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  1. I purchased some cheap jewelry a long time ago from hsn, kmart and can't remember the name but people held parties selling jewelry much more than what is on jtv and are not real and now looks like crap. I love finding earrings at $29 & under that are good sized real gems.
  2. God help me I got addicted to this channel the past week! I have a woefully small amount of jewelry and have purchased like 6 earrings, 2 bracelets and a set of chains.
  3. As with any of these "reality" shows I take them all with a huge grain of salt. IMHO they are all manufactured drama and these are all characters playing parts. These chucklefucks are no examples one should aspire to and are in fact examples of what not to do but they sure can be aggravating at times. The hypocrisy shown by Leva with her Chiquita Banana "joke" in regard to a style of dress is standard fodder against other racial groups. As a person that is Native American (card carrying) I do know comments and/or depictions of Native Americans tend to be overlooked and often dismissed when it comes to being racist. I don't know where I fall on the person of color chart as I am Irish as well. I am just Mytmo.
  4. I just can't get past everyone just bobbin around in the piss. Do they think it just dissipates immediately?
  5. Buddy does seem to be a paid employee. Whitney even complained that Buddy usually only gives her 1 piece of toast. Maybe the hole was to reduce carbs? Her facial expressions when Buddy was talking about his new gf were of anger. She was more concerned that Buddy has someone and she doesn't and he cannot be available at all times of the day to make sandwiches. She should just purchase a Subway.
  6. In the words of Dwight RHOATL, "How dreadful"
  7. Pringle is good for "entertainment" purposes only
  8. Robyn came very close to looking like this
  9. So I'm going to go there and say that yes Leva needs to educate the ever vapid Kathryn on why her posts were taken the way they were taken. No it is not her responsibility but Kathryn did reach out and that is probably the only time Kathryn ever questioned her own behavior. I wonder what they'll put up on that tall pedestal?
  10. They took a page out of the Dr. Drake Ramoray playbook and Wes' brain was put into his twin brother's body. Doc has a tumor pressing on his optic nerve and only super nurse practitioner Mel can save him but not before she saves Jack. Mother In Law comes to town with Sister in Law to demand the ring or perhaps a lawsuit including trial with Judge Judyesque presiding. Preacher stays in Virgin River as Jack is convalescing. Jack sells him half of the bar - new name Jackd Preacher. Paige comes back and serves pie to everyone. Secret ingredient is evil Wes twin. The father of the twins is Doc which is the real reason Hope hates Charmaine. Lizzie leaves town with Brady with the possibility of return. There. Season 3 storylines are done. Now start filming so I can binge another season and stare at Jack.
  11. Jack is eye candy for me so I dismiss a lot of crap. However he has probably worked a total of 10 minutes this season and Preacher should tell him to shove his bar up his ass and go to SF. The whole bmx bike scene? Give me a fucking break. No way those guys at that age sign up to do that. Hate Charmaine. St. Mel is annoying. Still can't quit this series though.
  12. Neck beards just hate them. It was kinda funny how Kathryn just assumed John was into her when he was salivating over Madison.
  13. Did Kathryn's daughter do her makeup for the party?
  14. As management I would be more concerned about a chef throwing things around the galley and damaging property along with the obligatory drunk fests. Malia is more concerned about having a story line than being truthful about the relationship with Tom. Tom's just towing the line - maybe to get that last paycheck or to be asked on another season. Not sure if he has the famewhore bug as bad as Malia.
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