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  1. Speaking from experience, familial forgiveness is not obligated by completion of sentence.
  2. Disagree. Mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud are a bad look. Mockery comes with the territory for being legally unable to be a proper father any longer due to selfishness. Agree. Not just the hospital, but that nonsensical argument about nothing. Read some books or plays, come up with something better next time.
  3. This is not the place for the discussion, obviously, but there is an actual difference between Asian, Black, and Italian.
  4. I grok the complaints about this challenge, but honestly, I didn't mind it. It was a specific thing, make good car food to snack on. I get that trying to force it into a theme setting was annoying, but I've seen worse. Specifically, this gives me a chance to complain about what I consider my personal nadir of Top Chef challenges, making the chefs ski and shoot for advantages while in CO. That was, in my mind, the absolute stupidest thing ever. Granted I'm sure I'm missing something worse. I was kind of disappointed that this theater/movie challenge didn't include some bit of a shouto
  5. I'm not sure they really planned this one well. Someone was going to win quick and the episode was going to be 45 minutes long? So when the other team keeps coming back, it seems REALLY scripted. Also, Padma was actually.... not entertaining.
  6. I liked Gail being slapped down for shit-talking the popcorn.
  7. Maria's drama is just overwhelming and tiresome. Along with that, everyone whining about "I'm not cooking my food" and the judges "Cook YOUR food" is starting to grate on me a bit. I think part of being a good chef would be the ability to make SOMEONE ELSE's food, and stop concentrating on your damn self so much.
  8. Are you implying that I'm not paying attention? Oooooh, look, Lala keeps her baby in a drawer!
  9. It wasn't enough just to "like" this comment, it was perfect. I'm not an actual cook, but I can do one or two things. One of those two things has been enabled by absolutely killing chicken to death over and over and over. So dead. I'd like to see the director's cut of a few of the chefs grimacing when they saw all that Campbell's soup. "Maybe next week we'll shop for the challenge at Wal-Mart". Yes, I have some default emergency Campbell's chicken soup in my cabinet, but it really is only there for dire circumstances, say, a zombie apocalypse, or maybe if someone is going into
  10. Accept no substitutes: https://www.mikespastry.com/
  11. Again in the previouslies: "Oh, yeah, Teresa is so sexual." I mean, there are a lot of words I would use to describe the RHONJ character Teresa Giudice. "Sexual" is simply not one of them. Can a long-time viewer clue me in to some of Teresa's early set that I obviously missed? ("It's a little blue"?)
  12. It would be creepy and lame to get into any kind of extended hot-or-not thing about the crew; but I will cop to the accuracy of this being a notable factor of my original post. (Although I also think she's cute, too, so.)
  13. I think she said that in a talking head, not on WWHL. (Not to dispute she came across well on WWHL, which she did.)
  14. Totally fair. She was the challenger, for sure.
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