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  1. So it is 5 years later and I have made this series part of my nighttime pandemic viewing (thanks The Society series). How have I fallen into teen apocalyptic series viewing? I blame it is a side effect of quarantining and nothing new is being filmed right now. If they made this a touch worse ala the Sharknado movies this would be must see campy fun. For now this is network Sunday night B (maybe C) actor juvenile written fun. With the right amount of alcohol this can be comedy fun as well. I'll finish the series cause I'm no quitter - ugh!
  2. Just saw a glimpse on HSN. $55 for a throw pillow with animals on them. Supposed to be conversation starters. Hand sown at a place an hour from Charleston.
  3. So I was trying to figure out when this series jumped the shark. I came to the conclusion it was the school active shooter drill. So many lawsuits. Mental anguish of course and probably bodily injury cause you know someone would've jumped out the window or hurt themselves otherwise. No waiver of liability would've absolved that debacle. I've done more hand waving this series than a girl on a parade float. So much promise in Seasons 1 & 2. Not sure what the hell happened in 3 & 4. I did like the sarcasm of Zach and ghosts Bryce and Monty when they antagonized Clay though. Fast forward through the prom - ugh. Teared up when Justin died. Question if Ani had a 4.4 GPA how come no yellow cord? What kind of scholarship package did Tony get? Boxing? Not a school sanctioned sport. Jessica would've been kicked out of school for the whole halftime thing and inciting a riot at the school. I know wave wave wave.
  4. I liked Tinsley on the show. The viciousness Dorinda and Sonja displayed toward her reeked of jealousy. Wish her good luck in the future.
  5. I ventured out to get a pedicure this weekend. Those ladies used their phones just fine with their talons. After hearing David's history of Ukrainian "catalog girlfriends" he has no intent of having a relationship with someone in the same room. Here for a fee he sees the object, has a masturbation relationship and never has to work on communication or be considerate of the feelings of another person. He was hoping for a break from the usual $19.99 a minute by buying Lana an iPhone but that didn't work (tee hee). My future husband's first line to me was "Gotta cigarette?" We celebrated 30 years last Wednesday.
  6. I had Real Housewives of OC on in the background yesterday while I was working. One of the episodes was a repeat from a few years ago and showed Dr. Terry and Heather at a party and they both had leaches on their stomachs as a health regimen. Hawking hand sanitizer and powdered beet juice seems to be in order. Dr. Terry now looks cat like in his face compared to a few years back.
  7. Lana's tear is because she had to hug that old pervert and only got a cubic Z.
  8. BGL looks like those kewpie doll toilet paper covers
  9. The Gerber baby is absolutely adorable. Porsha's baby may resemble Dennis now but there is plenty of time for that to switch to Porsha's classically beautiful looks. My mother - God rest her soul - used to say the homleyest people made the cutest kids
  10. I loved the house that Beau and Stassi looked at. I loved the character and wished I had $2 mill to buy that. Hated the grass on the driveway though. I spend way too much time killing grass in the cracks to appreciate that look. I'm afraid though this show may have just played out. Nothing compelling about the new crew to bring viewers back each week and the regulars create and believe their own hype. Bye Chucklefucks. Not sure I will miss you. I would however watch a special "Where Are They Now" edition in a couple of years.
  11. The photo Ed focused on was so creepy - him looking over her shoulder.
  12. Gwah gwah gwah Whitney. Not only did I celebrate my birthday in quarantine but my brother died March 25. Half of the family live in other states including myself and we had to say goodbye via a nurse holding a telephone. Had to cremate and cannot have any funeral until this plague passes. I made brownies by the way for my birthday. Coronavirus - the new Ramadan
  13. Just started last night and 3 episodes in. Are these people for real?! I'm sorry you are a special kind of person owning an exotic animal. This is not a compliment. Best show to cleanse the mind of COVID-19 info material though. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
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