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  1. I'm not sure that kom is using someone's body as it's been a total transmutation at this point and the previous occupant is gone. Barbara is growing on me. It helps when she's more snarky and less bitchy.
  2. But that's not really how we've been shown how hell loops work. Lee was constantly just outside his families house afraid to go in. What got him into heaven is his willingly leaving the car to go see his family. I don't think Daniel's guilt is based on the police station more than the failure of his marriage, his dragon one corruption, trying to kill lucifer, him and maze killing that guy. I think before lucifer intervened his loop would've been much different.
  3. Much like Eve, I get Chloe's problem. Wtf is she supposed to do between bouncing from earth to take care of Trixie and going to the silver city to hang with lucifer and eat egg sandwiches it sounds massively unfulfilled. Why shouldn't she stay a detective when it's what's she's wanted to do forever. If Lucy can't interfere with human wills it makes sense to have her have a job to actually protect humanity. Plus, much like God, once Lucifer ascends he'd be omniscient, not like he has to spend all time on the throne.... the all knowing should be able to multi task. Also I get eve
  4. It was but the article picture included white canary originally I'm pretty sure.
  5. It was on her Facebook earlier today but looks like it was removed, so maybe they changed some things. :(
  6. Caity confirmed for flash crossover. So that's promising.
  7. To be fair Bruce had never been trying to kill the joker before. He literally broke into arkham and killed him because he snapped.
  8. Harley was absolutely a delight and completely badass while retaining her clowny nature. Casually breezing in, being super blown as of tdks name and skill set. Bonus points for flags "i didn't pick the damn team!" Also Sébastien gets second place as best character. He sigh when people don't like him is adorable. I grew up with pretty rats, they are adorable.
  9. https://deadline.com/2021/07/batwoman-victoria-cartagena-renee-montoya-dc-hero-season-3-cw-series-1234796596/ Strange twist of fate.
  10. It's so Lucifer to not let shit go but instead plan for months, while dealing with more important stuff, to plot his revenge.
  11. That's what I was referring to, yeah, of course since this Stephanie is a red head maybe she's Oracle.
  12. That's fair, I always watch next day but my fiance watches live and he's been busy working on his dissertation and didn't have time to watch until this morning.
  13. Except she's already been name dropped, so we know she does.
  14. In my head star man is still about Sara
  15. I think Gideon was just being sarcastic in her own way, like, sure I'm a supercomputer but I might be wrong but let's take her apart and see if I can find anything else. Like in Andromeda when the characters asked her if she could be wrong and she just looked at them like they were idiots, cause no.
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