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S10.E12: Move In or Move On

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All five couples sit down to take a hard look at their marriages and decide what it will take for them to stay committed until decision day; some couples can't wait to recommit, but for others the deal breakers may prove too much to handle.


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Derek’s dreams are all absolutely realistic and easily achievable as long as he doesn’t breed before that (or ever). I don’t understand what’s Katie’s problem with them. 

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9 minutes ago, LennieBriscoe said:

Many a mature person has traveled to the Andes, backpacked in Asia, composed songs (even about Christmas), and written a book. KATIE is the timorous child, deliberately bringing up "changing" in order to slam Derek again.

Derek is adventurous. Katie is a homebody. The experts failed yet again.

Derek does everything right.  Katie thinks she’s a Princess, and I don’t see why he’s even attracted to her.  She has zero personality.

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19 minutes ago, Suzy Rhapsody said:

“I’m not going to get married if I can’t have any dreams!” 

With all of the scary-ass stuff going on right now, I needed this laugh.  What a seventh grade “fight.”  These two are nowhere near mature enough to be married to anyone, much less each other.  Also, I don’t know who the hell Katie thinks she is.  Have a seat, hon. 

Right? Everything you said! 🙂

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28 minutes ago, gonecrackers said:

Katie's making a big deal out of nothing. At least he cares enough to discuss his dreams with her & see what will work within the relationship, but she's shitting all over him so he can't have anything, which is pushing him away.

Good.  I hope he goes away.

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I'm still laughing about the "but my dreams are IMPORTANT to MEEE" couple- haha! 

It's so silly.  I mean he wants to build a TREEHOUSE (a REALLY, REALLY big one) and compose a CHRISTMAS song! It's adorable...

But I could also see it being irritating if it was my DH talking so stoopid.

But ... my reaction would be more of a roll my eyes and move on type of reaction.

That little girl ranting that her husband should NOT WRITE A CHRISTMAS SONG had me rolling off my couch in a fit of giggles.

Best t.v. EVER!! 🙂




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2 minutes ago, gladitsover said:

The "expert" with the severe bun (i forget her name) should leave Jessica and Austin alone - they're doing fine without her "help"!

True!  Heaven knows she’ll probably screw up the delivery and start barking orders at him about how much time she allots for saying the L word.  

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Derek's hopes and dreams are juvenile but they are his to have....so suck it Katie and stop stomping on them....

Derek's ambition of eating of exotic animals may need to be shelved in light of current events.

Michael stop quoting jibberish from the boxes of over priced tea you like to curate like fine wine...Michael you are a liar liar pants on fire who lies and lies because you have a emotional core that was gutted like a fish when you got abandoned and given away....

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Katie wants all of Derek's "dreams" to rotate around her.

Michael went from interviewing for Principal to babysitting after-school kids?  Did Meka just tell Michael he needs to thank her when she holds his hand?

Austin and Jessica are fine. Once Austin spits out the "L" word, all will be right with the world.

Mindy is ready to bring the hammer down on Zach...haha not really.

They have really kept the families out of the way this season.

Why did I give up drinking for lent??


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