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  1. Somebody wasn't expecting Sutton and Garcelle (or Garcelle and Sutton) being the break-out STARS of the season. I think it's making the Fucked Up Four (Teddi does not count at all) a little restless as how to handle this quandary for themselves...what to do, what to do?
  2. Bottom line, Erika lacks self respect. She is not looking for true love, someone that would treat her right and be good to her, no, she is looking for a big penis and hot sex. That proved to me once again, how vapid and shallow she is. She can't feel sympathy or empathy for the victims because in her mind she is the #1 victim, everyone else can get in line, or take a seat. First and foremost Tom did it to HER, there is no room in her empty shell for anyone else.
  3. I'm late to the party and all the good comments have been taken (haha) but I wish Sutton could have offered more about why Michael dumped her, and on Valentine's, no less. Didn't her husband give her divorce papers on her birthday? and even brought her a cake? Girl...if I was Sutton and got into a relationship, I would be a little nervous when Christmas came around. Agree with everybody about Erika's look. She looked childish, but in a bad way, not in the innocent way she was hoping for. She was going for "hot" but she bombed big time. I also wish they would fire Lisa Rinna. Th
  4. If she winds up getting her wages garnished this could be a good thing for the victims, although just reading it kind of makes me sick. Who says crime doesn't pay? And where did this "mega-producer" come from? Andy Cohen a mega-producer? Sure, Jan.
  5. I know! I'm really surprised she has thrown him into the mix now, twice I think. He's fair game now. She was talking about their unconventional mother/son relationship and that was a little over the top to me. Jimney. She was like, don't you think I would tell you if I was effing that Armie? guy, and laughing about it and I thought, ewww. So, yeah to me that's a bit unconventional. Whatever though. For a long time I've felt Erika was covering for Tom, but now I'm wondering if she is also covering for her son. He's obviously played an active part in these "roll-overs" (for lack of
  6. So now Erika tells the Fucked Up Five Four, (when they were dining and Erika threatened to sock an invisible Sutton in the mouth) that she told them in La Quinta that her son helped her find Tom...the first time. The time he was unconscious for 12 hours and rolled 5 or 6 times (who's counting?) and she found him. She expounded on how her story was true and would never change. Um, it just did you dumb fuck. And Kyle is like, I don't remember that and Erika just kinda talks around it, and Kyle swallows it hook, line and sinker. Gah. Never underestimate the power of denial. And so her
  7. Yes! Rinna doesn't want to OWN IT! Just OWN it Rinna just OWN it!
  8. I've been thinking that very thing, that I actually dislike Kyle even more than Erika. How is that possible? I dunno, but all season long has been one big dump on Sutton, setting her up for a fall, and then receding into the background as much as possible. Unless, it's to get all huffy while telling Sutton what a GOOD friend she has been to her. Girl, shut up. You are a mess maker and a liar.
  9. Me too. Weight gain, the dreaded weight gain. If anything is killing Erika it's looking in her mirror for the millionth time, and seeing a chubby face. Not the victims, not her husband she ditched in his time of need, but a chubby face.
  10. That was shady as hell. Garcelle doing the 'never have I ever' (stolen anything) game. Daring and funny, but shady. Garcelle don't give a shit, she's here for the right reasons. Also funny was how everyone kinda looked Erika's way...I enjoy that kind of discomfort for these fake bitches, and she had a pained look. Not pained enough, but I'll take what I can get. Erika seemed to be spiraling out of control almost. I think she's bonafide loon and the Lexapro aren't cutting it, and she shouldn't be drinking while taking them anyway. And if what Erika is giving me as far as who she re
  11. Kyle is trying to set Sutton up for a fall. She is NO friend to Sutton. Sutton will have to wise up to that.
  12. Yeah, we all know inside her head, LVP was rubbing her hands together in glee, thinking muahahahaha!!!
  13. Re: Erika 'I thought it was kind of obnoxious the way she behaved with money, even when I thought it was her own. Lmao! ZING!!! LVP was and is the Queen of Zings. When she decides to send a zing your way, it is going to hit you right between the eyes. I really admire that about her...lol.
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