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  1. BingeyKohan

    Santa Barbara

    I wonder about MW. I hope she is well and happy. It’s hard to reconstruct what she’s up to these days.
  2. BingeyKohan

    Santa Barbara

    I wrote a piece about the passing of C.C. Capwell and what Santa Barbara meant to me in general. Sharing it here in case folks are interested. Thanks!
  3. My guess is we'll find out the friend who spoke up about the Halloween-night dolls (and who waved at Julie riding her bike) will have spent nights over, purportedly as a friend of the brother's but maybe really to spy on Julie. Just a guess, though no doubt the sketchy cousin (and possible real father of Julie?) will continue to be investigated - we need to know, for example, whether he really watched CHiPS that night! My theory about Amelia is that her daughter Rebecca was conceived during one of her weekends where she goes off and pretends to be someone else (I'm betting that habit continued even after they were married) and the pattern of a daughter fathered by someone else will haunt Hayes' and the way he handles either Julie's real father or her 'surrogate' father. (At some point I suppose I should take these to the speculation thread?)
  4. I’m going to be watching for more of the neighbor woman who waved at the kids before reaching up to take her Halloween decorations down. (We see her later comforting the mother after the boy’s body was found.) The friend who mentioned the doll on Halloween night (a little suspect himself) mentioned someone dressed as a ghost, but he could be conflating the little ghost that hung above the neighbor woman’s porch.
  5. BingeyKohan

    S01.E11: Chapter Eleven: A Midwinter's Tale

    I’m glad they gave us a little Yule treat via this episode but the writing and editing were a little disjointed. I didn’t understand why Sabrina seemed to lose all curiosity around things she should be asking her Mom about since she had the chance. And why did they only show Ambrose walking into the party but no scene of him actually being there? Surely they filmed scenes of the party, but cut them? Seems like it would have made more sense to cut the party entrance scene too then.
  6. BingeyKohan

    S08.E10: Apocalypse Then

    This almost feels like an exquisite corpse season, where the writers of the first few episodes handed their duties off to other writers who had to just take whatever setup they inherited and work with it. Then the choice of that second set of writers was just to go back and explain every single choice made by the earlier writers. I still don’t know why they called this season Apocalypse when the apocalypse was the thing they seemed least interested in, from a conceptual or horror standpoint.
  7. BingeyKohan

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    Totally! In that early episode when the horses that brought Michael to the outpost got drug off by things we couldn’t see I thought that’s where the ‘horror’ of the season would come in - through whatever desperate creatures the apocalypse created. But nope! Just tech bros snorting cocaine, Madison folding towels, and Coco counting calories. Such an odd way to tell an apocalypse story.
  8. BingeyKohan

    S08.E09: Fire and Reign

    Since the only creative or storytelling course this show seems to be on now is addressing curiosities we may or may not have after the early episodes, the finale still needs to show us: How did they genetically identify our Adam and Eve and why; What's the significance in Michael's mind of the pre-natal testing that seemed to involved both women and men as capable of gestation?; how did he develop his confidence so much between being so easily manipulated by Mutt and Jeff and being relatively suave post Apocalypse?; identity spells for Coco and Mallory (also, why did Madison do the whole 'it's me bitch' thing with her when she woke up? They haven't been antagonistic in the least in the past, have they? That made it seem like Mallory had given as good as she got from Madison, but I can't remember any tension between them that would be simmering 3 years later; maybe something happens next episode?); i'm sure I'm leaving something out that they'll try and address too, in addition to the obvious task of stopping Michael. Others may have speculated about this too but perhaps Cordelia kills herself in order to empower Mallory to successfully time travel, if it's Cordelia's Supreme presence that's holding her back from her true power.
  9. BingeyKohan

    S02.E09: Inside the Pretend

    This season bored me at times but it stuck the landing. Darlene’s little speech in the hallway got me.
  10. BingeyKohan


    My guess is she knows the sound of aquarium bubbles could bring back the memories of Walter’s that are lost, the way the pelican croak brought back hers. I assumed the red liquid applied to the wrist was the new usage Colin said he had pioneered, something about ‘comfort’? I assumed she’d already become addicted to it. like Big Little Lies this was a show I enjoyed but don’t necessarily need to return. Tho it probably will.
  11. BingeyKohan

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    It was a missed opportunity within the Cooperative campus not to hint at more going on there than the goofy cocaine fueled robotics lab. Unless I missed it there were no peeks behind other doors. Surely that’s not all that was happening in that big building? Even just a glimpse could have tied back to the bunker and made us feel this episode had more to offer. At this point I think any title card with text like ‘2 years before the bombs’ should be replaced with more meta ones reading ‘6 episodes since present day.’
  12. BingeyKohan

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    Agree. Waste. Dumb. (Speaking of dumb were Billy Eichner’s and Evan Peters’ bunker characters created by Venable to punish them for being these dolts? They have to be the same people, right? Since we heard the ‘got to be a morning after’ song?) Also did anyone else look for the newscaster from the season premiere in the Satanic church congregation? The woman who fed Michael mentioned the things ‘we’ were doing to purposefully bring about the end times made me think back to him saying ‘we finally did it.’
  13. Did they just sort of drop the storyline of a witch hunter on the loose - the one who killed the boy Ambrose worked on and whose familiar (the iguana) he inherited? Aunt Hilda got the call (I thought) that his parents committed suicide but then it was never mentioned again. I got the impression then that Ambrose’s boyfriend might have been involved. It would sort of be weird to pick it back up next season after so much time not mentioning it.
  14. BingeyKohan

    S08.E07: Traitor

    But that's weird too! The title card setting up the flashback to Myrtle's resurrection said 2 years before the bomb - so then that would have been a flash-forward, if the main flashback narrative is 3 years before the bomb. ETA: it's the show's lack of clarity around this that bothers me, not the posters here!
  15. BingeyKohan

    S08.E07: Traitor

    I always took it they were making a play on the fact that the show's version of Oprah Winfrey of course achieved her heights of importance in the culture because of witchcraft, or a deal she'd made with a dark power...but they haven't done much with her fame otherwise. Done anything with it, actually. So, good question. Re: timing of main flashbacks relative to apocalypse (the word apocalypse is so tedious to type, maybe I'll just call it Apoca) - that would mean that the version of Langdon that Cordelia is familiar with, from having just recently resurrected Misty and Madison and Queenie, is only months from being the Langdon who strolled into the bunker with his long luxurious hair and having made pre-arrangements for the outposts and the Adam and Eve selection? It seems like Apoca is farther off than that, and his development from the schoolboy who just aced the Seven Wonders test into who he was post-Apoca will take longer. Coco to me doesn't seem like the version of Coco we met back in the first episode, who's in a long-term seeming relationship with Billy Eichner. (This version of Coco has been living in NOLA learning to count calories, so she hasn't taken up yet with Billy on the Street?) I think they've overestimated our interest in how an X-Men team of witches got assembled so long before the apocalypse, since we already know that wasn't enough to prevent the event from happening anyway.