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  1. My Beautiful Mind board looks like this: We know from the premiere that we're building to Mabel crouching over a bloodied body - more likely stabbed than shot, and definitely not poisoned. Stabbing has come into play by way of Jan, though that could have been self-inflicted. So far we have poisoning, shooting, and stabbing. What kind of killer dabbles in all 3?? If Tim was shot as a cover for the fact that he was also (originally) poisoned, why shoot him vs stabbing him (or slitting his wrists, if the idea was to make it look like suicide)? A gunshot is so risky in terms of a
  2. With the ultimate reveal (if you want to call it that) of how Fred really got fired and Cory really got his job - and how distinctly but underwhelmingly it conflicts with Bradley’s self-inflating ideas, I almost think the writers intended for the story to be that Bradley went to the board and played the Hannah tape to establish Fred culpability … but then they decided that they needed the recording to come into play some other way so they changed the Fred/Cory/Bradley/board story on the fly. To the detriment of Bradley the character because she looks lamer and lamer. I also totally think the C
  3. I really thought Alex had been gone for something like 8 months. Long enough that Bradley had hosted that celebrity bowling show she mentioned in the season premiere. So bad. But I also didn’t get what she said to him that prompted it. He puts the C-E in CEO? What’s the C E mean as far as he goes? Just his initials? That’s lame too, Laura!
  4. I continue to be very confused by the timeline here. During her walk and talk interview with Laura, Bradley talks as if the big on-air whistleblowing was only a month in the past but obviously that's not true since Alex is poised to come back the following week. (This episode also made it seem like almost no time passed after their on-air expose and Alex leaving the show when in the premiere I'd gotten the impression that they chugged along a bit after that before Alex had another off-camera sort of meltdown and actually walked away.)
  5. Each episode makes me feel progressively more embarrassed for Samara Weaving. I feel like you can see the 'what am I doing here??' in her posture and facial expression.
  6. Lead horticulture podcaster (Jacob Ming-Trent) played Falstaff this summer in the Shakespeare in the Park production of Merry Wives of Windsor. He was SO GOOD - it was fun to see him again.
  7. Is Masha trying to weaponize Carmel somehow, if she's the only one not getting better? I found the use of 'love on the brain' here a little embarrassing (or a mark of this as a not-quite-quality show) altho I enjoy just about every scene with McCarthy and Canavale. Are the influencer and the lotto winner only going to be comic relief here? You could lift them out of the show and it wouldn't matter.
  8. I don't even think the scenery is that pretty so I don't know why I'm still watching! Also every episode they make a point of having one of the staff announce what the day's activities are but then said activities seem to take like 10 minutes? What are they doing with all their time??
  9. I was charmed by the first episode. Since it takes place inside an apartment building I’m going to imagine it’s a spiritual sequel to The Westing Game.
  10. I feel like the production value on the trailer is maybe higher than on the show itself but I'm intrigued. Was one of those scenes actually filmed outside? (Is Days itself back to doing that occasionally? Shocking if true.)
  11. Watching this episode a little late, and separated from the others, somehow made me enjoy it more than I might have otherwise. Same nitpicks as I always had but I was more willing to go with the flow. I thought Tavi was pretty solid in this one, and like others, I'm digging Audrey (and yes I feel guilty for gravitating to two blonde white women but I feel there is a writing problem around Zoya and Julien and also Emily Lind may be the strongest actor of the bunch so they just give her stuff that requires more range, which is rewarded with more viewer attachment?) The protest and its characteri
  12. I am continuing to watch because I like seeing New York spots and catching the references and seeing the clothes (when they're not school uniforms) but eegad there is not a lot of there there. It's really hard to accept Kristen Bell as the voice of the narrator when we know full well it's Tavi or the other teacher? I get that GG is a 'persona' that they feel is separate from their true selves but it just doesn't add the same propulsive intrigue if you know all along who's writing her lines. Jordan Alexander is very appealing but Julien is SO boring. Really everyone is I guess I just call
  13. Pleasantly surprised about this. It's a weird and unfocused show imho but still very compelling.
  14. Ha! I honestly can't decide. I take them as New York types so that is a hella long flight for the kind of popover she claimed it was, whether she is actually meeting her friend or not.
  15. I just don't think this is *that* kind of show. Kitty mentioned she was en route to meet up with a friend in Hawaii so even if Shane had marital distress and Rachel left him I think she'd still proceed on to that. I can see her supporting him through the sort of light, low-stakes drama of tormenting Armand but when the emotional lifting got heavy she'd probably send him home (the way I suspect she probably sent him to boarding school).
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