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  1. Jake, get some table manners! Your fork is in your fist and you're all over the table with your arm. I would hate to have a meal with you - grow up - get a book on etiquette if you don't know how to conduct yourself. Haley's a pill, but no woman with any snap is going to go for a man who acts like a slob.
  2. Does anyone else feel like a total sucker for watching this season? Yo! Chris has made my skin crawl since moment one - 3-4 thousand dollars a month for takeout? New Benz for Chicago? Not likely: https://screenrant.com/married-first-sight-chris-williams-ii-evicted-business/ You know what I'm saying? Cannot stand to watch the two of them anymore - sacrilege and blasphemy, you two. Jake has had a sour attitude from the start; that in itself is really unappealing. I can't totally blame Haley - I could never kiss a guy I wasn't attracted to. It didn't have to be immediate attract
  3. Karen, you looked gorgeous in this episode! Wear your hair like that always!
  4. Yesss! Took the words right out of my mouth. He just beamed during his clips; he has the most inappropriate facial expressions. Most of the time he just looks slow-witted. No, Zach, the glasses do not make you look or seem smarter. Get a clue: boots without socks - not a good look. Plus, you really annoyed me by putting your arm on the back of the love seat, making it appear that your arm was almost around Mindy. Taylor, the HAIR - please stop!
  5. Zach, seriously, you have "so much to offer a woman. And people"? Hilarious. That stupid smile you have when something serious is said just smacks of insincerity. So creepy. Meka - soooo proud of you! Go find yourself a good man. They're out there. Taylor - BEGGING you to rethink that hair. I mean this kindly, really.
  6. Carl has repulsed me from the jump. He can't even hold a job. Where does he get off telling Jules he "doesn't want her in the house"? You're creepy, Carl, really creepy.
  7. What is the deal with Brandon and Michael not driving? Do they not have licenses or cars? Do they each have a chauffeur? I do not get this. Michael, could you possibly be any more sour? You just seem like such a jerk. Can you ever look anyone in the eye?
  8. I haven't even begun watching this episode yet. I was really hoping we had seen the last of Zach, but apparently not. He has creeped me out since day one. The constant, vacant look on his face conveys all I need to know: nobody's home there. He always looks as if he hasn't a clue as to what's being said, or what's going on. Adios empty words, tight capris, and utter vapidness. Mindy, thank your lucky stars! There's a MAN out there for you!
  9. I think we're being played on the breakups/makeups just to add some drama before decision day. Really over this show - there is so little new content, and so much repetition. Danielle, I mean this in the kindest way: you are a beautiful girl; lighten up those eyebrows - too severe for your pretty face!
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