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  1. Yeah. This is EXACTLY what happened. Much like how Rinna was OK dropping the Munchausen thing on camera only to find out that LVP was going to let her twist in the wind. And Brandi with the tabloids in PR. It's a pattern w/LVP. It's how she operates and she's finally getting called on it. We can think what Dorit and PK did was shitty and horrible and also think LVP is in the wrong as well.
  2. beaker73

    S09.E01: Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

    That's LVP's M.O. for you: let others do the the dirty work. *cough*Yolanda has Munchausen's*cough*
  3. beaker73

    S11.E14: Lost in translation

    Thank you for this. Look--I don't like Nene, but as some who is in her position I can sympathize with what she's feeling. You do everything you can to stay positive and be strong for your loved one. You don't always have an outlet for your feelings because you don't want that person to know how scared you are, so you bottle it up and eventually you break.
  4. beaker73

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    That thought crossed my mind too. Henry got upset and left the table when Hays asked about her the second time. I’m curious as to what happened with her.
  5. beaker73

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    I don't mind Michelle either. She's no more bitchy than anyone else who has been on this show. And, quite frankly, Patricia would have driven me crazy as well. That being said, you're spot on about the glasses. Woof.
  6. beaker73

    S11.E10: The Wrong Road

    I may be way late to the party, but is Cynthia's ex (Leon) the guy from Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video?? I was watching the "previously on" before this episode and it struck me that he's the same guy, right? (I guess I could look this up...) To stay on topic--Tanya's rainbow pants were...something.
  7. beaker73

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    Okay--that was fun. I got "stuck" and had to backtrack twice and so it took me about an hour and a half to get through to my first ending. I'm going to try it again now. Screw the housework!
  8. beaker73

    S09.E05: Turkish Delights

    She sure did. I love kibbeh! That whole spread was catered from a restaurant with exception of maybe the fish. Cooked it herself, my ass. That house is sooooo bad. That "proposal room"? Talk about tacky. They're like low-rent Debrows. Jackie is my new favorite.
  9. beaker73

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    I'm kinda pissed that the reunion has already been filmed because I feel like this is an important question that needs answered.
  10. beaker73

    S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Despite my feelings towards Lala, I listened to her interview on Heather MacDonald's podcast a couple months back and she was surprisingly likeable. My impression is that she's a normal person IRL, but is a big fake for the show.
  11. beaker73

    S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    Did he?!?! On the reunion? That's awesome. I was watching while "working" today and must've missed it.
  12. beaker73

    S06.E22: Reunion, Part 1

    I'm getting a low rent Kim Kardashian vibe.
  13. beaker73

    S08.E20: Reunion Part 2

    forgot about that, I guess
  14. beaker73

    S08.E20: Reunion Part 2

    We saw her bring him a coffee in a paper cup in the beginning of the season, but nada after that. I don't think we saw him with the broken leg/ankle/foot.