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  1. I flicked over 95% of the flashbacks to Ian and his ex-wife (if that's the right term), it was just so dull. There wasn't much description of life in a Native American community from what I remember, which would have at least been interesting. I found the Quakers were pretty dull too - it's a shame because Ian himself is a great character, he just seems to get dull plotlines after he offers to exchange himself for Roger. I hope they get two more seasons to wrap everything up but I wouldn't miss huge chunks of the later books. Mind you the show has done a great job making book plotlines more interesting and relevant (having Murtagh be leader of the regulators being the example that springs to mind) so who knows. Maybe they could make all that army stuff interesting...?
  2. Ha and I really DID just get the song out of my head. Dammit.
  3. I FFed through parts of this episode, which I've never done with Outlander before. However I am very glad that Bonnet is dead. It was dragged out interminably in the books and I'm happy they bought it forward. Makes me hopeful for some of the other interminable passages (cough, most of An Echo in the Bone) might be 'improved' too.
  4. Saw the movie this evening and I'll back up those who said it was just...a bit flat. The locations were great, but as @allonsyalice says it was a 1-hour plot stretched out to a movie length, and not a particularly good 1-hour plot either, unfortunately. And yes, the initial interaction with Jack and Phryne was completely off. She wouldn't be so utterly jovial in the face of his clear anguish. If I came away with any singular impression, it's 'missed opportunity'. The ingredients were there, but the script wasn't.
  5. That sounds great - what's the make/model? (apologies if you mentioned upthread, I looked but couldn't see).
  6. My main thought during this episode was that Claire clearly has magic tits like Elliot in that episode of Scrubs. My other thoughts included that this show needs more Fergus and Marsali. Still, it was a very decent episode - I've been enjoying this season for the most part - was dreading it in a way because of how interminable the book was.
  7. I think they should have taken Narek with them - sure it wouldn't have made much sense plotwise, but with the crew all getting on pretty well they need a source of tension, and I liked his interactions with Elnor. I completely missed the MacGuffin too @MrWhyt. I wonder if there was some Seven/Rafi stuff that got cut? Not a huge fan of Agnes/Rios but eh. Loved Riker showing up to save the day but that was ridiculously implausible. I mean can you imagine? "Oh hey, can I come back - just for a week or so?" As @thuganomics85 says it would have been better with Worf or Geordi or anyone from TNG who hadn't been established as quitting/retiring. Enjoyable but a bit of a hot mess of a finale, but I only saw The Rise of Skywalker a few days ago so my bar is set pretty low. I'm definitely sticking around for Season 2.
  8. tbh when they described the star system with 8 stars, I am starting to wonder whether there might be 8! Really enjoyed this too, great performances by Michelle Hurd and Santiago Cabrera. I totally had Battlestar Galactica flashbacks. I may even have muttered "they evolved" at some point. It's a logical conclusion, unfortunately. And I'm also still gutted about Hugh. I was hoping that the XBs ripped her apart but I suspect the glow just before the scene cut was her teleporting out. Same. And she said it with such immediate certainty that he believed her at once, and you could see how affected he was. I would like to third/fourth/fifth the desire for a Seven/Elnor spin-off. Those two have tons of big sister/little brother type chemistry and they both have lots to explore in their characters - especially Seven, but Elnor needs to discover himself as a person outside of his vows.
  9. The Hugh/Picard hug got me right in the feels. "I, Borg" is one of my favourite TNG episodes. They had better not kill Hugh and Elnor! It's obvious Agnes is having major PTSD over her decision to kill Bruce, but she's going to have to do a *lot* to put her in the good guys column again, especially as she's probably going to try and murder Soji too. Not surprised at Narek's betrayal but I like the observation by @thuganomics85 that he might have used a not-instant kill method on purpose. On the other hand, it's a typical plot trait to give the heroes time to escape (brilliantly satirised, if memory serves, in one of the Austin Powers movies). Was too distracted by Rios's...attributes to notice his ball skills, frankly. Loved the pleading tone in Picard's voice when he was begging Soji to trust him. His voice broke to just the right degree.
  10. I almost shouted "how are you going to get penicillin in airtight jars you ninny?". They could have used pretty glass *bowls*. I also think the keeping Murtagh alive plot has worked out really well (I don't know if they thought that far ahead when they made the call, does anyone know?). I struggled to connect to the Regulator plot in the books but this makes it much more high stakes. I hope they don't go down the cliche route of "Jamie is forced to kill Murtagh, but Murtagh gives him an approving farewell nod just before he does it". If Murtagh is going to die this season (which I strongly suspect) he deserves something a little more original/heroic.
  11. Reminds me of a line in The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy about a species that developed the ability to read everyone else's thoughts and ended up murdering each other to the point of extinction.
  12. Santiago Cabrera played Aramis, not D'Artagnan, but yes the coincidence (deliberate?) was pretty funny. I liked Elnor. "I regret your choice". Senator Romulan had my sympathy until he started beating on a 90-year old dude, so I wasn't sorry to see him losing his head over it. I saw the elvish thing that others did though, which feels a bit genre-bending. Agnes could be *really* irritating and it's only the skill of the actress that keeps her on the side of quirky and interesting. When she interrupted Rios I wanted to smack her for him. You *never* interrupt someone when they're reading (or doing anything else that they're absorbed in) unless it's an emergency. Seven! I have a feeling she's going to liven things up a bit.
  13. People have different opinions? Honestly a week later, after not a small amount of thought, I dislike the ending even more than I did then - to the extent that I'm just going to try and forget the show, which is a shame. It's just making me too depressed. Happy for those who were satisfied or thought the ending was appropriate, but it's not for me at all. Edit: something that did occur to me during the week. The entire concept of the afterlife was so...limited. They never even went anywhere other than a facsimile Earth (that we saw or heard). Why wouldn't you ask Janet to recreate what it would be to float through the atmosphere of Jupiter? To stand next to a quasar? Or a black hole? Wouldn't you want to know if there was life on alien worlds, and visit (copies) of them? Sure this might have all happened off-screen, but they could have at least mentioned it.
  14. For me, it was 'JL'. It's bad enough when fictional characters call people by their names when they're talking to them - it sounds so artificial because it rarely happens in real life. Add in the awful abbreviation, and...I'm not surprised she seemed to be struggling or that it didn't work. Some of the dialog was really, really clunky this episode. Yeah that was weird and icky. Also: Hugh! Agreed. The piece of shrapnel they dug out of Aramis Rios's shoulder is the same shape as the one in the title sequence (which I absolutely adore by the way, the cello is awesome).
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