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S03.E06: Chapter Twenty-Six: All of Them Witches

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Zelda turning Lilith away was so unnecessarily cruel, come on now! Specially when she could use all the help she can get against those pagans...but I did like the united power of those wayward witches channelled into Sabrina, she did so well against them.

The scenes between Hilda and Dr. Cerberus were so beautiful. I love that they didn't go the cliché route of him being so terrified by her new form that he completely abandons her. Of course, in the end he would have been better off if he did just that.

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Ok the show has outright said almost everyone who matters on the show is a virgin.  Not sure how much I like the idea.  I mean I am all for Sabrina having a little carnal fun with Caliban (purely for political sake of course) now that she has broken up with Nick Scratch.

Is it just me or does Zelda have a little crush on Marie?.

I  could buy Ms. Wardwell shooting Zelda as a part 3 finale it was such a shocking moment.

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Well I didn't see the shooting coming.

I get distracted every time Salem is on screen, he is such a beautiful cat (and yes I realise he's not really a cat).

Glad Sabrina didn't burn her emotional ties to Nick but did to Harvey instead (GOOD KITTY!), although like @Chaos Theory I am not averse to a little Sabrina/Caliban action.

Edit: and poor Dr C! I should have realised when he proposed to Hilda that it would all go horribly wrong.  They were such a sweet couple too.

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On 1/24/2020 at 5:30 PM, Harvey said:

Zelda turning Lilith away was so unnecessarily cruel, come on now! Specially when she could use all the help she can get against those pagans...but I did like the united power of those wayward witches channelled into Sabrina, she did so well against them.

I thought Lilith had a fair point with how they apparently worship her, now. But, then, they got rid of the last dude they worshiped, too.

On 1/26/2020 at 6:30 AM, pootlus said:

I get distracted every time Salem is on screen, he is such a beautiful cat (and yes I realise he's not really a cat).


Salem is so cute!! And I love that something cute can co-exist with all the horror elements without it breaking the mood.

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One of the things I appreciate about this show is how bonkers it can get. They have turned the screws, ratcheted up the stakes and painted themselves into corners  ... but I like not having the possible outcome or solution being obvious as it is for many shows.
  It seems as if the writers have also seen their share of tropes and cliches - - and work on taking the stories into unexpected territories.

  It is also amusing to have these life and death circumstances, but the teenagers (Sabrina, Harvey, Nick) still manage to get all "woe is me" about having 'just' broken up with their platonic boyfriend/girlfriend. 

I have no idea what they are trying to do with Theo/Susie in this season... 

Also - the production values and set dressing for this show make The Witcher look like a local cable show (almost). 
.. and I like The Witcher.. But how does that manage to the all the media buzz? 

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17 hours ago, LadyChaos said:

She had both Nick and Harvey's names engraved in the candle. I wonder if that makes a difference.

Maybe Nick and Harvey will fall in love and tell Sabrina they don't need her, she can go play with her little clay man now. lol

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When Harvey's dad said, "You look like hell," my automatic response was Veronica Sawyer (sadly sans red scrunchie): "Yeah? Well, I just got back."

I can't blame Hilda for wanting to spend some time with Doctor Cee before turning into a spider . Although I can understand why he freaked out when he saw what she really looked like, I also thought of all the crazy things that have happened in Greendale, a spider head is what causes you to react this way? His kindness was what killed him though. He was so sweet and accepting and his thanks for that was getting killed by Hilda the spider woman.

Caliban may be "only" a prince of hell made of clay, but wow does he know how to exit with flare.

I really enjoyed seeing the hedge witches and how different they were from the coven. I was with Prudence though - changing and adapting is key to survival. You can keep your traditions but you can do that while also evolving. If you refuse to change, your days are numbered. And that goes for all people and institutions, not just the coven. Mambo Marie was much more gracious about Zelda's suspicion than I would have been.

Hahahaha, I laughed SO HARD when Nick tried to be a petulant brat about Caliban and Sabrina shut that down right away. The looks on Caliban's and Prudence's faces was hilarious. Prudence was so proud and Caliban looked like he'd never been so turned on.

It seemed like a foolish choice to have Robin present and visible when they kidnapped Circe to have her turn Roz, Dorcas, and Agatha back. There was no reason for her to know that Robin had betrayed them.

Aunt Z! But it seemed like karma for refusing to give Lilith sanctuary. I mean, seriously, you trust her to run hell in Sabrina's stead but you don't trust her to stay in your house while you're planning a battle against pagans?

And see what happens when you tell someone like Lilith she's on her own? She's scrappy so she knows how to make deals and survive.

On 1/26/2020 at 11:13 PM, AnimeMania said:

Way too much singing in this episode.

I'd rather hear Hilda and Doctor Cee singing a duet from Sweeney Todd than hear Harvey's terrible singing at band practice or hear Sabrina murdering Run DMC.

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No! Not Doctor C! He and Hilda were so sweet together, and I love how, after the initial freak out, he still stayed with her after she turned into a spider person. Of course, it probably would have been for the best if he ran for the hills, at least he would have lived longer, the poor guy. I should have known this would happen, he and Hilda were just too happy together. 

I am not normally that into Caliban, but I did love the exchange between him and Sabrina when he came to help Rose. "What would you know about turning people from stone?" "I am made of mud." "...right." Also that, while all of these huge dramatic magic things are going on,the teens are still dealing with all of their romantic entanglements and angsting it up.

Cool seeing all of the witches, especially seeing Gryla again, her and her creepy invisible lads. Zelda needs to realize that she cant turn away allies at a time like this, especially Lilith. Yeah Lilith isnt trustworthy, but her on their side is certainly better than her not being on your side. And of course the most horrifying thing about Marie for her is that she is...a Catholic!!!

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Meh. Can't begin to say how much I hate the entire Zelda spider plot. Just awful. I fastforwarded through some of it.

Caliban is growing on me but would stick with moody Nick anytime.

Really like the stuff with Lilith and Mary. Of course she's named Mary. 

Agree booting Lilith out was beyond dumb.


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Aside from the fact that Zelda recently had everyone saying their prayers to Lilith before going to bed at night, you'd think the fact that she's the world's oldest witch, still in possession of her full powers, and was able to at least temporarily restore Sabrina's witchcraft after she'd given her power away might have figured into the decision of whether or not to welcome her.

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