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  1. Thog

    S06.E07: Changing Winds

    I'd like to think we can dislike the Badison character without body-shaming the actress. None of these actresses were hired for their model figures, which I so appreciate. I actually enjoy getting backstories from the new characters. They are in max, not minimum security prison, so the writers have more leeway to write some pretty harsh backstories and heinous crimes.
  2. Really, really sad about this cancellation. But kinda psyched that I heard about it from Mark Hamill, who is also pissed.
  3. Thog

    S02.E02: Coyote in Yoga Pants

    So glad I'm not the only one who thought "Hey, it's Christine from Night Court!.... wait, I'm old" This show brings out the best in all its guest stars. It's so messed up and disturbing and zany and I'm so glad it exists.
  4. Thog

    S04.E11: The Tub

    I think that was just their cover for the business about Grace's original line being the real reason. Briana didn't want to talk about it and didn't want Mallory to know, so she made up the story about firing Mallory even though it didn't make sense. When Mallory tore the spreadsheet from her hand we didn't get to see what was on it, but the look on Briana's face pretty much said that the jig was up - the spreadsheet was about Grace's products, not Mallory.
  5. Thog

    S02.E13: That'll Be the Day

    I knew we were in for it when they used the song "That'll Be the Day," because the entire line is "That'll be the day when I die." The Washington Post article in which Crockpot defends itself cracked me up.
  6. Thog

    S05.E07: Inseparable

    Finally catching up on this season, and I have to say that as much as I loved the kitchen scene, my very favorite part came at the beginning. I first saw Psycho when I was about 15, and starting to get very environmentally conscious. I have waited 30+ years for someone to turn off the damn water in the shower scene!! The fact that it was Norma who noticed it unnerved me a bit, and watching her step over the body in her maid uniform to reach the faucet made me laugh out loud, but it was so damn satisfying. The waste of water has always been my biggest beef with the movie. And now I'm going to go and IMDB every actor on this series, and watch everything else they have ever been in. Because my god, the acting is just so superb.
  7. Thog

    S02.E10: Number Three

    I really hope that the whole "watching the wrong kid" was a reference to Randall focusing on Deja while Tess was struggling. Tess and Annie have been used as the perfect cute girls to give Randall a family, but they haven't been fleshed out and I really want to know more about them. As others have mentioned, Tess has been through a LOT and nobody is paying attention to her. It would be nice for the storyline to start focusing on the next generation, rather than rehashing storylines as they seem in danger of doing. I really felt for her. Also, though I'm not Kate's biggest fan I have to say that it would have seriously sucked to go through life being known as "number 2." Number 3 may feel like the lowest priority, but at least it doesn't have toilet humor potential. YES to whoever said maybe Kate and Toby adopt that kid. Was it made clear what state he's in? They really don't need to be trying for another biological child given her health issues, and Randall and Beth really don't need to be fostering another child given their family situation. It would be just like the writers to throw in a twist like that.
  8. Thog

    S04.E06: Chapter Seventy

    Were we supposed to be mad at Adam for leaving Jane? Because getting your dream job in your 20s with good pay kind of trumps a relationship that's lasted all of a few weeks. I think he absolutely did the right thing, and was very gracious about it by not telling her before the book party (because he wanted her to enjoy herself) and not going to the party (because he knew it was unfair to her to have him in the pictures). I wasn't his biggest fan, but in the end it seems like he was a good guy doing the right thing both for himself and for her. I don't get her righteous indignation, unless she was expecting them to try a long-distance relationship (which would have been ridiculous at this point).
  9. Thog

    S04.E10: Norman

    I'm way late to the party, but I just finished Season 4 and I can't believe this show was not on my radar sooner. The slow build to Norman's insanity over 4 years was brilliant, and Freddie is perfect at channeling Anthony Perkins without just mimicking him. The intensity of this season was amazing, and actually made me kind of glad I missed it in real time because I could not have waited a week between episodes. As for this last episode, all I can add to what's been said is that the scene that had me laughing the hardest was Chick's entrance. It wasn't just the chicken enchilada casserole (though that was great) - it was his very sincere description of Norma as a lovely woman. Didn't she try to shoot him and then treat him to one of her signature tantrums the last time he saw her?? I'd hate to see the non-lovely women in his life. It took me forever to warm up to Chick, but this scene did it. He has a way of seeing into someone's darkest truth and has no problem calling it out.
  10. Thog

