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  1. I feel like this whole moving the show inside because it will rain was a massive lie. I mean, I lived in Los Angeles, and sure it rained. And I was even in a flash flood once on La Cienega. But for four days in a row? That seems unlikely. And no one seemed rain dressed. I call bullshit.
  2. I find the 2nd part of this reasonable, but the 1st part to be what I'm referring to above, citing "how parents and stepparents should dress", etc. I get it's probably personal, but I still think it's presumptive as a conclusion that there's something "wrong" with Whitney's actions. A bikini is not inappropriate dress, especially when they are there for a pool party. YMMV.
  3. I can only assume this is a production decision for whatever reason.
  4. This is something that literally happened to me, and I doubt I'm the only one. People are ridiculous everywhere, not just BRAVO. It's actually the reality part of reality TV, I guess.
  5. I... I mean, I guess I get it, but I kinda feel like Whitney was dressed for the literal swimming party they were throwing. This body discomfort problem is less Whitney's problem and more just American Puritanism, IMO.
  6. Not entirely sure I'm buying that the mic didn't pick up something that Sutton did, however.
  7. In fairness to Andy and Bravo, I simply don't think it's that easy to recast these shows with any level of success. I am STUNNED they've frequently failed with their greatest rotating opportunity of renewable faceless youths, Vanderpump Rules. Now all the pretty boys and girls are house-owning married parent people? SNORE. Perhaps they're incompetent, but BRAVO's been in this game a long time now, and I feel like it's not as easy as it seems to get new folks who are interesting and willing and make them properly mesh.
  8. I can see it with Rinna, maybe, if I squint, but not really with Kyle. Also, Rinna is still massively popular twitter-wise, constantly showing up in the Yahoo news feed and various other starfucker compilers. There was really never any of that to this level for Tamra or Vikki. She has retained general popular likability despite being a more or less horrible person, due to her WACKY WACKY WACKINESS, which is something those other two never had.
  9. I understand why all y'all want Kyle gone after this episode, but you should prepare for disappointment. She really is the primary now that LVP is gone. BRAVO is not going to fire her so far based on a single thing she's done or slight she's committed, real or perceived, they are too normal mean-girl, not batshit mental patient stalker Housewife. Think of all that had to happen for Gunvalson to be booted, or Brandi. Kyle's not even in that zip code.
  10. I swear I definitely watched this whole episode but I didn't realize Crystal said much of anything to anyone. I must have missed something because she's certainly getting a lot of Gunvalson-level hate here and she strikes me as more of a cipher.
  11. I can't even manage to read through everything, but did anyone else notice Rinna saying to Garcelle "Well, sure I attacked you and then didn't defend you, but you only thanked me once for the sauce, so, BOTH SIDES, see? We both have issues."
  12. HIPAA is one of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, incorrectly cited regulations in the history of regulating. (EDIT: To be clear, JANIEMA is correct.)
  13. I saw online June 1983, so if that's wrong, then I certainly am. EDIT: And it was, and I am. Stupid internet. Correcting.
  14. No. 19, one month shy of 20, as per Wiki. (And he was 40 at the time.) I am incorrect here, bad online source after one three-second search. Apologies.
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