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  1. The most boring series ever. There is more warmth and depth in the characters in an actual porno. The West World robots had much more personality.
  2. I can buy into the whole rape justice. I do however have a problem waving away June's recovering a major gunshot wound with a curling wand and moldy fruit. I automatically get angry when I see Mrs. Waterford. I think Aunt Lydia has something up her sleeve.
  3. Porscha gained a 1000 points in my eyes that she quietly took the time to educate herself after her faux pas. Kandi is my favorite and hate the stylist that gave her that awful hair/makeup look. It made her look haggard.
  4. I love how people are using the spelling Profit instead of Prophet. So fitting!
  5. Wow have these people aged!
  6. I'm questioning if the ladies used their money for the gifts. Bravo saved some $ by not having a big event for the finale and could've fronted the money maybe even purchased all the gifts to be used for this debacle. A used wig as a gift?
  7. I was expressing my freedom of speech as well but since I'm being called out I thought I'd explain. In general in life I ignore (along with a lot of others) a lot of offensive statements/actions and sweep it away as you don't know better. This time around I wanted to provide a reason why the costume was offensive. I'm not trying to restrict anyone's speech. I try to keep my posts lighthearted.
  8. So Native Americans are supposed to ignore blatant racist stereotypes to not perpetrate cancel culture? So basically we are to believe it is ok to wear whatever you want as it does not "actually harm" anyone? We exist and are a proud nation and don't deserve to be debased with these scantily clad costumes with fake headdresses that blatantly mocks my culture. Don't compare a nation to an imaginary creature of a mermaid. The headdress was reserved for leaders and each eagle feather is considered as sacred and earned with honor. Have a little respect.
  9. This is such bullshit. Kendra of the Whattahoe tribe prancing around in a clearly inappropriate outfit and Bravo makes a lame ass statement way after the fact? Par for the course for the Native American community that has to ignore blantant racist actions. How about Bravo make a big donation to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) organization to show how sorry they are?
  10. Starting to hate Ginny and her sanctimonious attitude
  11. Went to one party held at the house of some sophomore back in 86 and when the guys gathered in the living room to watch porn, me and a couple other junior girls stole 2 cases of beer from the fridge. This was as racy as it got.
  12. I'm not sure if there is enough to bring me back for season 2
  13. I kinda binged this weekend and it is ok - nothing earth shattering. My 35 year friendship with my bestie has more excitement and we never pined away for the same guy - totally separate tastes, I'll finish just for something to watch on the weekend.
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