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  1. Jenna should have been point over Jenn A. Still don't know what they see in Jenn. I find her dancing stilted and boring. Though I'm sure she was a good (tough) leader.
  2. Y'all, there's no evidence that Maddie told Marshall anything. That's just speculation from the FB group based off the photo they took together. I'm not a big Maddie fan, but this is how rumors get started. Next everyone will be calling for head.
  3. I wonder why Heather didn’t give Chandi a sticker? Sounds like Sydney’s man got someone pregnant.
  4. Yuko wouldn’t have been the perfect ambassador for trips to veterans’ homes or any place where she had to speak English fluently. She WOULD have been the perfect ambassador to speak to all those Japanese businessmen Jerry and Charlotte were trying to woo.
  5. I’m thinking Hannah either was late to an event one time, bombed her interview, gained weight, or got the Ann Lux treatment from Charlotte. Strong vets have been cut over this in the past. I’ll be watching the show just to see how she fared.
  6. So Marissa made the team? What are the character concerns? I can only guess that Hannah got cut because of weight. I can't see her being outdanced.
  7. My guesses for cuts (any of these three): Lily, Taylor, Cianna, Brennan or Briana. Not saying I’d like it, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I will say, whenever we hear about “surprising” cuts, once the show airs the cuts never look so surprising (Jasmine, Gabby) and often seem justified. Anyway, does that mean we’ll finally get the long-promised mass exodus or will this once again prove to be all talk? Either way, this rookie class must be strong. From what I’ve seen, they definitely look it. And if virtual auditions bring in stronger, more diverse dancers, then I’m all for it. ETA: There are very few veteran cuts that Kelli makes that I disagree with once the show airs. I always disagree with the cuts she DOESN’T make.
  8. Soooo ... which of the TCCs will Kelli make a redhead? Or is there already one? I don’t think last year’s class had any either, so I bet Kelli is chomping at the bit to get another redhead.
  9. PLEASE let this be true. She was so weak. It would be in keeping with Kelli’s MO. Crushes on a super weak dancer for a year, then tires of her the next.
  10. Looks like everyone has her own room, which is good. I'm amazed that Kelli is letting the girls do the vlogs without makeup. It's nice seeing them fresh faced.
  11. Don’t they usually do makeovers before uniform fittings?
  12. Did Kelli Q. retire because she was getting married or because of injury? If it was the former, I wonder if she regrets retiring. If the powers that be decided not to take in any new girls due to COVID, I would think she'd be a good one to ask to return if needed for one year.
  13. But K & J don't even have to get unknown people to follow them to see what they post. If any of the current DCCs are following the TCCs, K&J can ask to look at their accounts through the vets. And if a TCC sees a vet asking to follow their account, they probably won't refuse them. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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