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  1. In the real world, I could understand Brad keeping silent because he might be thinking that perhaps he could do some good by not further damaging the relationship between Lucas and his father. But since this is GH world, we can pretty much make book on the fact that the reveal will come at a time that will damage Julian as much as possible so paternity-hiding Carly and Bobbie along with child-kidnapping observer Sam can excoriate him as much as possible while remaining blind to their own wrongdoing.
  2. Oh, I agree there's definitely something shady that the bunch of them were doing, based on Jordan's and Taggert's conversation the other day. But if she wanted to dissemble, IMO, telling a partial truth would have placated Curtis instead of causing him to vow that he'd track down the truth.
  3. I kept wondering how "It turned out the body on the dock was someone both Taggart and I once worked with," would be breaking any kind of confidentiality. Stupid.
  4. I thought Ryan Carnes face looked like he was thinking, "Why the heck am I standing here and not getting any lines in a big scene about my adopted son and my husband's lies?"
  5. Other than having others get in their minimums, I agree that the confrontation should have been only Michael, Brad and Lucas. Carly speaking for both Michael and Lucas while they were right there in the room and totally capable of opening their mouths was pretty good proof that they probably shouldn't have a child, since neither of them was capable of interrupting her to take over the . . . interrogation. All the pearl clutching by Bobbie, Sam, Sasha, and (yes!) Carly should have happened in another room, since it would also have been a great opportunity for them to turn on each other about their past misdeeds and good soap. It was also irritating that Sasha found it necessary to call PC's only cop, Chase, to come over to Casa Corinthos "for Willow." Does Sasha truly think her one of her only female friends is one of them wimmens who are too weak to learn the truth directly?
  6. Maybe being part of a media event is what makes being in the wedding attractive -- nobody before (to my knowledge) sponsored a mass wedding with a bride from each state in Central Park. With so many people posting so much of their lives on social media, I guess the allure of being a "star" of an event is very attractive to some folks. (even though, literally, each bride was just a face in the crowd in the group picture: Randy and Haley were center stage.)
  7. Yes, there are toilets. In one episode Bill asked the doctor where they were, then Nardole appeared and told her that, um, perhaps she'd want to wait a bit before she went in.
  8. He's new. This was the first time he's appeared.
  9. rur


    Although many of us were expecting the spectacle of a sailing race, rowing regattas were a real thing. (From Wikipedia) "A regatta is a series of boat races. The term comes from the Venetian-Italian language regata meaning "contest" and typically describes racing events of rowed or sailed water craft…" And some rowing regattas actually provide spectacle:https://www.glassofvenice.com/blog/2013/09/venetian-historical-regatta-history-and-hype/
  10. Since Brook Lyn has been portrayed as rather willful, It would be in character for her to decide she wanted out for . . . reasons. And, except that it advances the plot, I find it hard to believe that an army of ELQ lawyers couldn't find a loophole in a skeevy producer's contract.
  11. Since Nelle, Valentin, and the skeevy record producer all seem to share Colonel Tad Sanders as a lawyer, I had just kind of figured that they all knew enough of each other's back stories to be acting in concert to hurt the Q's. Hence, Val would know about the baby. (But I could be wrong.)
  12. Compliments to the show for a nice twist I didn't see coming today. As Nelle said goodbye to Valentin, I was thinking that we were seeing the last of her . . . until she pulled out that baby passport. I'm eager to see what will happen next. And I'm also eager for overly attentive godfather Michael to find out that Willow will be Wiley's designated guardian; in a perfect world it will happen well before the beans get spilled about Wiley's true parentage (which I'm still hoping is fertilization by some unknown one-night stand).
  13. I've noticed this too. When the Georgia bride talked about being "Miss Georgia" I attributed it to her particular personality and mindset. But since it's been occurring every week and the odds are against (I hope) every chosen bride seeing this opportunity as something equivalent to representing one's state in the Miss America pageant, I'm thinking that the show runners must be telling them to talk up representing their state. And, once again, Show, we know they're going to find their dress. Stop having them say after trying two dresses that they don't think they'll be able to get one! It's not even suspenseful any more.
  14. The one thing I did notice in this promo was that they picked some scenes where there was actually a family resemblance between Lucas and Julian. (Or maybe it's just the scruff . . . )
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