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  1. Agree with the above. I kind of respect them for being like - listen, we gave you a basically decent, kind hearted, rootable character in Kate. We gave you someone a little spikier with Mallory, around whom mileage may vary. We are allowed to have Jeanette be a fairly bad person, own that choice, and in the end drive it all the way home!
  2. I guess I would chalk up the following as S2 speculation, ultimately, but beginning with a mini rant about the nagging feeling I get when it can appear in retrospect showrunners didn't always know where they were going to end up with their stories (or changed horses midstream based on outside forces). When they introduced the snowglobe fairly late in the season as this very important talisman from Martin's house I didn't understand why it supplanted the stolen yearbook from Martin's previous school - something also in Mallory's possession, stolen by Jeanette, but never really referenced a
  3. It's interesting though - they did make a point of Kate's mom snarking that Kate had chopped her hair off right before going on national tv (in fact that's almost all kate's mom even did in the finale) and I feel like that was edited close in time to Jeannette's home haircut sequence. It seems believable to me she'd be going for Kate length but by the time she kept having to cut more and more from each side to even it up that mess is what she ended up with!
  4. Yeah. I personally think the writers painted themselves into a couple of corners here and there - one being the shootout thing. It would have been easy to have the news report go something like "Police gained access to the home where Martin Harris was shot dead" -- we the viewers could believe from that the police shot him but they wouldn't have to work their way out of a major tv-reporting error that definitely would have been clarified (on the Marsha Bailey show no less!) I almost feel like they changed their mind later and sort of retconned it. Also - with Kate saying earlier 'something had
  5. WAIT. Jeanette's home haircut was because she saw that Kate had cut her long hair off (before her talk show appearance)? I did not catch that before because well... one of them probably had professional help and the other didn't so the results weren't that similar. But wow. That's a good detail!
  6. Sort of like 'the americans' using 'with or without you' in their finale -- the music here was a little bit on the nose but also so undeniably perfect I can't complain about that.
  7. But imagine that whoever Kate was accusing had confessed (which in Kate’s mind would have been a possibility) and they admitted, yep I saw you - but you weren’t in the basement … so what was up with that? Kate then has to explain things she didn’t want public. ETA idk why I’m nitpicking I really did love the show
  8. One hand-wavey thing I still get (pointlessly) hung up on is how, if Kate’s story was basement from day one, no one ever pressed her on the physical impossibility of locking eyes with someone through a basement window much higher than eye level? This never came up in the trial prep process? I can’t remember if Jeanette ever made an off hand comment about that detail making Kate’s story vulnerable, at least in the public mind.
  9. Back to Jeanette jumping straight to dead body when she heard Kate had been found … umm she thought the gunshot was Kate getting killed? Damn girl.
  10. The ending was perfect. All those creepy smiles all along were breadcrumbs. The deadly shootout thing didn’t seem like the writers playing fair. But it doesn’t affect the overall story that much so I will forgive it.
  11. How can everybody in this town pronounce Berenice?? I was Cruel Summer years old before I learned to pronounce it!
  12. Final finale spec: Annabelle is the nickname of the universal remote that controls all the devices in the media closet teenage girls keep hiding in. If they try to escape their punishment is learning to use it. Kate, Jeanette, and Mallory band together and form a feminist punk collective called You Go Grrrl. The whole show has been a cautionary tale produced by the 700 Club, designed to show teens the dangers that await if they don’t take a promise ring seriously.
  13. I don’t feel like the reveal that Annabelle was a gun would be particularly compelling (also, it seems Kate would have phrased it ‘when he showed me Annabelle’ or at least ‘when he introduced me to Annabelle’ vs ‘when I met’ her.) However — looking again at the tablet where Kate writes the name over and over it looks like she is trying to replicate the way she saw it in type rather than just using her natural handwriting (and making it big and creepy for effect) So I wonder if the gun was inscribed with the name for some reason and that’s what the script looked like. (The little bird Kate also
  14. I reallly don't get why they made a point of showing Charles' daughter seeking out Liza for a sweet moment expressing relief she was back in their lives if the very next scene in that house would be Liza and Charles admitting it's over. Yes, the kids would have had a bit of a Liza to Quinn back to Liza then no one (even their father leaving for Yaddo) roller coaster even if they HADN'T shown the daughter scene - but that was just a bummer of a reminder of it, with no point at all since it's not like they established later it was a reason Liza would be ambivalent about closing the Charles chapt
  15. Their whole who’s paying for dinner thing was so dumb. Was it supposed to be cute? Cass made Maggie come all the way up to Harlem and had already established she was going to pay. Then she gives her way too little money, then indicates she will pay after all, then offers to venmo her even though she is paying. It wouldn’t be so maddening if it hadn’t taken up half their screen time together when they were supposed to be establishing smoking hot chemistry.
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