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  1. Gang, I get the feeling this French tutor isn't gonna work out. How do you say "desperate" in French?
  2. Also I'm like 95% sure the dude they have this episode is a big ol' homosexual.
  3. This kinky girl on MAFS Unmatchables just needs to make a profile on Fetlife and start going to munches.
  4. What season were the experts watching because I didn't see Erik/virGinia as the great romance they're saying it was.
  5. I thiiink Haley/Jake are gonna be on next week with the rest of Chris/Paige's "storyline".
  6. I like the camaraderie but c'mon these women act like they're on season 1 and not season 12.
  7. Over/under Clara'll finally get the D after their vow renewal?
  8. Ummm, maybe I'm misremembering but wasn't Virginia's drinking/partying a huuuge issue during the season?
  9. I can't believe they all just brushed off Jake just eating 8 fuckin eggs as like a pre-dinner meal.
  10. I'm sorry but the Joneses just asking random women if they want to be in a relationship is some damn serial killer shit. "The large wife", whooo boy.
  11. I knooow. Plus, I'm pretty sure feeding a horse (not to mention a whole dairy cow and chickens) is. a lot more expensive than one medium-sized dog!
  12. Have these kids had any therapy? I feel so bad for them and kinda sad that Quinn seems to be the only one thinking about them.
  13. I was "worried" they were just gonna leave Cain in the hospital to die but I think I'd prefer that to where they put him.
  14. I love Ryan's fake-ass excuse about why he had to leave.
  15. This dog is gorgeous! Poodles are lovely. I don't remember hearing anything about her; I hope she's all right. e: Ooh, Buddy actually looks a lot better with just that mustache/no beard!
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