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  1. I can't understand why Whitney and Jackie weren't included in the showmanship clinic with Melissa Rycroft. They obviously both struggle in that area and could've used the help.
  2. Stacey posted on her Facebook page that she's discerned God wants her to be a wife and mother. I was kind of surprised by that, but good for her! I bet her parents are bummed though.
  3. Stacey posted on her Facebook page that she's discerned that God wants her to be a wife and a mother.
  4. I am a big fan of Mother Mark (?), the head of the Carmelites. She has such a calm and patient demeanor, without a hint of judgment. I expect she's seen all kinds of women come through the doors during the years, and we might be surprised and who accepts the call and who doesn't. She seems accepting of all the discerners, I love seeing their sense of humor, and hearing a bit of their backstory. It's easy to forget they were "real people" before they became nuns.
  5. Jumping on the love train for this show! I think that they are wearing make-up in the TH due to the television lighting. You would think they would make it less obvious... The girls have Facebook pages, and on Claire's she said that she's actually saying "I'm not ANTI-drinking" not "I'm not INTO drinking." She goes on to say she doesn't drink for medical reasons. Her judginess annoys, but I can kind of relate to her in a way. She obviously takes her faith seriously, and although I am not Catholic, I am religious and I take my faith seriously as well. If you are serious about being a nu
  6. I am convinced all those people think they are voting for Giovanni Ribisi.
  7. Has Brittany Schramm had plastic surgery -- like lips or cheeks? Her face looks weirdly tight to me.
  8. I recently rewatched this season on YouTube, and I forgot that Jack was HIV+. I always considered Mondo to be the first designer to be open about this, but it was actually Jack.
  9. How is the judging supposed to be anonymous if half the designers make themselves accessories from their materials? And when do they find time for that? Also, they missed a prime opportunity to compare someone's garment to female anatomy, as they like to do. I saw the black on the bottom of Angela's dress and immediately thought "pubic hair."
  10. The big problem with ATI, the Duggars, and the rules is not (necessarily) that rules outside the Bible exist. All Christian parents have rules for their kids not explicitly outlined in Scripture. The problem is Gothard and the like tell you that following their rules is necessary for salvation. I grew up in a different Fundie ilk (google Jack Hyles) and it was the same thing. You live in constant fear of messing up.
  11. I love that circle skirt. She's my favorite so far. And I agree with Frisson, she's beautiful.
  12. Red Robin and Lexus seems like an odd combination of sponsors.
  13. Tom and Lorenzo called him Jorts McFlipFlops in their recap. I laughed so hard I snorted.
  14. Tim's pattern mixing gave me a headache.
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