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  1. TudorQueen

    S05.E29: Drain the Swamp

    And... the Emperor continues to Have No Clothes.
  2. TudorQueen

    The Man and the Baby and the Man

    I've been watching but I haven't seen this week's episodes yet. I'm getting the feeling maybe I should skip this one?
  3. TudorQueen

    S02.E03: Swipe Right

    Well, as Drogo said, I did get to watch Judy Greer do the kind of subtle work her comedy roles don't always allow, and Michael Shannon was reliably strange yet compelling.
  4. TudorQueen

    S02.E03: Swipe Right

    Will somebody please tell me what the heck this story was about? Was he real? Was she? Is he some sort of supernatural being juggling identities, or maybe he's had so many aliases he doesn't know who he really is anymore? Are the Russians f---ing with him? With her? (In which case why?) With us? Why is Nathan's assistant - or whatever he is - a transvestite? Why does he dump 'the pain of [my] life' on this vet nurse and why is he seemingly so uninterested in her after making these elaborate plans to meet, wine and dine, and possibly seduce her?
  5. TudorQueen

    S02.E06: Arnold

    Poor Arnold. I couldn't get "I only wanted to drink one beer. How did I end up here?" out of my head. I thought it was sweet that Niki/Viki/Kiki, whatever her name was, took the time to tell Arnold's mother that her son was a good man who only died because he tried to help her.
  6. Duncan Hunter won. So did Steve King, but Hunter's win (while under a sixty count indictment) over the Christian opponent he all but accused of being an Islamic terrorist really depressed me. It's easy to dismiss the plight of those poor children and their families if, as many Trumpists routinely do, you find a way of thinking of them as somehow less than actual human beings. The images of children, including babies, being ripped from their parents' arms, will stay with me forever. So will the cages. The weeping. The demonization of entire populations to whip us all into a hate-fueled frenzy that will benefit one subgroup of a political party.... It is to weep, and I'm glad Oliver showed his very real and righteous anger.
  7. TudorQueen

    S01.E02: Tangled Up in Blue

    I'm really enjoying this show and hope it succeeds. The cast - especially the lovely and talented John Goodman - has never been better in these roles. I think I'm the only one here who wants Darlene and David to get back together. But I do.
  8. TudorQueen

    S05.E21: Tariffs

    I may have lost some of my lifelong respect for Martin Sheen.
  9. TudorQueen

    Watch Your Neck: The Hickey Topic

    I hate the character, an amoral scoundrel whose needless compulsion to complicate things only deepens the tragedy for others, but I also find him oddly fascinating, and I give credit for that to the actor. In crucial moments I am utterly captured by his mastery of stillness. I'd love to see him again in a different sort of role.
  10. TudorQueen

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    Thanks to everyone who brought up the New Yorker story and therefore were able to explain how this horrible woman was able to gain control of the lives of two strangers and ruin them for her own personal gain. What a terrible story - I'd say it was a cautionary tale, but under the stated circumstances, what could that couple have done to protect themselves apart from possibly designating their daughter in health care proxies and powers of attorney, and even there I wonder if the Terrible Ms Parks might have found a way around that.
  11. TudorQueen

    S02.E01: Journey Into Night

    Ford did say that originally Westworld had a nearly equal number of narratives available that didn't involve violence and sexual assault, but the guests rarely chose them. I really hope Teddy isn't gone from the show. I love James Marsden in the role and have been looking forward to seeing how his consciousness evolves. I love Jeffrey Wright (in so very many things!) but Bernard is just so consistently humorless that it's hard to watch sometimes, even though he certainly has reason. I can't decide of Sizemore is more cockroach or weasel. Either way, I hate to admit it, but I look forward to his continued humiliation and discomfort. Hector's romantic outlaw programming is awesome! He and Maeve smolder together and I love it. But where is Arsenal? For all her alleged hardness, Maeve may be one of the most 'humane' hosts. Her release of the injured whore to 'dreamless sleep' was beautiful. Line of the night may have been Dolores's "Why would I scare you?", delivered with that angelic smile...
  12. TudorQueen

    S06.E03: Perfect Pairings

    When he competed in his first All-Stars, Ken admitted that he'd been totally out of hand in his first PR appearance and had gone into Anger Management therapy. The results were clear and easy to appreciate, IMHO. This season's All-Stars shows that he's still taking those lessions seriously. He's a great advertisement for the efficacy of proper treatment for at least some cases. I also think he's growing as a designer and learning to accept his achievements as real. His partnership with Fabio - one of my all-time favorite designers - was harmonious and productive. I was thrilled with their win, and although I imagine Fabio no longer lives completely as a 'Freegan', I imagine he's never had a dining experience like the one they'll be sharing. I thought Merline and Candice's pairing, which at least one judge said tried for elegance and came close read much more like 'Catfight!'. Oh, well, I'm still learning. Anthony and Kimberly had two beautiful outfits that went together very well, but I didn't see the inspirations. I nearly screamed when Alyssa entered the restaurant in that... thing. Her runway outfit was a great relief after that. Whoopi was a great guest judge - gave constructive criticism, precise praise, and felt no need to score off the competitors. She can come back at any time. As for her 'fashion' credentials, she's worn some stunning and suitable things on numerous runways. I loved Alyssa's gushing over her!
  13. TudorQueen

    S30.E03: "It's Gonna Be a Fragrant Day"

    Camels. I think that when it comes to TAR, the camels are always comedy gold. And sometimes their silent commentary on the Racers is spot on.
  14. TudorQueen

    Quotes: "I'm In Charge Of Black Stuff?"

    Charlie, you're overqualified for the job of being Steadman.
  15. TudorQueen

    S06.E01: Rookies vs. Vets

    I was totally in love with Char's dress - I want to own it. And Char herself seems to be evolving - she seems more mature and attractive. Just as I'm complaining about the designers getting third chances, in walks Fabio (for the third time) and I take it all back because I freaking love that man. At least this time we know he won't lose to Dmitri. I also loved Candice's, Kelly's (great to see "Kelly from the Deli" again!) and liked the two-tone blue used by the veterans. Casanova is a lovely man but I agree that he's never been the best designer. Helen - blonde doesn't really suit you and neither does sulky snarking (or is it snarky sulking?) Ken's anger management treatment really did take root - he's still the Ken who did NOT throw away his second shot with hissy fits and histrionics. He and Anthony are still funny as hell, and could take an act on the road, a la Santino and Austin Scarlett! Alyssa Milano, FIRE YOUR STYLIST NOW! (I'm just trying to look after you). My love for Michael Costello continues to grow, as does his success. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a judge again. I refuse to blame Georgina Chapman for the fact that she married a man who was finally exposed as a horrendous human being. And I've always liked Marchesa's aesthetic. Since this was filmed before the Weinstein revelations, I hope the show doesn't fire her in some sort of guilt by association nonsense.