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  1. pootlus

    Santa Clarita Diet

    I really really really hope this isn't true. http://horrorfuel.com/2019/04/19/netflix-pulls-the-plug-on-santa-clarita-diet/
  2. I'm wondering whether there's a deleted scene where Dorian changes his mind for whatever reason. The club works as a gathering place, anyway, so I hope they keep it.
  3. It all sounds very rapey. Poor Nick.
  4. ...and at the end of the episode she clearly shows she hasn't learned a thing. Walking right into Hell with your (very squishy) mortal friends and taking your boyfriend back? That is not going to end well (but I'm sure it will be very entertaining!).
  5. Given that I think this show is going to make A Big Deal out of Sabrina losing her virginity, I'm pretty sure it hasn't happened yet. I'm with you - Sabrina semi-nude with Nick and not going all the way? That takes some serious self-control! I think that Theo's transition was dealt with better in this episode, i.e. when Mandrake!Sabrina offered him a man's body he declined. The problem is that in the tarot episode he got an arm chopped off rather than revert to a female body so they really need to get a grip on what his characterisation is, because it's a mess.
  6. I laughed my arse off at that. Maybe it'll be the revelation that witch powers can be learned as well as being innate? I dunno. The show is a bit of a hot mess but it's really entertaining and I'm definitely tuning in next season. Poor Miss Wardwell - her fiancee is dead, but she probably thinks he ran off and left her. Me too, he and Sabrina have stacks of chemistry. Also I would tune in for the 'Ambrose and Prudence - Demon Hunters' show. I liked that Prudence teamed up with the Spellmans - her character was a bit all over the place and IMO it's only the skill of the actress that held it all together. I don't trust Lilith not to get up to all sorts of shenanigans in Hell - I doubt that's the last we've seen of her.
  7. Well I didn't really think that they would kill Ambrose so that part was no surprise. Pod!Zelda's mincing of Leviathan was horrific, I hope the mouse 'actor' got a big piece of cheese afterwards. Glad Zelda is 'back' and that they didn't draw that particular plotline out too long, although I did enjoy watching Miranda Otto portray a Stepford Wife. Honestly they could keep Roz as Sabrina's mortal friend and ditch all the others, I wouldn't mind (I do like Roz). Was 'Adam' the body of Adam or made from straw? He looked kind of scarecrow-like (although much, much scarier). Miss Wardwell pulling out her own rib was almost as horrific as the aforementioned mincing. Did I misread the cut, or did Prudence see Sabrina conjuring the Dark Lord?
  8. Bye Wesley! It'll be interesting to see if Sabrina's new powers stick around or whether they're Deus ex Machinaed away. I loved that neither Ambrose nor Hilda were fooled by the glamours, and that Hilda managed to get Ambrose materials for a (literal) skeleton key and that he knew what to do with them.
  9. Ironically, Father Blackwood should be thanking Sabrina for saving his life. If not for her actions last year, Prudence would have been eaten by the other witches and not alive to stop Ambrose. Not quite sure why Zelda looked so put out when she was asked to walk behind her husband - surely she would have been aware of the tradition?
  10. I forgot to mention Alexis Denisof! At least we know what happened to Wesley when he died. I'm guessing the fact that his character is called Adam is no coincidence?
  11. Yeah I thought the episode was pretty dull, but the casting of Veronica Cartwright was inspired.
  12. I loved Dorcas' dress in the dark maypole dance, but she raped Nick - or at least that's what it looked like it was heading towards. Hope it gets addressed. Glad that Hilda and Zelda are both getting some romance.
  13. I am so glad that Salem's okay! Having lots of kitties (real ones) myself, his plaintive meow really got to my poor heart. Glad that Sabrina and Harvey are off again, I much prefer her with Nick, and Harvey has a ton more chemistry with Roz. Loved Miss Wardwell's tears at seeing herself in the play (which by the way had fabulous costumes). There's a lot of history there. Wonder what she's going to do now what I assume is her familiar is back - I always saw her as the corrupter in the first half of the season, so it's going to be interesting seeing her trying to keep Sabrina on the straight and narrow - even if it's self-serving.
  14. That was my first thought too. I mean I get that Sabrina wanted to help her friend, but it's not going to help in the long run (and I suspect we might see that play out). I know next to nothing about basketball but I haven't seen many short people playing competitively, and Susie/Theo is a short person. Principal Wardwell's observing was interesting - she was clearly keen for Theo to try out but whether it was just a gender thing or she had her own nefarious reasons is something I hope we get clarity on. I suspect her watching the tryouts was more about Sabrina than Theo. The trial was interesting - I liked that Sabrina got help from the Weird Sisters and that she and Nick weren't really that competitive and ended up working together. There were some nice scenes in the episode and I'm glad the show is back, but the 'men are oppressing women' thing was laid on far too thick. More subtlety please.
  15. pootlus

    Santa Clarita Diet

    The show had better get renewed for a fourth season so we find out what happens to Joel. Sheila bit him so he should become undead, but the first thing that happens is the 'insane amount of vomit' (thank you Gary) with their own Mr Ball Legs, so does that mean that Joel now has two Mr Ball Legs? Are they fighting for control of Joel? Liked that Gary not only set up the Hammonds' real estate empire using a headset from the basement, but that he also pitched for a new job! Thank you, teleworking. I must admit I didn't even notice the Fillion/Tudyk change which is a testament to how well it was done. Also loved Lisa going all momma bear to protect Eric and clearing out Dan's closet to put the FBI lady off, then chewing Eric and Abby out over their actions.