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  1. https://realityblurb.com/2021/06/12/state-bar-of-california-admits-mistakes-were-made-in-thomas-girardi-complaints-as-hes-accused-of-stealing-25-million-from-clients/ I liked Tom, but he has really been exposed for being a criminal. I wonder if Erika and Tom planned for her divorcing him. He may have even counseled her to blame him all the way, admit nothing because he was going to have dementia/Alzheimers and what can anybody do about that? Sue him??? The wheels were falling off and I think Tom at some point planned for that eventuality. And even if Erika didn't know the
  2. When Crystal asked (challenged) Sutton with the question "are you THAT girl, I don't see color?" it was a loaded question, however it was answered would have been wrong. Crystal in her talking head says "I see color, it's part of who I am, a WHITE person telling me you don't see color is like brushing it under the rug." Really? And she wants to insinuate that Sutton is racist? I think people immediately notice if someone is white, black, brown, or nine months pregnant, it's filed in the memory bank. When Sutton said she didn't see color, I got it. I took it to mean that she didn
  3. No, Crystal never used the word "predator" I think the word has come up through the comments. Crystal misrepresented the conversation she had with Sutton, after Sutton entered her room to bring her coat back. (Note: No good deed goes unpunished :) She told Kyle that Sutton said, "oh sorry, she's like, whatever you're doing in here" emphasis on "whatever you're doing in here". Her facial expressions implied Sutton was implying that she was doing something distasteful. Later in the conversation with Kyle she said, "and then she walks out like I'm doing something weird." In actua
  4. When I saw Rinna brushing her teeth while trying to get her lips out of the way, I was a pretty grossed out. Unfortunately for me, all I see on Rinna's face are her lips. She has beautiful eyes, and is attractive enough, but ALL I see are her lips. It makes me stabby. I found her story about Harry and his really close rapist friend a little suspect. I wonder how long she laid in bed trying to figure out how she could fit this little nugget into the group conversation, and decided Denise's alleged affair with Brandi Glanville would be her wagon to attach it to, but it was a creaky fit.
  5. Gosh, what I wouldn't give to have a big pail of pig blood dumped on Leah's head. Now, that would be entertainment!
  6. The harm is that it perpetuates the stereotype of the "angry black woman" when the word "angry" is responded to in anger. Good job Eboni, for stereotyping and labeling your own self, then turn into a sanctimonious quivering mass of jello because YOU brought it up.
  7. Eboni can quit being the victim and take responsibility herself, for her own trigger words. If you have trigger words, then work on yourself and quit blaming other people for your angry reactions to a fucking WORD. It's a WORD, used a million times a day, in different settings and different ways. It's not rocket science, it's personal responsibility and the victim card does not work with me with any of these HoWives. She actually had the opportunity to be the bigger person and apologize to Luann, in consideration of Luann's feelings, but Eboni isn't nearly as confident as she thinks she is
  8. LMAO! Yes, Alex and Simon's kids, they were MONSTERS!!!
  9. Will Lisa's lip liner make everyone's lips look like a baboons ass? I'm beginning to think Kathy is bat shit eccentric, (I would say 'crazy' but only poor people are crazy, rich people are eccentric) but I'm totally here for it. She put ear drops in her eyes, omg. Garcelle looks ridiculous in that blue wig, it washes our her color. She also looks ridiculous in her space cadet outfit with that bun on top of her head, in her talking head. Whoever is telling her she looks good, really hates her. I'm starting to find her obnoxious and rude. Kyles tagline: “This town is a game o
  10. Surprisingly, I wasn't disgusted with the nude model since he wasn't a RiDICKulous or a Bolo swinging their appendage around, which is what I have come to expect with Bravo. I was just so glad he met Leah's appendage approval or God knows what she would have said to him about his appendage, since she has no filter and doesn't care who she makes feel bad.
  11. I'd never heard it either, and like all stereotypical labels, it's absurd to me. I'm pretty sure everyone, regardless of color, is fragile sometimes. It actually makes me think that Eboni is the fragile one since she's the one throwing it out there, but it's all so stupid, I just can't.
  12. Leah is so obsessed with Ramona's sex life. She goes on and on about how much Ramona gets and even calls her a ho. What the hell does she care? Just because Ramona doesn't want to talk crude about sex doesn't make her a hypocrite even if she's getting laid ten times a day, and just because you take pictures while scantily clad, doesn't mean you want to talk ass eating at the table...or anywhere even. Leah doesn't seem to be able to make the distinction. Since she's so sexually positive (sure Jan) shouldn't she be GLAD that Ramona's getting it resoundingly and regularly, according to Leah
  13. No, she just breezed though like they were the best ever, and none of her phony friends spoke their true truth and told her they were inedible. Where is big mouth Rinna when you need her?
  14. Agree, but what did she really "cook" except very burned salmon? Mostly, she just barked orders at the help (can I say that?) and rushed around a lot, looking like she was doing something, but in reality she didn't cook squat. I was actually surprised she went ahead and served that burned mess that nobody ate.
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