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  1. I'm all sorts of blown that weekend update ended up gutted so that Chapelle could talk his trash for what seemed to be twenty minutes, like not sure why this guy is still relevant. Also, as a guy with a drinking problem I'm wondering if maybe Che has a drinking problem.
  2. Always here for a Conner Halloween episode. This didn't disappoint. I don't see any problem with the kids having costumes because as mentioned above they have about twenty years of Halloween decorations and costumes in the attic. The line that killed me was when Jackie said she couldn't figure out how to make the gumball costume about her mother. The bathroom line fell flat for me because while funny, I am fully aware that Dan has his own en suite attached to his bedroom. Not to get too political but I appreciated all the comments tonight. Especially from Dan who is sometimes bullheaded but was pretty eloquent this time around.
  3. I don't think all the people had doubts that the show would be good. I know a lot of people who assumed Ruby would be a bit one note, but that's par for the course.. Stephen Amell wasn't as good when he first started. I think people are bothered because we bought into the show by a very specific premise and now it's not like the show will be bad by default but it's definitely not what anyone signed up for plot wise.
  4. Wow, that guy just hanging out at his home just seems very unnecessarily bothered by all that, like calm down sir.
  5. I actually thought that alec toned it down because he wanted to show that Trump already had covid at the debate, he even looked less orange than usual, i assumed it was supposed to be foreshadowing.
  6. Doing a rewatch, including revival. Leo should have been end game. My sister and I were talking about how how everyone deserves a Patrick (shitts creek) and she asked me to name another perfect tv boyfriend, Leo is the only one I could think of.
  7. I could see someone from Bludhaven before Hub tbh. But really, I'd choose one of the cities not overrun with gangsters and criminals. Or even Keystone or Central. Sure they have crime, but it's sunny there.
  8. Who the fuck moves to Gotham City for a new beginning...
  9. Thus far. How Batwoman season two goes is anyones guess. And Grant is on a his choice in regards to renewing soon. There is superman and Lois, but with no midwinter event because there's no one left what're they gonna do.
  10. With the Batwoman recast and this news it really sounds like the arrowverse will be grinding to a halt unless Greg can get his hands on a few more dc properties. I don't feel any sort of way about this news though, i mean I enjoy the show and make sure to watch it but always kind of just easy tv watching, I'm not a fanatic.
  11. Ugh pretty upset over this. Yeah the show was expensive, but a lot of that expense was building all these puppets and sets... and now they are just gonna collect dust in a warehouse somewhere? That makes no sense to me.
  12. I'm really not shocked that dc universe didn't work out. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Lucifer hates kids so he only goes raw with other dudes otherwise he's a strap up kind of devil.
  14. Even if not Trixie, just so Chloes parents could have a kid. I really don't think Chloe was made for Lucifer. Dad has been pretty much checked out on celestials since he made humans so I'm not sure he would check back in just for the son he banished.
  15. Well it's not the final season. But i don't see it as dumping info. Coming into the series she's a forty year old therapist, I'd see no reason she'd tell her... literal pro Bono client she gave up a kid twenty years ago. I have had friends get abortions when we were kids and didn't tell me until very recently.
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