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  1. As for the missing white woman syndrome it is absolutely a thing. 1000s of indigenous women go missing every year and only 100s are reported. I can only hope that a case that gets the spotlight (and I am not begrudging that as no one should be a victim) will shine light on other cases as well. Glad there has been some awareness but real changes have to be made.
  2. Maybe there should be a season of the HWs that worked/working their way through the legal system Teresa Guidice and Marlo Hampton (OGs), LuAnn and Tinsley and Gina (short timers), Erika Jayne and Jen Shah (on the run), Dorit (investigation). Put them all in the same house and see who makes it to the end like Big Brother. Bravo PM me for payment arrangements. 😉
  3. Why stop there? One of the barnacles can get ordained online and marry them right there with everyone watching!
  4. mytmo


    Sorry unpopular opinion here but I really do not want this to turn into a show about the babies. I don't need to see the pumping or consumption of breast milk or the inevitable shitty blowout diaper. James pre workout pill must be speed cause I don't think coke comes in pill form? Lisa is rocking the Mortician Makeover as she absolutely looks like she crawled out of a casket. She needs the Vampire facial to at least put some color in her face. Mr Mytmo's input was Lisa's face doesn't match her neck and what is up with Sandoval's obsession with flowers? Schwartz and Sand
  5. So the Frenchman has agreed to the terms of the contract
  6. How do I file a lawsuit for loss of consortium? I'm afraid I may be scarred for life.
  7. The way she didn't even look at Heather or Ashley when they did not enthusiastically want to tote (tm Angela 90 Day Fiance`) Whitney's eggs was so telling of how self centered she is over others. Even if either of them said carrying another baby will explode my uterus and kill me Whitney would still whine that she doesn't want a stranger to be her surrogate.
  8. I question if Delaney was truly willing to stay on in the Stew capacity with her little jab at only learning laundry and in her parting shot that she did not want to be a Stew ever again and was eliminating that off her resume/cv sheet. I don't think she had deck skills either as she could not even get the lines thrown properly. Malia thinking Delaney would not have a problem lugging gear on multiple trips up a mountain is premature. Having to stop and explain a job to someone while you are running at top speed with various other duties or in the docking of a large vessel is detrimental to
  9. So she fires another friend. And they still hang on. Barnacles indeed. Todd's eyeroll in the car was the best!
  10. mytmo

    Back To Life

    I'm going to look for it tonight. Thanks!
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