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  1. joelene

    Fire Island

    They all annoy in one way or another but Cheyenne is the worst IMO. Why the fuck are you even at Fire Island? Needy Jorge comes in second. Patrick has no sense of timing but at least he seems pretty fun to be around. If I was there I'd wanna party, too. He shouldn't bring a party to the house every day though obviously. Also, half the group having a boyfriend? Boo-ring.
  2. Who knows, but I sure was. I mean, sure, Emily was acting like an idiot all episode, but that little witch (Addison) deserved that and more.
  3. joelene


    Spending the last few minutes of a season finale in a car and on a busy street, on a show like this, is more tense than a really good horror movie. I had, like, three minor heart attacks in three minutes.
  4. joelene

    Season 3 Discussion

    I want mooooore! David and Patrick, good lord, that was just the sweetest scene I ever did see. Great finale. I love this show so much.
  5. joelene


    Oh my god did they just kill ?!? I gotta say I'm quite confused as to what the hell is going on but I'm really digging it all the same.
  6. joelene

    Season 3 Discussion

    Interesting to see all these different takes on the episode. I thought it was as good as always! The mail man dialogue was killer.
  7. joelene

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Thanks for the report! I never did watch 7.07 and 7.08 and I'm not sure I will watch 7B either. Sounds exhausting, and not in a thrilling way.
  8. joelene

    La La Land (2016)

    Just saw this. I like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling sure is pretty, but come. on. That was one boring love story. I found most of the song and dance numbers very underwhelming (it's been two hours and the opening is the only one that really stuck with me). This thing needed so much more oomph. IMO.
  9. I could not stop laughing. Tears down my face. Last week didn't fully land with me but I thought this was amazing.
  10. joelene

    LGBT Themes, Stories and Characters on TV

    I've watched four episodes. I like it but don't love it. The laughtrack isn't helping. Is someone gonna come out as LGBT? Because so far it seems straight, unless I've missed something.
  11. joelene


    http://theoriesonlost.blogspot.se/2010/06/what-smoke-monster-was-doing-in-every.html?m=1 A very well thought out blogpost I just found about The Man In Black and the purpose of all of his appearances as the smoke monster and Christian. It's speculation, obviously, but I think most of it makes sense. I like the speculation of how and why he infected Claire, for instance, and that she broke the barrier to the cabin and that's why he kept to portraying Christian even to Locke, because it started for her benefit. And also why he appeared to Locke in Walkabout, why he grabbed him in Exodus, his appearance to Mr. Eko etc.
  12. I'd love to see Margo Martindale, Ann Dowd, Cynthia Stevenson, Diana Scarwid, Swoozie Kurtz, Jane Curtin, Jessica Walter, Octavia Spencer, Mary McDonnell, Amy Madigan, Lauren Hutton, Lena Olin, Marcia Gay Harden, Olivia Williams, Alfre Woodard, Kirstie Alley, Blair Brown, Roma Maffia, Melissa Leo, Veronica Cartwright, K Callan, Linda Gray, Linda Hunt, Ally Walker, Madeleine Stowe, Polly Walker, I mean, just put these awesome "actresses of a certain age" on a cruise or something along with Conroy, Bassett, Porter and Bates and make it a scenery chewing bloodbath.
  13. joelene

    All Episodes Talk: Super Spies

    Just stepping in to say that I agree with what BOTH of you are saying, Mime Paradox and AndySmith. Or, maybe rather, I see both arguments as valid. I'm also gonna say that I liked both pre-evil Lauren and post-evil Lauren. How about that bombshell? I don't think I could explain why, though. A lot of it is probably just because I really like Melissa George and both versions worked for me. The story less so.
  14. The Swedish airing could be so infuriating. Every episode that had a song in it (usually during a fight scene), except on one occasion, they simply did not air, skipped the whole episode, with the explanation that "Swedish kids would not understand a Japanese song." The final episode of season one when all the fallen soldiers come together with Moon against Beryl (or Queen Morga as she was called here) they obviously couldn't skip to so they took at the song and replaced it with background piano twinkles.
  15. This was more common in the days of yore (80s-90s), but I don't know anyone IRL who found out their SO/neighbor/weird new friend was a psychopath through finding old news paper clippings hidden away in the drawers of their dwellings.