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  1. Yeah, caught that too. I don't think that's charming from an adult in the USA. Shame on her. It speaks volumes about her knowledge and her could-care-less stupidity.
  2. And didn't they have weird names ? Sorry don't mean to malign a child. Just the parents. Weren't they like London and Capri or something like that? Or was that two-seasoner, Orange County blonde, Peggy ?
  3. Yichh. She was awful, awful. And that horrifying house ? Awful. Did you see Million Dollar Listing LA - last season I think - where Josh Altman got the listing for the damn creepy castle and had to come up with a midevil theme party to try to sell it ? So now she and her husband are divorced. I am shocked, shocked I tell you.
  4. We really need an eyeroll disgust emoticon on this board. ;)
  5. I respectfully disagree. I think Ryan is a controlling unevolved neanderthal creep . Oh and who has unresolved issues. Brianna is in so deep and probably now has to just try to be strong and unchallenging to him to keep her family together and protect the kids. The classic, go along to get along.
  6. I re-watched the episode today. Specifically the dinner. When Sutton left the table upset, Erika pushed Sutton's empty chair into the table, right before the masculine Corleone elbow power lean on the table and dramatic silence to contain her anger. (eyeroll) But the chair was a surrogate for Sutton for Ericka. I believe Erika was seconds away from becoming physical towards Sutton and the ladies felt it so they coddled her. But they knew it and felt it. Makes me sick that NO ONE called her out on it in the moment. They feared and coddled the bully.
  8. Holy Upcoming Indictment, Batman ! Her photo: well if that isnt one giant eff you to the public...and potential jury. It's probably also a job application. Someone: hire me. And checkout the red soled Christian Louboutin's. Poor, poor girl.
  9. Anybody know how many more episodes might be left of the BH season ? I don't think the reunion has yet been filmed. Reunions are usually filmed a couple of weeks before the last episode.
  10. I have been wondering that due to the terrible ratings/viewership and obvious Covid limitations this season, that somebody (production) put the cast up to this. (I mean, just who bought the pasties ? ) The goal being,... hey lets have the the New York cast do something so outrageously bold that no other Housewives' franchise has done !~ Lets have the entire cast take off their tops and show their tits - and not in dark lighting in a swimming pool ! To save the franchise. Idiots didn't know the show's main demographic. What they did was embarrassing and horrific. To quote Ramona
  11. Wow. Only 2 pages of comments days after the finale episode of New York. In contrast, episode 15 of Beverly Hills this past week - now up to 11 pages. Bah - Byee New York. You had a good run. 😪
  12. Lol ! Yes, but his imaginary porn name was going to be "Buck Naked". ;)
  13. Although MsTree answered you well, I will add to that answer briefly. We also have to not talk too much Housewives here as this is not the proper forum. The mods will understandably veer us away from the topic. Like many, I was a longtime Housewives viewer and fan. It started as enjoying their house porn, fashion oggling, interest in other lifestyles elsewhere in the USA, cool trips, and a little drama all centered around women generally in my age group (as opposed to the younger Kardashians). Over time, my interest has waned, dropping various franchises one by one. Now in 2021 left with
  14. Agree with everyone above: I am glad this show is back. It's a welcome tonic to the awfulness of all the Housewives shows - particularly with the New York Housewives having just ended. I am still nauseous from the season. And tired of the New York Million Dollar Listing. Don't want to see high rise tricked out white boxy condos anymore. Craving real house porn with beautiful homes, yards, gardens, sunshine and glamour. Don't like Tracy's new 26 year old boy toy - especially in her home around her 14 year old daughter. Wonder what her ex thinks about that - plus the daughter was being
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