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  1. Agree it made no sense that Trixie wouldn't recognise her father's killer - she's 12 now, hardly a small child to be kept in the dark - but Rob Benedict did an amazing job impersonating Kevin Alejandro.
  2. The background stuff in Lucifer has always been top notch. I don't think anything will ever top Lucifer's Dan Revenge Board but Ella's was pretty close. Love that the smartest character worked it out for herself and I bloody love that she was hurt at being left out because for someone who has literally embraced every other major character on the show and has always been there for them that would sting like a bitch.
  3. Agree, that was utterly vile and soured the rest of the episode. Even traffic warden guy from Miranda couldn't save it. I can't abide animal cruelty at the best of times but when it's played for laughs it's horrendous.
  4. Chloe and Lucifer did discuss what could have happened to cause her to self-actualise her wings as literal weapons (given angel wings are always weapons anyway). I don't remember that they came to a conclusion other than she must have strongly felt that she needed to defend herself against something. I'll have to go back and watch. I kind of like the idea that Maze's baby gift made a literal impression though, I can see Chloe rolling her eyes over it.
  5. This, and I think there was something about an angel finding their true calling that was almost a compulsion, rather like Amenadiel becoming God. That's my fanwank anyway - I like your explanation too though, I mean he did put off the whole God thing for weeks. Can I just say that I think this is the most spectacular flying sequence they've done on the show. The shooting angle, the CGI, and Tom's balletic 'leap' onto the top of the shipping container are all amazing. And it just brings me back to something I really like about the ending - Lucifer is still the Devil. I wa
  6. I assume it's either Remi or the motorcycle dude, but Jean did say she'd had a lot of sex. The Otis and Maeve get together only for her to disappear to the US was unfortunately blindingly obvious from when the US scholarship was mentioned. They are cute together but I'm just not sure I care enough about them much any more. The platonic relationships in this show are much better done, such as Aimee/Maeve, Adam/Emily (Ms Sands), and especially Otis/Eric. This season seemed a lot more 'hammered home' with the messages. Hope is a bitch because she wants a baby and can't have one, she'
  7. It wasn't the Goddess, it was Charlotte Richards in heaven. The Goddess is in another universe with Original God. The show confuses things by having the Goddess still look like Charlotte Richards even after she turned into energy at the end of Season 2. I guess it's because otherwise when she showed up at the end of S5 she wouldn't be recognisable - "hey, here's a ball of light, and you only know who she is because Lucifer and Amenadiel call her mom". @cambridgeguy: Lucifer is still an angel, now that the loop has ended he can fly her there himself - there's nothing stopping hi
  8. I had to pause the TV 14 minutes in when Lucifer took his pants off and said, in a horrified voice, "I'm a SMOOTHIE!" because I was laughing so hard. And of course it's the first thing he checks when they get back to corporeal forms. Both Tom and Lauren did really well with the voiceovers.
  9. Unfortunately I think that was down to Scarlett's availability (or lack thereof) so they decided to prioritise Trixie's scenes with Dan, which is fair enough. Trixie not being at Chloe's deathbed was a huge oversight though - hence my Mars fanwank. They can't even use the Scarlett excuse given that 'T' would be at least in her late forties at that point. It made it look as if Chloe's child with Dan was shoved aside in favour of the 'perfect' child she had with Lucifer (quotes because obviously Rory was a long way from perfect).
  10. Thinking some more about this now I've woken up. I wrote a list of possible 'endings' on a Word Doc, and the Titanic ending (he dies, they reunite in the afterlife) was at the top, for what it's worth. Most of my issues with the ending were logistical - it doesn't make sense that he can't pop up for five minutes to be there at important moments. But it kind of makes sense to me that Lucifer would rashly agree to something that was essentially completely unnecessary in order to answer the desperate plea of a daughter he's grown to love in just a few days because overreacting to an in
  11. I will have to go back and put all my other episode opinions in, but this one in particular I wanted to get while it was still 'fresh', and it's 2.30am here and I need sleep. I liked the ending. I had concerns when they were at the piano because Ildy lied strongly implied that it was the final scene and I was bawling my eyes out at the TV and shouting a lot, then I hit pause and realised the episode still had 20 minutes left. A lot of people wanted Lucifer and Chloe to grow old together and honestly I'm probably one of them, but I'm okay with the way it turned out. When Amenadiel a
  12. Agree - they're throwing everything out there, and why not? It looks like the last ten episodes will be an absolute riot.
  13. Lucifer S6 premieres September 10th. S6 discussion panel (very minor spoilers for S6):
  14. Yeah not seeing how it's a rip-off, particularly of a very recent show. Musical episodes have been a thing since Xena and that was over 20 years ago.
  15. I hope she drops the law on them, it's absolutely unacceptable. Poor thing. Your home is the one place you should feel safe.
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