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  1. https://comicbook.com/dc/2019/10/14/ashley-scott-costume-birds-of-prey-crisis-infinite-earths/
  2. E2 Harry might've been smart enough to get the hell outta dodge when weird stuff started going down.
  3. Awh, Kon and Krypto are just adorable. Which kinda makes me sad because it seems no matter the medium I'm never going to get that Tim/Kon interaction, it's always going to be Kon with a different Robin.
  4. Connor could be faking it. That's entirely possible. But on the other hand, this is just an extreme version of how he freaks out. And full disclosure laughter is always for some reason how I respond to terror/ grief/ shock before another symptom kicks in. From wikipedia: Unhealthy or "nervous" laughter comes from the throat. This nervous laughter is not true laughter, but an expression of tension and anxiety. Instead of relaxing a person, nervous laughter tightens them up even further. Still hate Gabriel but boy that actor can cry. His mom needs to go though.
  5. I get what you mean about focusing on our Arrowverse characters but at the same time, I'm being sold Crisis on Infinite Earths, for a year I've been told that's what I'm getting. So I'm going to be heated if that's not what I get.
  6. Either all these cameos and guest stars have a gag order and can't post a bunch of bts pics... or their barely in it and the press/cw/ producers are just using them for hype. I am personally hoping for the former but leaning towards the latter.
  7. Weird, I remember when shows were canceled over those numbers.
  8. You can't kill Lucius Fox!! Boooo.
  9. Yet somehow Tyler conveys more of a Clark Kent persona than I think Tom ever did.
  10. The thought of not seeing Dina in this, even for the briefest of moments is making me sad. So I'm rewatching BoP. Before work today I decided to trade my necklace for my BoP one just for hope.
  11. Escrima sticks. But technically Oracle and Nightwing usually use tactical batons in the field. @Primal Slayer I doubt that they said no to Dina reprising Oracle, I think it's more likely that Dina passed. Batgirl is in development hell and they aren't using Babs in the Birds of Prey Harley Quinn movie.
  12. I'm wondering whether they just modified the Superman Returns suit for Brandon. Dina's batgirl suit was Alecia's just painted in the correct colours.
  13. I wanted to get my hopes up, but I don't think Dina is gonna be participating. 😕
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