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  1. Oh then with the exception of Dennis, B has dated some fine looking men.
  2. Beth's new boyfriend is smoking hot. Andy showed a pic of him on WWHL. I wished I would've went to an AL ANON or AL ATEEN meeting back in the day. The shit your head tells you when dealing with an alcoholic father that didn't give a shit about you ever is devastating even decades later and even worse when they are deceased. I am VERY lucky to have a supportive spouse and hope Tinsley finds one as well.
  3. mytmo

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    If I was Dorinda I would've carried the whole Halloween theme to the bedrooms and would especially had a mannequin's head resembling Lu in the Shark's mouth in the Fish Room. I am fond of Halloween decorating and look forward to the Grandin Road Halloween catalog every year. Dorinda needs some fake moss or cobwebs with the interior décor (too clean) but she is a holiday decorating woman after my own heart.
  4. mytmo

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Katie brings nothing to the table - SUR or TomTom. She so wants to be ensconced as Princess TomTom and Schwartz keeps her at arms length.
  5. mytmo

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    Mr. Mytmo remarked that Stasi is right that if Beau doesn't want to come to bed with her someone else will. There is a better chance you will have a better time going to bed with your girlfriend than hanging out with your chucklefuck friends.
  6. mytmo

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    Lu's Cabaret is coming to a casino here in Cleveland . I thought about going but after watching last night's antics I decided not to as I don't want to contribute .01 to her self entitled ass. The show here is in about 2 weeks and only about half the tickets have been sold. It is a small venue and are running $75/$45.
  7. mytmo

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    Kody was way too much with his whole hair routine. It looked like he was beating himself repeatedly with the diffuser. And no way is he naturally curly - naturally raggedy maybe but not naturally curly. I have naturally curly hair and back in the day I used to get spiral perms (yeah I know what a waste of money) so that I could look like Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson and have uniform curls. And to keep touching his hair like that and the curl doesn't get all frizzy screams perm. A co-worker with naturally curly hair told me one time that naturally curly hair is like a penis - the more you touch it the bigger it gets.
  8. mytmo

    S06.E13: Game Night

    This should've been the Whit A Thon as it was all Whitney all the time. Seriously a game show where all the questions are about Whitney with plenty of flashbacks of Whitney and no uncomfortable questions. Even when the flashback answer to the question happened to show someone else Whitney had a look of disgust on the couch. Why would her team lose? The questions were all about Whitney. I only enjoyed when Heather launched herself on Whitney for the charades game and Whitney was yelling for her to get off of her.
  9. When I saw Laurie I could not help but think of Beetlejuice.
  10. Just did a quick look online and boy did Denise Richards date some hotties - Paul Walker, Mario Lopez, Ritchie Sambora, John Stamos. Wish she would share stories on them too besides Charlie Sheen.
  11. mytmo

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    If the sister wives cannot share a kitchen how are they going to share a celestial planet? Do they even worship at Church of the Living Kodster in the living room or has that changed too? Talk about a changing doctrine.
  12. mytmo

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    Aspyn's hair and makeup was beautiful. The dress did her no favors though. I could not get past Meri's Sherwin Williams gray eyebrows and bronze nightmare eyeshadow. Meri's dress was so inappropriate for a wedding and the hideous 1989 patterned fabric! Christine looked elegant and tasteful. Hannah dressed for a party; any party; just not for her son's wedding. Janelle I kinda give a pass. It is hard to dress formally for an apple shaped figure. She should've not chosen a shiny fabric though as it works like a big lighted arrow pointing to all her problem spots. I do not remember Robyn's dress and apparently she never heard of hat pins to secure her hat. For all the ladies formal wear is usually like swimwear where you should go up a size.
  13. mytmo

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    And a bunch of people watching Good Morning Seattle are asking who the @#$* is Maggie whatever her last name is?! Boy did Meredith pick wrong. Linc is some sexy man candy - not like the brooding, whining, immature DeLuca.
  14. mytmo

    S06.E11: A Stormy Affair

    Mr. Mytmo just came back from a football coaching conference. I live for these conferences. No one asking "What's for dinner?" or "Why are you eating Lucky Charms for dinner - what are you 10?" comments for a couple days.
  15. I am so going to use this