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  1. The creepiest thing about these zombies is their speed, both in turning and the fact you have to be Usain Bolt to outrun them. Additionally, the costumes are amazing. I may have watched this until four in the morning, I'll post coherent thoughts later. This may really belong in genre shows, though.
  2. I'm not enthused. I never liked Laurel, Dinah, or the twenty years later adventures, anyway. Nothing compares to original Team Arrow.
  3. This Oliver going to die and everybody saying goodbye bullshit almost hit in the feels. Then I got pissed off. I'm not going to be able to watch the crisis crap. I just despise Density. I didn't stutter, either. Somebody having a horrible density where they have to die just makes me enraged at the Governor cutting off Hershel's head levels of wrath and ire. If that even makes sense. I would have normally loved the nice bonding moments if it wasn't all gloom and doom.
  4. I'm watching the show now that it's landed on Hulu. I just finished the first episode, and I'm enjoying it so far. I really like Vic and the Scrabble Witch.
  5. I have a rotary phone in my utility room. I can only receive calls and call out 911. It's a courtesy from my internet provider. I keep it hooked up just in case of emergency.
  6. I concur. For me, it's the concept of diminishing returns. If you kill off my favorite character, then you're going to kill of my next favorite character, yada yada yada. My interest in your show is directly proportional to your interest in keeping characters alive. Usually it takes more than one character dying to get me to swear off a show. (I'm looking at you, Stupidnatural and The Nagging Negan, ER The Walking Dead.) Now it just takes one favorite character to kill my interest in a show.
  7. I loved this show. I know what I'm going to be binge watching now. The beauty of it it's been so long it will all be new to me.
  8. I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Vanya. She murdered three nannies. The dad may have been a dick, but Vanya obviously was out of control at an early age.
  9. I stared for a few seconds, grumbled that Miley needed to put a shirt, and muted the TV. I find her voice unpleasant just because she annoys me so much.
  10. I loved this episode, and I love Mona being the monster whisperer. That being said, I have whiplash from the rapid plot change. The show went from Constantine having to send all monsters back to hell to keeping a monster menagerie. Seriously? I think the monsters they have to vanquish are more interesting. I don't mind a small menagerie, but I demand consistency and clear rules about who gets a "get out of hell" free card.
  11. It's like the love for the audience is inversely proportional to their love of Negan. Damn, do they really love Negan.
  12. I knew that ghost was going to grab Luke under the bed, and I still jumped when it happened. This show just creeps me out.
  13. mustbekarma

    S01.E01: Pilot

    This show had me at Josh Dallas. I'm staying for everyone else. I loved all the characters.
  14. mustbekarma

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I...love...this...show...so... flipping....much. I had chills during the final scene. I love Prince Charming and his sister. I am so in. This show amazed me.
  15. Personally, I want a scene where Starr asks which one is the Messiah and each of the clones go "I am Humperdoo!" And they all fight and trip over each other.
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