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  1. (small voice) I enjoyed Lizzie being made aware that her actions have consequences. As much as Red may have jerked her around, she's jerked him around, too, and even though she's responsible for some of his, um, "misfortunes", she has continued to behave as if the FBI to works for her instead of showing any awareness that she works for the organization. I liked seeing someone take the wind out of sails, albeit briefly. I'll go sit in the corner now.😉
  2. He may still be dead, at least for now, but he certainly loved Halloween! Loved hearing the memories about how (even though he'd been shipped off to boarding school) that he was still trick or treating.
  3. Valentin's goodbye to Liesl today has me worried.Their conversation sounded to me like an official goodbye from GH. If it's true, and I hope it isn't, it's just another example of a talented actor being poorly used while less talented ones are featured front and center. (small tear rolls down my cheek)
  4. Ultimately it will be illiteracy -- because people won't be able to read the warnings when the change becomes more severe.
  5. Glad he's already got something lined up: https://soaphub.com/general-hospital/general-hospital-star-billy-miller-lands-brand-new-role/
  6. If I understood his explanation correctly, he listened to the highest and lowest frequencies, which are basically white noise. If a tape is legit, the white noise would be uninterrupted, but there were breaks in the noise, which indicated that the tape was spliced and not a single conversation recorded in its entirety.
  7. I'd call it a fling more than a ONS. But IIRC we were originally told that both had agreed that it wasn't permanent.
  8. Nevertheless, a spell check (or -- gasp -- a human proofreader) should have caught it. Heck, the spell checker here kept trying to correct the misspelling. Here's an article about the word's derivation. https://www.irregardlessmagazine.com/articles/etymology-of-cummerbund/ Although the author uses "cumber" as a source of the stray "b", I would think it might come from "encumber."
  9. You're welcome. I'm having trouble believing nobody on the advertising team, the Capital One team, or Jennifer Garner's team knew there was no "b".
  10. Is anyone else shaking their head in disbelief every time Jennifer Garner says "cumberbund" in the Capital One commercial?
  11. No . . . it's been an ongoing topic of puzzlement here. The accent varies from day to day: sometimes it sounds Southern; I swear I heard a New Yawker accent another day; and today, faintly British. Maybe he's trying to show us his versatility? 😉
  12. He released an album earlier this year. I suspect the song was from that, and that it might be original. I was wondering if GH paid for full rights or if they finagled a discount because he was performing it on "his" show.
  13. I thought she was going to tell Liz she'd overheard the conversation Diane had with Kim, to let her know that Kim was looking into filing a lawsuit, and that was why putting Dranco in Shadybrook might not be a good move. But that would make sense, so no mention of that at all. (It's a day later and it still irritates me that the ball was dropped there.)
  14. It's probably what they wore to work that day and wardrobe had nothing for them. It's been a long time since Bobbie was kidnapped, so, I guess good that Shiloh didn't go after Willow, Sam, Kristina or Carly, but too bad that there are so few females on the scene who could feature in a good abduction story.
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