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  1. Yeahhhhh, I was already very wary of recasting in the first place, I know they don't have a choice, but still. If this news is real and not a misdirect I'm fucking out. Even if it's Helena, who I adore, I'm out, because it changes the show fundamentally and to one I didn't sign up to watch. I guess I'll always have season one and the crossovers.
  2. Between Batwoman and Riverdale, the cw seems like a pretty dangerous place to work.
  3. Good news. Wonder if Ellis caved due to the future at this point being highly unpredictable at the moment.
  4. Since Lily the writers or the team it seems to have actively stopped caring about aberrations in the time line unless their causing super negative effects.
  5. While the history of fucking Sara over is colossal, I also think Caity has been around the block awhile now and would be very candid if she was getting fucked over or pushed out. She didn't have the clout in season 2 of Arrow that she has now, at this point she's been on legends five years, guest starred on every show numerous times and has gone on record when she doesn't like what's going on. I think she'd warn fans if her character was doomed, she knows how much she's appreciated by the fans.
  6. Soooo.... the entire universe was rewritten and no one bothered to tell Clark Kent that Lex Luthor was evil so he could set up defenses for the fortress? That checks out considering how terrible these people are at their jobs.
  7. Yay! I love this show, so, I assumed it was going to get the axe.
  8. Am I the only one appreciating the irony of a red headed Joanna Garcia playing a southern woman getting a divorce from her doctor husband because he screwed his nurse and got her pregnant and her having to raise their three kids at the family's home. Just me? Good God, Dana is the the worst.
  9. If it was the matter of Ruby being exhausted, I really don't understand why they could've put less of a focus on her. Similarly to what Veronica Mars did in season two so KB wasn't completely exhausted. They could've even reduced episode count, get body doubles/stunt doubles. This could really fuck up the show longterm.
  10. Holy forking shirtballs, what the hell did I wake up to. This is so bananas, I never had a problem with Ruby the way others did. And I thought she really grew into her own throughout the season. I was very excited to come back to this in season 2, whenever everything calms down but now I'm honestly not sure I'm going to be tuning in.
  11. Delphi

    S01.E20: O, Mouse!

    Carter Bowen is Bruce Wayne. No wonder Ollie hates him.
  12. I really hope they aren't making a feeble attempt to write Sara out, like I only started watching this show for Sara and Ray. As much as I enjoy Zari, she's not going to keep me around.
  13. I'd imagine a multi billionaire philanthropist getting gunned down in Crime Alley for her necklace would actually be fairly well known. It is a bit morbid though, surely Martha had other jewelry they could've displayed.
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