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  1. I would be so incredibly bored watching a show where "USA= big heroes and Russia = big villains absolute binaries. Mikhail Mikhailovic was totally on when he pointed out the American bodies and fact that no one owns the moon. I'm really glad they didn't go for Russian sabatoge because they would be so easy and cheap. I'm confused what happened to Aleida at the end? Where did she go? I imagine Margo would have a little more willing to help if she knew about her losing her place to stay but it seems like the INS or whoever raided the place would know Aleida was so it wouldn't be like she
  2. I'm really curious what happened to Shane. The end felt like a fake out but if he's really dead or seriously injured I'm not sure how NASA will cope. It isn't like they can get him home any sooner. I suspect NASA would keep him in the dark and I imagine Karen would go along with it even though she shouldn't.
  3. Sooo....not to dredge up an old fight but does everyone see the point of mentioning the power issues in Gaza back in ep 1? Given the UK now is dealing with constant power outages? This show has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer but the point they made with that seems pretty obvious.. It's been a while since I watched the whole series but I was thinking about Edith protesting Roe vs Wade being overturned in the USA and being banned from the country. The way the newscast presented it, it made it like every person in the UK understood what "Roe vs Wade" meant. Is it that widely known ov
  4. I've seen the entire series so I'm not sure if they have said on screen but Rosie has spina bifida. Some people with it do have paralysis of the legs but not everyone does. She can walk short distances if she has to.
  5. Someone using a wheelchair does not mean they are unable to walk at all.
  6. The panel mentioned a fact that is true in reality. Gaza really only has power for a few hours a day. That's not whatever the hell virtue signalling is.
  7. I watched this last week but I'm pretty sure the Israel comment was about Gaza only having power for a few hours a day...which is true in reality. I didn't see her response as evil because she didn't care this was happening but rather just how evident how nationalistic she was. She doesn't know or CARE to know anything about the middle east. Her whole schtick is that she's worried about every day problems Britains face. Also, this scene will make more sense later only but anything else I'd say about that would be a spoiler.
  8. What Israel bashing?
  9. This doesn't get its own forum? :( I meant to only watch the first few episodes but I ended up marathoning all 8. I was watching for Gillian but it wound up being a really good show. Maeve is awesome and needs some good things to happen to her. Eric was a great character and I wasn't thrilled how Otis treated him. Doesn Gillian have a clause in her contract that she always has to be put in the most awful wigs possible? Because it keeps happening. Note: Trigger warning for LGTQ violence in episode 5. I don't think any press has mentioned that.
  10. You get a scalpel that is made of some other material. Like this
  11. It seriously does. I just don't think I can do these anymore. The source material is gone and Miller is no feminist but thinks quite highly of himself. I just can't with June. I understand not wanting to leave one of her children but she has no power in her position. She's going to end up on the wall in the Colonies. Well, if the writing actually followed the laws of the universe she would. She will have no chance to help Hannah in any way. Thanks to her note on the wall she couldn't even try a BS excuse about being kidnapped for the gazillionith. The Marthas who risked everything to
  12. I'm not a lawyer and don't know much about custody or immigration law. Any case would have to be filed in Canada. It is safe to say they would not recognize Gilead courts. WOuldn't a Canadian court just have to ask Fred to come appear in person and bring the child's mother? I know lawyers can sometimes appear in court without their clients but if Fred can't "care" enough to actually show up in person.... If he's claiming that June and the handmaids consented to this then he would have no problem showing up or bringing her. I guess it depends on how much Canada wants to help. They could
  13. The episode that just dropped was episode 10. Current guess is it is NIck and Eden or Isaac and Eden in the pool. More inclined to think Isaac. This makes Nick and June's storylines sound separate.
  14. I'm just not sure how this will work. June being sent back to the Waterfords would be a huge retread. It's really hard to imagine her just getting a new placement. We have seen what she goes through as a handmaid. It really isn't interesting to go back to square one just with new people. It's possible she could meet up with the female underground railroad although again, kind of a retread. Moira getting out was too damned easy last season. I just really don't want the Waterfords to get that baby. I hate wishing for a dead baby but it would be easier. What frustrates me is Fred an
  15. I am continually bothered at how much of the show is from the white, male gaze. Calling that out sure isn't sexist. I so wish the show runner was not a man. That's not a knock on Bruce who is very talented but this show really needed to be from a women's perspective.
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