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S40.E08: This is Where the Battle Begins LIVE CHAT

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With the old-school players living on Edge of Extinction, it’s merge time for the new-school castaways


Original airdate 4/1/20

Here is your live chat discussion

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I kind of wish they weren't merging this week, because I wanted to see Wendell totally blow another IC and get voted off, and literally have nothing to do about it.

Don't need to rub it in about the old school players, Adam.

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3 minutes ago, LadyChatts said:

Of course Amber gave Rob her fire token.

I don't know why we're pretending Amber has any interest in getting back in this game. Amber is there solely to support Rob and root for him to win. 

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Just now, Lady Calypso said:

Of course we need to hear from Rob.

Hey, Jeff, maybe ask Amber this question? No? Ok. 

Nah, he only addresses Amber to tell her how old she's gotten.

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Just now, CletusMusashi said:

God damn it, Tyson. Please no Very Special Douchebag Moment either.

I felt like he was trying to create tears with that dramatic pause, and it wasn't working for him.

Come on anybody but Tyson!

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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

I would absolutely love to see Tyson and Rob both drop right now.

I don't think I've ever rooted for Boston Rob so hard in my entire time of watching this series.

And they get to merge at the crappy Sele beach.

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