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  1. That would have been amazing. I make a sugar cream pie...talk about sweet...and also freaking delicious. I’d love to feed that to Paul. In a proper pie dish, thankyouverymuch, not a tart tin!
  2. Indy


    ITA. Terry is great. Not only does he do his homework, but he lacks the general air of contempt for gymnastics that Al has. And manages to not come across as an ass every time he opens his mouth. I hope he’s permanent. I still don’t love Tim, but Tim is so much more tolerable without Al. And Nastia seems much more comfortable too.
  3. I find cults fascinating so this show is right up my alley. If anyone is interested in podcasts there’s a great one called “Cults” that delves into a all sorts of well known and lesser known cults. They just did one on the Moonies, which was good background to have before this week’s episode.
  4. Supposedly he and his buddies bet that amount because the race was on 6/9...supposedly...
  5. He might go by something else outside the family but at home he’s DJ because that’s what he’s always been. My husband goes by a different name around family and around friends. His family will always call him what they did when he was growing up bc that’s who he is to them. When we visit his family I don’t know what to call him...it feels foreign to use the name his family does but also odd to be having a conversation about him while someone else calls him a different name.
  6. Indy


    Yeah supposedly something happened post Olympics and they’re no longer on good terms. So if she does come back it won’t be there.
  7. Indy


    It’ll be interesting to see what gym she lands at.
  8. Indy

    Figure Skating

    Mirai looks lovely. Adam’s suspenders ate his tuxedo.
  9. Indy


    Not-Al’s voice is kind of boring, but he’s not Al so I’m 100% in favor of him remains in this position for future meets. Or John R - I like his dynamic with Tim, Tim is less annoying when someone is there to call him out on his stupid sayings Also apparently not having to make room for AT&T commercials left plenty of time for Safe Sport commercials and awkward Kerry Perry soliloquies. The 2018 American Cup, brought to you by Damage Control.
  10. They didn’t on the regular prime time coverage. I was surprised they didn’t, and disappointed - I would have liked to see it (without having to go online or on demand at least)
  11. I think maybe because you have a small stick attached to each foot instead of one big board attached to both feet, it’s easier to get off balance and fall. I’m just guessing though. I was never allowed to snowboard because according to my father snowboarders are heathens. I think the rails section looks cooler on snowboards but all the backwards shit on skis is amazing.
  12. I read your post yesterday before hearing that skiers name said and was like, WTF that’s odd...but then tonight I heard it and damned if that’s not what the announcer just said. Now I need to figure out what her name really is! ETA... it’s Ragnhild Mowinckel...
  13. I heard somewhere that there is the possibility of extending the competition past the Closing Ceremonies if need be
  14. I feel like someone needs to do a parody version of “You Can Call Me Al” called “Shut up Al!”
  15. When we had cross country on this weekend... Al: ...words... Me: SHUT UP AL! My husband, confused: What’d he say? Me: It doesn’t matter. He just needs to shut up ...though I will say he’s minorly less offensive when he calls CC. I didn’t hear him say anything awkward, racist, or derogatory...
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