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  1. Maybe. But Her reading out loud an endless string of very dirty profanity-laden cards and saying "ok, that's pretty funny" seems to put her in a place that I'm not sure a number of the current Housewives would inhabit.
  2. I actually think this elevation of Heather to some kind of all-star villain or unusually self-centered Bravo harpy housewife feels like desperation on the part of the OC fans. She's pretty low-level across the scope of the franchises.
  3. I mean, whatever. This was a real "root for nobody" episode. James and Raquel's idiot party for no reason. Part of me wonders if they knew it was over even then but just wanted a party. But even if they still thought it was forever at that point, making everyone spend money to come to an engagement party seems really lame. Tom & Ariana should have simply said: "No. It's a terrible idea. No." Brock for being Brock. Lala for being Lala. I wonder how the reunion is going to go for her. Scheana I still have a soft spot for, but no. Just a shitty idea all aroun
  4. I kind of agree with this, except I'd substitute "corporate HR" - they exist somewhere, if not on the boat. I do think Eddie made an honest - if kind of weak - effort to deal with it. Rayna's been a bit hard to follow on this issue. Jake is the skeeviest motherfucker I've run across in awhile on this show. And 2nd stew seems about six more months of unexamined self away from a complete breakdown. I do, and I honestly just figured I had zoned out or something. Something seems odd though that it was across multiple services. New stew is quite pretty.
  5. Scheana is self-centered, but she seems almost the least materialistic of anyone on the show at this point. She was the one who just wanted to get it (the wedding) done the weekend upcoming. Again, perhaps on a relative scale of previous nonsense and all these other weirdos, she's almost jarringly mature lately. While I understand the impetus, I just can't be sympathetic to James, especially at this point with EVERYONE trying to help him with his issues into at least the third year or more at this point. His background was no worse (and in fact a lot better) than a million peopl
  6. I will say this, Brock's idea isn't really terrible, except for the fact that he's at the helm. Spending money on this idiot photoshoot instead of on an internet PR consultant is stupid, and it will probably fail, BUT, people are forever looking for workouts and training regimens online. It could seemingly work. But curse you, Brock, for making me agree with Lala, because you really could have done all this with an iPhone and a super-cheap step and repeat. The funding meeting was idiotic. All of it. First of all, they're all allegedly friends, so this whole ARRIVE ON TIME, BITCHES is
  7. I was about to say the same thing. I have a couple of friends who came here from Russia. I find that sometimes words that we use commonly that have a couple of different meanings, they don’t understand. Perhaps Kristina thinks “suit” means pants as in a men’s suit. Obviously Wendy thinks of a women’s suit as jacket and skirt as you’ve said. It was a communication issue not necessarily “lying” in my opinion. Also, I liked Coral’s dress the best, but not in that color. As a blonde, nude, ivory, and beige really wash me out and washed that lady out too whomever she was. That dress would h
  8. I must agree to disagree on Gizelle. She was having a great time, which was great; but it was a lot of clunky movement in my opinion. I also admit being so irritated with Wendy I didn't pay attention.
  9. We thought Luanne's dress looked incredible in the workshop but we were shockingly, sadly, and seriously unimpressed with the finished look on the runway. I thought the asymmetry was fine but incredibly sloppy on top, the blouse. The lapel was slouchy and IMO should have actually covered the right breast rather than sagged/flopped around her bust on that side. And the darks bled into each other. We were very ready for it to kill and it did not. There is no way it should have won over Aaron's, which was pretty perfect. The Grand Dame's dress looked amateurish. Super thumbs-down on th
  10. Her intentions don't matter. She lied.
  11. Let's not say things we'll regret when we're sober.
  12. I don't know if I have it in me to use upsetting the Beadors - singly or collectively - as a decent case for a deficiency of character. And yet everyone loved Bethany! ;-)
  13. I don't quite get the distaste for Terry. He seems like an unbelievably normal (I mean, for this bizarro reality TV reality at least), well-meaning, emotionally open doctor.
  14. Any one participant in a reality show calling any other participant in a reality show "thirsty" as a put-down is the height of the beginning of the end of irony.
  15. Well, sure, but people who are broke are allowed to want things as well. Maybe I'm just feeling weirdly generous, but I wouldn't count someone trying to get other people to pay or help them out is an issue. How many employers push for overtime, how many bar patrons want drinks, people are always jonesing for free shit. He doesn't entirely seem like an evil person so AS YET he doesn't seem that terrible on the money stuff, at least IMO. However, in contrast to that, dude, go to a fucking park or something. Someone ELSE's engagement? No one is that stupid. I'm calling bullshit on this a
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