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  1. 1000 Likes, to film noire's post. Jeebus, I wish Denise would see it.
  2. The editing out of Pete for much of the season is interesting. He must have really pissed off the production/ camera crew.
  3. Damon and his wife are trash. Even moreso his wife. Not only this season, but their appearance last time too. Yich.
  4. HAH ! Best comment ! Yep, fell off y chair at that one too. How's Amelia Gray going to learn stuff at college ? Get injections of information in her arm ? Cheeze Louise.
  5. My opinion on the firing of Dorinda pre- the reunion airing: I am wondering if she really went after Tinsley again at the reunion - either on camera or off. Given her severe reaction on the finale at the mere mention of Tinsley's name, she may have gone Berzerkshires on her in person. Especially with Andy there to witness, it may have been the final straw.
  6. Holy shit. I forgot about that. You are so right. That was way way off for Dorinda to do. That's putting it politely. Agreed. I think this enabled Tinsley to get production and legal to let her out of her contract. She feared for her safety.
  7. She insists on doing one every season. Loud slurred rambling speech and all. Her trademark.
  8. Wow, Bravo even has Dorinda in the newest commercial promoting the September premier of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Note its the commerical featuring a remote talking head of 7 regulars - one from each Housewife franchise. Dorinda represents NYC. Guess it was filmed pre firing.
  9. Agreed. Dorinda must have been awful during the reunion on camera and off. Yes, remember this season when she threw "tea party" for all the ladies on the roof top recreation area of the building. Now is makes sense: it was a way to showcase the building.
  10. While we've all witnessed really bad, worsening, drunken behavior from Dorinda these last seasons, I am still amazed that they fired her. Stay with me here, not that she didn't deserve it, but there is so much bad behavior on all the Real Housewife and even other Bravo shows. So what about her behavior pushed them to this decision ? Geeze, at times, she was crazy good tv. My hunch is this: she might have become drunken unruly with production behind the scenes. Thinking about the Jill Zarin firing way back. No Zarin never drank, but apparently she was trying to manipulate the production and cast and direction of the show with production and even Andy C. I think that was what pushed them over the edge into firing her. Quite possibly, Dorinda too. If she was so bad with fellow cast on camera, she had to be bad, perhaps uncontrollable, with production and camera crew off camera.
  11. Just thinking back now: CLIP ! 3 or 4 seasons ago, tearing into Sonja at a dinner at Ramona's Hampton's house, screaming about how Sonya's legs were like the Holland Tunnel Screaming JOVANI at LuAnn's show The drunken slurred non-sensical speech toast to LuAnn at her Miami boat pre-marriage to Tom engagement party Ahhh, the trip to Puerto Rico with Bethenny & dinner with the organizers of Beth's Hurricane Maria charity, Dorinda got so drunk at that restaurant dinner, and aggressively telling the charity people how they were wrong ( I forget the exact nature of her gripe with them). It was so rude. She was SMASHED. She had to leave the restaurant. Beth rightfully called her out on her embarrassing drunkenness the next day onthe plane. And there are more.... As some said up above, when Dorinda is sober she can be so charming, fun, kind, generous....but when she is drunk. Oh my, not good. She is one mean drunk.
  12. BEST POST. If you know the plot of that particular I Love Lucy episode. No words are needed. Just excellent, suomi.
  13. Ditto. Suddenly this season Dorit is the reasonable, real, kind, and intelligent one.
  14. I immediately thought the same thing when looking at the pix of the newest house at $6.4 million. I mean, how'd they afford that ? His security business ? Her motivation/accountability business ? Her Bravo C- level cast member salary ? Did "little pink houses" help with the financing ? I don't get it.
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