    S02.E01: Chapter One: MADMAX

    I had to wonder if this wasn't a nod to Winona Ryder's role in Heathers, when she asks cheerleader Heather this question and the response is "Probably."
  11. Thog


    I binged it, so I don't remember what happened in specific episodes. As the stepmother of a high-functioning autistic young man (who I saw through his teenage years), I really appreciated a lot about this show. I thought the portrayal of Sam's idiosyncrasies, coping mechanisms, and family's reactions as his needs moved away from the center of their lives were all very sensitive and well done (and as accurate as they could be, given the wide variation of how people on the spectrum present and the needs of the plot). I also very much enjoyed it as a show, and was surprised at how sweet and real the teenage daughter's various plots and relationships were and how invested I got in the non-Sam storylines. I've also never liked Michael Rappaport, but I really enjoyed him in this. My biggest problem, and one I can't let go, is that Sam was obsessed with the Antarctic but occasionally they had him spout facts about polar bears or Arctic foxes or other animals from the COMPLETELY OPPOSITE POLE. I get that he had a thing for cold environments and wildlife in general, but they did specify that his obsession was Antarctica and penguins, so stuff about the Arctic should at the very least have gotten an asterisk or a comparison to his preferred region. The North Pole and the South Pole are different places with different wildlife. Anyone with his level of intelligence and fixation would never have made that mistake, and it drove me crazy that the writers got lazy and just inserted facts about animals they had seen in the snow. ETA: Sam's friend at the tech store totally reminded me so much of Lester on Chuck that I had a hard time warming up to him. But he was sweet and did care for and seem to really get Sam, so I came to love him.
  12. Thog

    S03.E17: Part 17

    Such a crazy mixture of satisfying and frustrating, but I will remember it for the "Hell, Yeah!" moments. Loved Lucy. Loved Freddie. Loved finding out that the theories about Naido/Diane were correct. And for Halloween I'm wearing jeans, a flannel shirt, and a green rubber glove. I may even carry a punch ball.
  13. Thog

    S03.E14: Part 14

    Yes! I was thinking "Please be Audrey Please be Audrey Please be Audrey." I actually liked the Lissie song, but was distracted by the horrendous attempt at lip-syncing. Otherwise, a stellar episode. I know it was predictable, but I could watch Sarah attack that "Truck Off" guy on repeat all day long. And yay for the show finally showing Andy some respect.
  14. Thog

    S12.E04: Dante's Demons

    I'm actually still enjoying it, but that may be because I've seen only a few seasons. I do agree that this one suffers from coming right after the All-Stars season. Jill's voice sounded so much like Julie Benz that I kept expecting her to ask for Dexter. It wasn't the voice so much as the defeatist attitude that bothered me about her. I love that most of the guys get bleeped when they're frustrated, but suspenders guy shouts "Gee Frickin' Whillikers!" That's my new favorite curse. Glenn rocks. I've loved him ever since he declared his devotion to his kitty cat, but the nighty-night cow reference just made this episode for me. Is that really a thing? I read tons of bedtime stories to my son when he was little, and never ran across this one. Google doesn't help. If Glenn made that up on the spot, I love him even more. Those horns were all so beautiful.
  15. Thog

    S05.E04: Litchfield's Got Talent

    I'm fascinated by what the inmates choose to do with a phone once they get their hands on one. Knowing it has limited battery life, so many of them seem to be looking for funny cat pictures and dancing penis memes rather than trying to get a message out (talking to loved ones, asking for help, etc). I've got to give it to Pennsatucky for coming up with the most creative use. This episode made me really sad once I realized that many of them just don't have anyone on the outside to call, either because bridges have been burned or they simply never had any allies to begin with. So a little escapism is the best they're going to get from what should be a powerful tool.