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  1. No wonder she couldn’t explain what her business was at the reunion
  2. Yeah, Brooks—no one believes you took a semester off to “support your mom.” You’re there for reality tv and to try and launch your fashion line. This may be the worst show on Bravo.
  3. beaker73

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Ryan Phillippe got Sean Bean’d, eh? Two days ago I saw some reference to Susannah Hoffs which made me think “What was that movie she was in back in the 80s?” It was The Allnighter. Down the IMDb rabbit hole I go to see who else was in that movie. It co-starred Deedee Pfeiffer who I totally remembered from other movies of that time but haven’t seen in ages I put this show on today and boom—Deedee Pfeiffer. I know...not interesting but it was kinda odd. It wasn’t bad. Not great but not terrible. I’ll totally watch for John Carrroll Lynch because he’s great in everything
  4. I think because the housewives are more or less obligated to attend events for the show and Dorit rolled in when she wanted for a b.s. reason. I think it's kind of like when Rinna was getting pissed at Yo for flaking out on all kinds of events. The wives who show up to everything on time start to resent those who don't. I dunno. It's just a theory.
  5. So, I don’t think Kyle was mad that that Dorit was late--it was the reason she was late. The rest of the ladies got up at 5am to be at the scheduled event for their job. If Dorit legitimately couldn’t be there until 1pm because she had to take care of her kids (yeah, right) then that’s one thing. However, it seems like she was late because she had her glam squad curate her “workout” look complete with a wig and that stupid off the shoulder jacket and then followed that up with a photo shoot for Instagram. And then on top of it, she says she’s thinking of leaving out early while the other wo
  6. God, I love that song! Yeah, I think that's the gist of it. This is a legit work event for her that Bravo wants to film, so if any of them feel the need to show up--don't act like fools. I'm actually one of five people on here that like Teddi, but she's just really bad sometimes at articulating her thoughts.
  7. I was very nervous for Portia's right boob in that brown dress. It was touch and go there for awhile.
  8. Dude...I was not expecting that from Damian. Good for him, though. Poor timing, but the right decision. That marriage was not going to work. And Gia is a terrible actress. Nothing she says or does seems genuine. I hope Barnett follows suit. Well, dang. Enjoy that $20k debt and all the crazy, Barnett. No way Kelly marries Kenny, right? Oof. I’m sad for Kenny, but that’s the right call. Crazy Jessica’s up next. These two will follow through. I wish Mark wouldn’t but he’s been so delusional through all of this~~why stop now? I’m pretty sure I saw Marks mo
  9. I want to like this because I enjoy Joe Hill, but the actor who plays Bode is...not good. I feel a bit bad saying that about a child, but he’s ruining it for me.
  10. When they announced the safe designers I felt like I was in some sort of bizarro world. I was CERTAIN they were going to be on top. I loved all four. I wonder if none were on top because this was a flash sale challenge and so the winner had to be a garment that would be inexpensive to reproduce? I thought Christian would save him
  11. The best part of this episode was the confirmation that Scheana is an awful kisser. I bet she's terrible in the sack too.
  12. Yeah. This is EXACTLY what happened. Much like how Rinna was OK dropping the Munchausen thing on camera only to find out that LVP was going to let her twist in the wind. And Brandi with the tabloids in PR. It's a pattern w/LVP. It's how she operates and she's finally getting called on it. We can think what Dorit and PK did was shitty and horrible and also think LVP is in the wrong as well.
  13. That's LVP's M.O. for you: let others do the the dirty work. *cough*Yolanda has Munchausen's*cough*
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