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  1. Do you have any inks? I haven't seen any news on this. Thanks.
  2. What I'm most looking forward to in the prequel is--direwolves! Yay, direwolves! This article says the series will explore why direwolves are so important to the Starks. The series will also follow the building of the great castles, so I presume we'll see and hear about the various magics and wards that Bran the Builder built into Winterfell. Can't wait! https://wikiofthrones.com/24641/game-of-thrones-prequel-update-cushendon-caves-filming-location-direwolves/
  3. And Direwolves! Don't forget that The Long Night, from what we know so far, will be heavy on Direwolves, expanding on why they're so important and significant to the Starks. The show has already bred a special litter of wolves to work with. And since we don't expect dragons during that time period, all the CGI money can go to improving the quality of the Direwolves. I'll watch it for them, if nothing else.
  4. The weirdest thing about Dany being resurrected, if that turns out to be true, is...then what? I mean the series pretty much ends there. UNLESS this is an HBO only resurrection, because they might want to consider a sequel series to GoT?
  5. I'm SO with you on this. I've been semi-dreading the coming of Winter in the series for years, seriously. Because I hate winter, hate being cold and I was so sure we were going to be subjected to shrieking howling blizzards, helpless people disappearing into massive drifts, little kids frozen to death in their beds. Hell, North Carolina has seen worse Winters than what we saw in Westeros!
  6. I saw a spoiler where Bronn walks in on them and scoffs at 'Two tall blond toffs, like looking in a mirror.' LOL, always the romantic, our Bronn.
  7. I just saw some stills and a bit of dialogue. Dany introduces Gendry as 'Gendry Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End.' Gilly is preggers, she and Sam tell Jon if its a boy they're naming it Jon. Gendry (looking up--he's either seated or kneeling) asks Arya 'Marry me. Be the Lady of Storm's End.' And she says 'That's not me.' (Just like she said to her father so long ago). Brienne cries as Jaime rides away. Sansa tells Sandor about feeding Ramsay to his hounds. He responds: 'You've changed, Little Bird.' Just some bits and pieces to add to the mix. ETA: Forgot to add--Tormund leaves to go back north--Jon asks him to take Ghost with him and he does. Poor baby Ghost has lost an ear but at least he's still alive!
  8. Jesus, lets hope its not using Cersei's dead body for experiments down in his dungeons! eeeek....
  9. Interesting! The Night King actor actually played 14 different parts throughout the GoT saga. Here's he talks about his smirk when Dany trys to dracarys him to death. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/game-of-thrones-night-king-story-behind-that-smirk
  10. Too true! Tyrion especially knows full well that only someone with Targ blood can ride a dragon. My guess is now that all the frenzy of battle is over, he will confront Jon with the 'I know who you really are' reveal. Should be interesting!
  11. Agree. And about Jaime, Cogman said Jaime is just living his life and changing. My sense was that Cogman just doesn't like the term 'redemption arc' as it seems to pat an explanation for the detailed nuanced type of writing he's (justifiably) famous for. But I think we can quietly agree among ourselves, ordinary mortal beings that we are, that Cogman writes great redemption arcs! Heh.
  12. Maybe Dany's dealing with whatever undead thing killed Jorah? She certainly looks...maniacal.
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