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  1. Jingle jangle Jacoba Jamie Michelle Roberta Michelle
  2. Cole or Chelsea wrote that lol
  3. I called it. I knew she was going to get a new dog. When this one gets sick she will dump it too. Poor puppy will now have to deal with 3 loud kids who will not be gentle with him. Kail sucks.
  4. Maybe they eat the deer? I don’t think J is allowed to take back the boat etc. it’s a gift and you can’t take it back.
  5. Apple and Olive make me hungry and now I want crackers, cheddar and grapes for a nice dinner.
  6. McMuffin isn’t the smartest tool in the shed. let’s hope Izzy doesn’t light it on fire.
  7. In laundromat today. A lady took off most of her clothes to wash them. She sat next to me wearing a T-shirt and thermal layer pants.
  8. JB and Mi won’t even notice if they don’t visit for Xmas.
  9. She shops at Amy’s because she probably gets stuff for free.
  10. Deb looks like an alien. Oy the eyebrows are scary. Look like 2 fat worms on her face. Escorting for tuition money? Oh Farah.
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