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  1. She must have been beautiful. I love the squad photo. It really allows us to see whose looks TPTB really love. I'm surprised they didn't give Rachel W. Tess's spot. I'm also surprised they didn't put Victoria in a more visible spot on one of the ends. Rachel A is bringing it!
  2. I feel Jasmine was one who was robbed. I know folks here don’t care for her, but messing up on the choreo shouldn’t automatically get you cut as a vet, especially if you have a three year body of work that obviously worked for the TPTB. I could see if she was outdanced, but it didn’t sound like that was why they cut her. Sometimes you just don’t have a great day on a day when you needed to be at your best. Like Jalyn with this upcoming show group audition, I guess.
  3. Part of the Good Morning Texas performance can be seen here:
  4. I believe everyone in the pic is in Show Group, but not everyone in Show Group is in the pic.
  5. The OP was specifically referring to the number of black women, not all WOC. That said, Chandi should be included. Re Victoria: 36 women and everyone is all sweetness and light? Please. Of course, there's cattiness going on. I don't understand why that's so hard to believe despite what the girls post on social media. Now, some of the stories might be more outlandish than others, but I doubt all the girls get along all the time. DCC is always equated to being in a sorority, and I've yet to encounter a sorority that didn't have problems in the sisterhood.
  6. Season 1 ladies actually wore conservative business attire. Meagan and Kalli shouldn’t have gotten past semis. Speaking of Meagan, it’s hard to watch her scenes knowing that she passed.
  7. THIS is how that choreo should look. They look great, energized, having fun with perfect formations. Unfortunately, Briana is where she should be. She screwed up a lot and looks weak. And I like her.
  8. Who is that in the back row on the left? She’s unimpressive.
  9. I agree. I also find it laughable that any 40+ accomplished career woman would be jealous of some 20+ plus DCC. I understand envying youth, but what else is there truly to be jealous? And of Kat, of all people? Disclaimer: I like Brenda. I think she approaches these interviews like a professional and expects the girls to respond and act accordingly. But this isn’t a corporate job or setting, so that’s why she might seem hard on the girls.
  10. I feel like this formation was Kelli's doing, not Judy's.
  11. Charlotte hashtagged the video #performance and #practice. I'd really like to know which one it was (I'm hoping it was just practice because none of them look energized).
  12. How can they look at this and think this is a power triangle?
  13. Could someone remind me who earned Barbies this year? Thank you!
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