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S10.E14: Fight or Flight?

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After one couple reaches the end of the road in their marriage, the remaining four couples go on a retreat where close quarters force them to confront their issues; tempers flare as the clock winds down to Decision Day.


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Just now, MyTwoCents said:

Zack is on

His last chance  to yammer on and on...offer his excuses and deflect blame by hinting in cryptic messages that he has damaging information on another cast member...

Why give that bag of dicks more time to speak and fouling up the studio?

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14 minutes ago, MyTwoCents said:

Anybody watching Unfiltered?

Yes.  Guess Jamie didn’t get the memo about her legs.  Zack, his usual charming self posing for the camera.  Phony boloney.  Nice suit, but put some socks on.

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13 minutes ago, gonecrackers said:

JamieO is more annoyingly ramped up than usual. Thankfully legs are firmly crossed. 🙄

Still can’t interview.  She talks too fast like she’s still scared.  

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This reminds me of parties I attended when I was about 20, complete with the pressure to have SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!, people not being able to handle said SHOTS!, and snotty bitches girls like Katie glaring at some chick across the room for cozying up to her man.  Ugh.  Grow up, folks.   

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#FreeDerek! He seems like a nice guy even if he got a wee bit too drunk here. (Also holy shit how long were Meka+Michael in the car for? Girl's gotta learn to just let silence happen.)

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21 minutes ago, Brooklynista said:

Jessica with the metal spatula in the non stick pan😫😫😫

4 minutes ago, gonecrackers said:

Katie's mean to Derek. Derek isn't attentive to Katie. Katie is mean to Derek.

repeat until divorced

Why is he following her?  Let her sleep in the woods.  He’s a wuss.

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1 hour ago, Silver Bells said:

I have no idea what Derek sees in Katy.  She’s such a downer.  Nothing pleases her.  Then, she’s seen crying on Decision Day.

He's trying to make it work because he was matched with h e r.  Sadly the "experts" failed him.

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Lord, Brandon.  You crossed over from a bit of light grandstanding to making a drunk fool of yourself about 15 minutes ago.  Go home if you’re going to go home, otherwise sit your ass down and hush.  

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