made me want to reach through the screen and throttle her. Bobbie, who was once gaslighted herself willingly does so to Nelle; Sasha and Willow's presence at the hospital should have been silent support only. I could list a whole lot more, but I'll only make myself mad again. But I sincerely hope that this second surgery results in Wiley's death. I don't care about the kid; Michael becomes more despicable every day; and this is a time when we need a slightly more positive story to distract us. One last rant: Jordan goes to Jason for advice and a pep talk? All I could think (again) was why in the hell didn't she hightail it over to Robert F! Scorpio at the first sign of trouble from Cyrus? Even though he's no longer an agent, I'm sure the WSB would have been very interested in making sure someone as apparently dangerous as Cyrus stayed in prison.
  4. The parole officer did say to Sam, "You brought your mother?" The more I think about it, the more the comment sums up Sam.
  5. At the very least, the next time Sam comes whining to Julian, he could respond with something like, "If I say no, are you going to tell me that you have no respect for me and storm off after you asked me to drop everything and meet you here, like you've done with me and others in the past?"
  6. The next time Sam deigns to speak to him (because she will want something, of course) would be a perfect time for Julian to give her some hard truth. And I would love it.
  7. IIRC, Alexis and Finn were both in the "addict" group at GH. After one of the sessions, they agreed to be each other's support (and maybe sponsor, in a loose interpretation of the term).
  8. Even though Sam apologized for what she said, I would have loved for Alexis to provide Sam with some additional hard truths before the apology -- like, "If I'm someone you have no admiration for, then don't ask me to drop everything and come running the next time you or your friends get yourselves in trouble." Or "I made a decision to NOT ruin someone else's career, even though it put me in a situation that I didn't particularly like." Or even "Does this mean you'll have to stop treating Julian like gum on the bottom of your shoe so you can take advantage of his feelings for you the next time you need to have a mess you've involved yourself in fixed, since you certainly won't want me to help you?"
  9. Anyone who would throw his or her lot in with Sonny when Robert F! Scorpio is the DA is terminally stupid and deserves whatever happens.
  10. She's worked for the DEA, she's collaborated with the WSB. Why in the world wouldn't she have contacted one of those agencies for help the minute she knew Cyrus had her son? And why didn't the writers foresee half the viewing audience asking this question and put in a line that would explain why she didn't?
  11. I got a sense that maybe the kids had gone over what was going to happen/what they would do, but then the camera angle was changed without telling them and the result was the awkward thing we saw on the screen, 'cause, you know, you wouldn't want to be sensitive to two kids doing possibly their first kiss ever on screen.
  12. And this is why I'll always be Team Liesl, no matter how terrible her past.
  13. Me too. Especially since Cake Boss was a blatant ripoff of Ace of Cakes. But I imagine it tasted good. And I thought it was interesting that the slice we saw was red, white, and blue.
  14. I think most school districts these days have virtual schools for students who can't attend brick-and-mortar school for whatever reason, so teachers don't actually have to go to the homes to see their students. Additionally (writers) "homeschooling" would probably be something a contracted teacher would not be doing since homeschooling is done by people who don't want their children attending their district schools. Additionally, (and I know this is all being done to set up a Joss is hot for the teacher plot) what mother would promise her daughter that she hire a young stud teacher for her? Especially when said mother will probably always be at work when said teacher is at her home? (Since said teacher has already shown up numerous times at both the Metro Court and Kelly's when most schools are already in session, he apparently has much more fluid hours than the rest of the teaching community.) I know, I know, I'm trying to apply logic and that's always a mistake. But whatshisname's popping into every restaurant in town during school hours has been driving me crazy for a while.
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