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  1. IMO, Alyssa was the most beautiful girl to have ever made the team.
  2. I miss Michelle Keys’ choreo. It looked updated and fun. The stuff they’re using now from Sarah, Kashara and Jennifer is pretty dreadful.
  3. Wait, is my girl Brenda vindicated for being annoyed with Kat about the dress? 😊 Ultimately, I never thought the dress mattered much. Kat was destined to be cut.
  4. I don’t get the Whitney love, either. She had showmanship, but so did most of the squad back then. And she did have a bland look. Took awesome photos, though. Like Caroline. Also never got the Holly Arielle love. Pretty girl, though. I will always wonder why she wasn’t asked to be an All-Star.
  5. I'm not denying they all have a good sense of humor about it. My point is if your name is being called a lot at practice by the choreographer (so much so that your friend gets you a gag gift about it), you're probably making a lot of mistakes and that's not a good sign.
  6. Taylor looks pretty bad in the video. This is recent, and she still doesn't know the dance? She's either behind, making mistakes or just flat. This is a Savannah-level performance. She's now on my potential cut list, along with Briana, Kat and Meredith. Kat and Meredith for obvious reasons. Briana worries me because she posted just recently about how Judy is always yelling at her. Not a good sign.
  7. Yeah. Them asking TK is just bizarre. Do they ask the other DCC mothers if they can be moved up in the triangle? In some ways, I feel Kelli is in a tough spot. She's the boss of her best friend's daughter. I understand trying to keep the friendship intact by offering a few more benefits, but she's compromising the team in doing so. I can't see how it wouldn't make for a difficult work environment for the rest of the DCC. That said, at some point Victoria will move on. And Kelli will keep having her favorites. Despite the talk of a mass exodus, Victoria is not going to kill the team. They survived Cassie; they'll survive her.
  8. Is the DCC in motion series done? I feel like we didn’t see everyone. Or maybe it was show group only?
  9. I’d think Vivian was being genuine with her dissertation if she didn’t ask for people to donate to her to help stop bullying. (This was in her IG story which is now gone.) She tried to make herself stand out with that poem (more so for the TV audience, I think, than K and J), misjudged and was ridiculed. She was on TV! She should’ve known that scene wasn’t going to die. She wanted to be TV ratings gold and she was. She has the right to feel embarrassed, but I don’t consider this to be bullying.
  10. cgloss

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Not sure if posted.
  11. cgloss

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Kind of gross these guys who run around dating multiple DCCs.
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