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S13: Char Glover

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I loved her design for week 1, especially the skirt (love a skirt with pockets!).  I want to see more of what she can do.  


My DH and I are calling her "Shark Lover" since that's what her name sounds like if you say it fast.  

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I just wasn't getting Char's yellow 70's folk-singer parachute half-shirt at all, it just seemed so unwearable and unflattering in so many ways. Made me think of an Easter peep expanding in the microwave.


The ticket/cd fabric she created in the unconventional challenge was lovely but certainly a distant second to her teammate Mitchel's, and the dress had no real design, just a short tight tube with some large embellishments on the shoulder and down the skirt.

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Emphatic note to other designers - you consented to give Char the extra time, which Tim suggested specifically because he did not want a non-professional model 'exposed' and humiliated. To say yes and then complain incessantly about Char immediately afterwards seems like having your cake and wanting to eat it, too. 


Then again, with Sandhya gone, they all need someone to hate.

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Char. What a woman! Marathoning it, so, I don't know if she comes back......but, I just shed a tear because she was just "oft'd." LOVED that she was all about Detroit -- what an amazing woman. Project Runway isn't the end, lovely Char!

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I made a comment in Korina's thread about Char and I wanted to clarify it here since I'm trying to stay on topic; even though this DOES have to do with last night's epi, it's very Char-centric so here goes...

I said Char was fake clapping and that is how it appeared to me. I'm not inside her head though, nor do I know her at all except what we've seen on the show so it may have been real clapping, but didn't seem so to ME.  I think she saw Korina's bitchface and said, "let's go, girlie." Now I also do believe that Char would have attempted to make the best of the situation unless Korina made it unbearable.

Char even said, hey we were friends, had a friendship, bonded, etc., so I don't know what happened to make her hate me. I'll not even go into what I think that means for Char's true personality that she liked and considered Korina a friend until the storage wars episode. However, if Amanda's association with Michelle tarnishes her, then Char's friendship and affection for Korina does the same thing.

As to Char's talent, I do believe she has some. She's certainly done some things I couldn't do, but then I haven't sewn in ages. Her skills and even creativity, though, do not seem to quite measure up to some other designers on the show. I still think the only reason she made it to the finale is because she's Tim Gunn's save.


This is all just my opinion though. I know others see it differently, and I respect that.

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You have a point about Char's connection to Korina. I think, to an extent, you are the company you keep. For what it's worth, I'm not the biggest Korina fan, but she didn't bother me on last night's episode. I'm not a fan of bringing back dismissed contestants to help their competitors. This goes for every reality show that employs this method. I think it's unnecessary and a way for producers to try to stir up b.s. drama.


I like Char. I do think she has talent. She has interesting ideas. I think she needs to work on her construction, but maybe she will once she's no longer on the show. I hope so. I wouldn't mind seeing what she can do. That said I don't think her output last night should have been enough to keep her in the competition. I would have given the edge to Emily (who I also like) or eliminated both Char and Emily.


I haven't seen every season of PR. I missed Amanda's first run on the show. My feelings toward her are based on her output this season. My mind was a clean slate. ;)

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It seems that the Tim Gunn Save is like Yul's idol on Survivor Cook Islands: it sounds like it only saves you once, but actually it is a free pass to the end.


But to be honest, I'm not especially less impressed by her than by anybody this season, so why not?  She's a cool person and I like her alot.  I'd honestly rather see her stuff with some time to make it good than the king of boring, Kini.

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