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  1. pakalolo

    S07.E00: After the Show

    Kanal? Is that a new nick name for Kail? I don't get it...
  2. pakalolo

    S07.E11: Unconfuse Your Brain

    The candelabra usage at Butch's pad means the lights have been out for a longer period of time than indicated. When the electricity is just out for a few hours most people have enough batteries to run flashlights for illumination, one usually doesn't resort to candles until after several days because that's usually when batteries become too expensive to continue to replace. The fact that they even had a candelabra and candles in that hell hole in the first place probably means the electricity being shut off is a regular occurrence. I noticed Tyler's sister had enough money to buy her cigarettes and probably still has a phone too, sure, it sucks to see her kids with no electricity but that was her and Butch's choice and not up to Tyler to fix. My in laws did that constantly, they spent their money on addictions and entertainment first and left electricity, housing and other important bills for last because they knew they could whine to family about their children being in need of essentials. Regarding the Trust Deed Assignment of Rents thing, a friend of mine had some holiday property that he was going to offer to a family friend of his using this method. He explained that his friend was young and kind of a flake and wouldn't have been able to qualify for a traditional mortgage on his own for the house and said it would have been kind of like a rent to own situation for family friend and he would still retain ownership and be protected if friend defaulted. Obviously not everyone has the same reasons for such a contract, but in the context of Andrew's family's home I'm thinking it might have been a family owned home that was offered to his parents by one of their parents (or whoever owned it) via this rent to own method when they were younger and unable to qualify for the mortgage themselves.
  3. pakalolo

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Ok, sure....The producer sat down and thought they needed to talk and Chelsea was upset and didn't want to talk about it all because Aubree might have annoyed a chicken by picking it up incorrectly? That's what we're all choosing to believe happened? That makes no sense. A baby animal was obviously injured or killed due to Aubree's mishandling or else there would have been nothing to "not talk about." I know it's hard to understand but Chelsea is not a magical princess, it is entirely possibly her or someone in her family could do something wrong.
  4. pakalolo

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    It seemed clear to me Chelsea was trying to keep everyone from talking about it but Cole clearly said something about there being one less chicken. Something obviously happened or there wouldn't have been anything for Chelsea to say that she's not talking about.
  5. pakalolo

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Chelsea saw Aubree shaking and throwing the animals and specifically told her she needed to handle the birds with more care then she immediately went inside and left her young child unsupervised with small animals during which time it appears she killed one of them. If Aubree indeed had no idea how to properly handle the baby fowl then it was definitely poor parenting on Chelsea's part to leave Aubree alone with them. Either way, it was unfortunate animal death that is ultimately Chelsea's fault, again.
  6. pakalolo

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Aubree wasn't really treating those tiny birds with much care, I was kind of surprised at the way she was shaking the baby chick at the camera since she has grown up with animals around the house her whole life. Chelsea obviously felt Aubree was being too rough as well since she had to discuss it with her multiple times. The way Aubree handled those birds reminded me exactly of the way Adumb treated that kitten in Chelsea's kitchen back in the day. It was also pretty obvious her antics killed one of the birds and Chelsea was just so horrified at the thought of her carefully cultivated image being tarnished she sweeps it under the rug instead. Awful.
  7. pakalolo

    S16.E01: One Size Does Not Fit All

    I agree, an ultra thin fabric garment stretched skin-tight across my chest and torso is not really my definition of modesty at all.
  8. pakalolo


    I guess I'm going by my own hair, which is long, thick, and curly. If I didn't cut the front of my hair off into bangs and get it layered I would have so much hair I could barely be seen through it like Cousin Itt. I'm not a hair dresser though, I'm just going on the assumption that if she doesn't have a whole lot of hair to begin with, it seems like losing a bunch of it to bangs in particular would leave her with even thinner looking hair. Bangs would certainly help to disguise her 40 watt forehead though.
  9. pakalolo

    Teen Mom OG: Visual Snark

  10. pakalolo


    I was googling Maci Bookout hairstyles, I love how that picture really highlights her lightbulb shaped head. Here is another look I don't recognize...
  11. pakalolo


    I wonder what Maci's natural hair color is...
  12. pakalolo


    Like an orange panda bear...
  13. pakalolo


    I agree, but Maci's hair seems very thin, she might not want to lose any volume to bangs or layers. I googled some of Maci's hairstyles and I totally don't remember this 2 toned phase: Yikes!
  14. pakalolo

    S06.E21: The Forever Knot

    Yeah, my cousin grew up in the same town as Leah and her mom put her on birth control at 12 years old.
  15. pakalolo

    S06.E18: Lil' Starburst

    I figured they were only working on potty training her so they could send her to daycare, but not wanting to change diapers anymore seems plausible as well. I bet they will teach Nova to drive when she is 12 so she can go out and buy quesadillas and Tim Horton's coffee for them.