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  1. I am a week late here on posting about this episode, but I really found it cathartic when Captain Lee kicked Delores off the boat. In fact it was the emotional venting needed on so many ugly American entitled obnoxious tourists on these many Below Deck seasons. Hubby and I watched the Delores exit twice, it was so good. Her remark, upon learning of her impending boat exit summed it up: ".....but I paid for it. " Translation: Money entitles me to be an asshole.
  2. https://pagesix.com/2021/01/05/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-getting-a-divorce-shes-done/
  3. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/broccoli-egg-cheese-casserole-baking-dish-1076840888 This is for you Starlight. Stay safe, get well soon. Wishing you continued mild symptoms and great spirits. You made us laugh !
  4. Yes ! Been trying to figure her out. That annoying laugh after every statement, from the very first episode, was troubling. All along, it seems that she is playing to the camera. She is trying too hard to be funny and interesting. Not. I remind myself that these women...sign up for the show. They seek this out. So why did Elizabeth do this, if she cant fully reveal her life story ? or her current divorce issues. She doesnt she need the money. So whats up ? And that toddler head boyfriend is friggin weird. I predict she will be one season and done. Gone with Carlton (BH), Cindy Barshop (NY), Jules Weinstein (NY), DeShawn Snow (Atl), Joyce Giraud ...who ??? (BH) and so on.
  5. Shannon was on the phone with her mother. We also saw Shannon's elderly dad in the earlier episode this season when she had the lemon party at her house. So question for you all: does Shannon have any siblings ? Is she an only child ? Curious about her background.
  6. Yes, all day. And just what in the hell was that shorty ruffled little girl Bo Beep dress Kathryn wore to visit Austen & Craig. Cheezuz, they both sure loved it. Austen said something like it was her best outfit ever. Gagh. And just what were those bruises on her legs ??
  7. Yikes. Disturbing. Obvious short period of time weight loss. Adderall ?
  8. Sorry, not to get off topic, but so agreed, Princelina ! I LOVED Ladies of London. So sorry it had a short life. Now that franchise had authenticity, organic real relationships, $$$, house porn, $$$, fashion porn, interesting lives, interesting locales, sophistication and silliness. The beautiful and sweet Caroline Fleming of real Danish royalty and celebrity (and some personal scandal) , taking us along as viewers to visit her family compound and castle outside of Copenhagen. PULEEZE. American Real Housewives shows will NEVER EVER measure up.
  9. You have totally nailed Elizabeth's boyfriend's looks ! I've been trying to all season and couldn't find the right words. He's got this weird round undeveloped baby face like that of a one year old, on top of a mans body.
  10. I will bet this is Shannon's last season. Not sure if it will be by her choice or production's. I' ve been sensing that even from her couple of appearances on Watch What Happen Live this season. She's bland. She seems "over it" as they say. I think she can't relate to the new cast, how the show has evolved, and misses Tamra and Vicki.
  11. So Danni is an artist ? Who knew ? I thought she was a liquor sales rep .
  12. Of all the stuff written about Ramona here, this is the BEST summary of her. One more thought on her: she's got to be concerned that her days on RHof NY are numbered. Consider that the old timer original Housewives are going going.....Bethenny, Ne Ne, Vicki, Lisa VP.....
  13. My feelings exactly. Good summary of this franchise, Sage. I will give it a little more time.
  14. Agreed. John seems nice and "normal". And may I add, handsome. Nice look in his tux. I am worried Shannon will blow this. Negative bitchy obsessive Shannon is draining. Upbeat, new life, silly, fun, laughing Shannon is probably what attracted him.
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