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  1. Loren is the one who was so proud of her horrible looking natural blond hair. DCC made her a redhead, and she was pissed. But her hair originally looked like straw.
  2. Have the All-Stars been decided yet? I can't remember. For some reason, I thought Kashara was already selected but I can't recall if there's been anyone else.
  3. I'm sorry, but an Amy, Heather, Maddie triangle would put me to sleep. Those girls all seem perfectly nice but their dancing is lackluster to me (so is Tess's), with the exception of Maddie. It's a good thing the current rookie class is strong because the squad is losing a lot of memorable vets.
  4. I wonder why Jenna doesn't teach prep classes. It seems like that would draw more people to her classes since she could advertise as a former DCC and special choreographer for the Raiderettes. Her classes always seem so empty.
  5. Dancing ability. She’s not a great dancer to me. At all. And her choreography sucks.
  6. I know she just had a baby, but it's still beyond me how this girl managed to end up as point.
  7. I hope the Lakers girl who tried out with Alanna (?) tries out again. I still don't understand why she didn't make it. She seemed to be a stronger dancer than Alanna.
  8. Some of the girls look heavy by DCC standards. I often wonder what those candidates are thinking when they try out. Save Victoria, Kelli never seems to make exceptions for candidates when it comes to weight. Why does Savannah never seem to improve? I know she practices with Gina a lot -- she's thanked her for her help on Instagram. I would think she would eventually get better, but it doesn't seem to happen. I like her, though - I'd hate to see her get cut.
  9. If that's the case, I don't have a problem with VK wanting this. I would think every cheerleader would want this.
  10. Who's the pregnant DCC? And who are the two girls on the end (our right)?
  11. There aren't any girls I dislike enough to want them to retire, but I do think Taylor, Brennan and Gabby could be in danger of being cut, based on the past season's edits. I feel like I never see Gabby on appearances, but as I'm not in the Dallas area, I'm solely basing that statement on social media. Also, I'm fully convinced that I'm the only one on this board who roots for Jessika. Her interview was shameful, but she has a unique look to me that I just love.
  12. I often wonder if the girls who leave on not-so-great terms really have burned bridges with anyone beyond K&J. Holly seems to be doing fine, and as @8dallas noted, Kitty helped her get to LA. Erica teaches classes in Kitty's dance studio. There may be other examples. I mean, those girls may not ask K&J to be a work reference, but it doesn't seem like they're blackballed in the wider dance world.
  13. I wish they would rotate point for these types of special performances. There's no reason not to have those who might be stronger in hip hop performances in the front. It would be a nice change-up for the girls and recognition of where everyone's strengths lie. Before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch, I'm not suggesting that Kashara is doing badly here, but I believe she said herself that the hip hop style is not her strong suit, so why not let those who excel at it and not necessarily power pom get a chance to shine upfront?
  14. I think this, too, and have no problem with Jenna choosing to approach a boss that might be more favorable to her.
  15. Does anyone know if there are any tumblers on the squad? Or have they completely dropped that from all performances?