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  1. So speaking of the farm, and any casual posters can tell I'm on rewatch and I'm bored and trying to make things fit. My family has a farm, that has one house and one stable for horses and a pen for chickens. We didn't use either horses or chickens because my family grew tabbaco. Or tomatoes, take your pick. There are stables and pens we have never used. One decade was a life choice, now its why not tomatoes? Way more land than we'd ever need and we haven't sold a tomato since I was five. If I had to guess Sissy's farm, while not a real front is more an excuse to keep autistic Harlan away from the city. Lots of places for him to play, and he didn't have to interact with people who wouldn't get him. Eta: regarding Ben, I think the kids were way more powerful than Reginald understood. We probably are all just learning as they are the cusp of powers.
  2. I wish I could like that post a million times. The cover is by the interrupters, a ska band from LA. But their lead singer is a very talented woman named Aimee who I've been following for almost twenty years who started really underground, got signed, record collapsed and then spent fifteen years trying to make it again. So I get over the moon when people like anything she does. (Not over the moon in a destroy it kind of way, just to be clear. )
  3. I had the same thought re: the children. He has no way to know which place he got the Umbrella Academy. Sure, he could just skip Russia and Germany because of Klaus and Vanya, did he also just say pass to Latin America because of Diego? Skip all black girls entirely because of Allison? For someone who wanted all the kids but only found seven, it really doesn't seem like he had the ability to be picky about it. But hey, maybe the audience will be in for a shock and it's the same kids and Reginald actually chose to change his parenting style and not be traumatizing instead of changing his children and being a dick in new ways.
  4. Hoping for a season three. We all deserve an episode focusing on Ben and we see everything from his death to what he was up to until ghost death. It might be boring, but I deserve it.
  5. That's my theory as well, Klaus summoned teenage Ben away from going to the light or heaven, and kept him with him for fifteen years as the only ghost that constantly stayed with him despite how trashed he got. I just assumed not actually going to the after life caused Ben's spirit to age long after his body died. That and they wanted an adult actor along with other adult actors, 5 being the the growing up quickly exception.
  6. Haha, I'm cracking up at that comment, I just turned 31 and got pretty much constantly get carded for things I could've bought a decade ago. I mean, I'm not taking car of myself so I don't know why I'm aging well, but I'm not complaining.
  7. Ben told Klaus that there was a key under the mat and that Klaus knew it. He just couldn't be bothered to grab it and chose to smash his way in.
  8. You have to recall that at this point Luke and Jessica are basically considered superheroes to midtown and the bronx. Their story had been told. They aren't wasting any time
  9. Brah, wtf. I'm definitely going to cancel my Netflix subscription after my year free ends, they've just been blowing me with all these cancellations the past two seasons.
  10. Am I the only one who watched Allison make Diego punch himself like eight times in a row while laughing hysterically?
  11. I'd imagine a lot of unknowns bump into each other at auditions or live together before they make it big.
  12. I'm so glad that Ben is going to have more focus this season.
  13. Delphi

    Small Talk: The Quiver

    Yeah, a two or three season arc on one of streaming giants would've been a better choice. A teenage action adventure movie is definitely not gonna give it the gravitas that it deserves.
  14. Omg, I totally agree. I get that she's paranoid about her parents, but you could kindly butt the fuck out of your brother's relationship woes. Plenty of seventeen years old couples aren't endgame and she'd know that if she'd stop being so obsessed that her freshman long distance relationship didn't work out. My sister was also a few years below me in high school and I'd lose my shit if she ran around the school trying to figure out every person I was hooking up with, who were also boys incidentally.
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