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  1. It seems like I've been waiting for Lucille & Cyril to get married for 10 years now so I'm was immensely pleased that they're engaged although, I do get the impression sometimes that Lucille is into Cyril because of lack of options. I agree that her coloring has been off the last few episodes. I love Trixie and love that she genuinely cares for her patients while also being a fashion plate, I'm sorry she's meeting her future in show husband this way but I'm convinced that hot, rich, widower is her romantic end-game and am here for it! I agree with others that the show shouldn't rush
  2. Agreed! I think this was the real issue he had with her wanting separate bedrooms and him deciding to move out. Michaela has OBVIOUS anger issues that ABSOLUTELY need to be addressed but Zach is NOT honest with himself or others about how he's contributing to the situation. If he really is fearing for his life then he should leave and should have left weeks ago!
  3. I’m just watching this show and agree that he is GORGEOUS❤️❤️❤️
  4. One of my pet peeves on the show has been Sky & Jazz ragging on Zoe. Sometimes it's warranted and sometimes it feels like low-key jealousy. When Jazz started in on Zoe again tonight, I was immensely pleased when Zoe stopped her. Woke little sister (LOL and thank you @Superclam) is annoying me too. Did we need a new character? I hope she gets better because right now she's not gelling for me. Ana's watch was a stupid plotline but might have been the levity needed to relieve some of the pressure of the episode. I'm glad they tackled this subject from Doug's perspective beca
  5. I'm just catching up and just coming to say that I'm LIVID with Paula for ruining Kai's life by setting the robbery in motion and then not texting or calling him when the parents headed back AND with Kai for going along with it. SMH.
  6. Why does that make him an asshole? If someone spent their money to buy me something and I wasn't getting what they paid for then I'm still getting ripped off. No matter who paid for the room, the hotel received payment for the most expensive accommodations and provided lesser accommodations. I know it was unintentional but it is basically a bait-and-switch.
  7. I agree with this 1000% He is a jerk but he was right about this and I feel like the show wanted us to sympathize with the manager but you can't KNOW that you're wrong and not do anything to try to resolve the situation. The fact that it took the travel agent (who could affect future business in a very tangible way) calling and cursing him out before he even begrudgingly gave them champagne is just horrible customer service. Also, also Shane could have and should have said it differently but Rachel's wrong to work on their honeymoon.
  8. I'm just getting around to watching this season and am now on the "Incredible Iceland" episode. I first saw a cooking Rye bread in the earth segment on Zac Efron's "Down to Earth" but am not surprised that Uncharted featured a segment too because it is a fun thing to watch and by the reactions on both shows it tastes good too.
  9. Oh my goodness! I was telling my cousin about this show (and started following Zola Nene afterwards) and mentioned this very thing. While I didn't think that he was being insulting (or at least deliberately) I LOVED that she stood up and wouldn't let him impose his cooking biases on her cuisine. I sometimes watch "Ugly Delicious" on Netflix and in one of the episodes (something about steak) I literally stood up and applauded when one of the chefs acknowledged that she used to think like this but she had to rethink her position and understand that there are religious and cultural reasons why pe
  10. While I appreciate Mick sticking up for Nic and setting the record straight before Cyrell confronted him and Jess, I've been conflicted about Nic for a while and this episode and this revelation brought that back to me. Nic comes across as a genuinely nice guy and I believe that he is but this issue frustrated me during the show because his keeping things from Cyrell seemed like he was participating in a form of gaslighting. I get it, Cyrell (whom I love) is a lot and can go overboard when in confrontation mode, but withholding information that is pertinent to her and AND to the case she
  11. I'm glad people are still posting in this forum. I don't have Discovery+ and miss getting new episodes of the show.
  12. It's been a long time since I commented on this series but I came to say that even though Maggie's look (dress & hair) was more romantic during the second wedding, I loved and preferred her look from the first wedding. I agree with everyone who stated that the parents were being selfish and that anything could have happened during the 8-9 months between events including one of the elderly dying. I really like Bailey's & Meredith's relationship over the last 2 episodes. I'm glad Koracik is not gone forever. I'm sad about Amelia & Linc.
  13. Wow! That tournament was intense and I was really worried about Dawn. I don't eat chicken and would have loved to try her "Hot Nashville Tofu". I really appreciated Ed Lee raising his blue paddle in protest. I also really liked Byron and am sad that he's gone home. I haven't seen LCK yet but am betting that Sara makes it back in. With this group I'm okay with whoever wins but in order my remaining favorites are: Dawn Shota Jaimie Maria Gabe PS: Shota and Maria taking tactics from each and both doing well was really cute.
  14. This was probably my favorite episode of Top Chef ever!!! I loved the Elimination Challenge and hope they keep it in the future like Restaurant Wars. I said it a few episodes but it bears repeating, the Alumni Cheftestants are really making this season a delight to watch and I hope they're utilized much more in the future. Even Blais seems more chilled out with his fellow alumni there.
  15. This may have already been answered but I would assume that the US/Canadian governments would have performed a paternity test once Fred was captured. If they didn't initiate it, wouldn't Fred?
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