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  1. I hope we'll hear more about the BTS stuff. If there were problems with the cast, I suspect Jeanine Mason is not the only cast member who had issues. I hope that next season is more exciting. This season felt very dull, except with her fascination with Alex Manes.
  2. Wow. I thought she was married to the show- I wonder what happened behind the scenes. I hope this means better things for season three.
  3. Will Nathan Parsons be at the panel? Why doesn't Nathan Parsons join in on panels and do more media? As the lead of the show, I think it would be more mandatory that he do press to boost the show and its tepid ratings.
  4. I figured he's heard the song once or twice but didn't get all the lyrics- he misheard them and that was the result. Sort of like the story of a person who heard: "A girl with colitis goes by" instead of "A girl with kaleidoscope eyes" from the Beatles I am the Walrus. Others can be found here and all over the internet: https://www.insider.com/song-lyrics-that-people-get-wrong-2019-6#taylor-swifts-blank-space-has-a-misheard-line-that-seems-to-mention-a-major-coffee-brand-3
  5. I hardly recognized Octavia too. I feel kind of bad for the actress- such a beauty when the series began. Somewhere in the series she got some terrible filler/surgery done to her face and now she looks puffy. Or, if she's sick, the medication must have awful side effects and I hope she gets better. I felt like I was watching an awful stargate episode. And I don't know if the place Becca went to was the planet they are all on now or where she went? All this time travel is so confusing- I don't know who/what/where is going on half the time. I miss Bellamy.
  6. Aww, my cold heart melted a bit tonight. Full of 80s cliches, hokey and over the top, and I LOVED that Mac and Deke are friends now.
  7. Well that's 60 minutes of my life I'm never getting back.
  8. I hope the writers will somehow refer to Mack's love of MC Hammer.
  9. In the world of 'stans and uber fans, accusations and threats from them get hurled around twitter and places like confetti, so it is no wonder that a lot of celebrities don't post (or post infrequently). The court of public opinion can be a nasty place. I don't see how taking the breakup to a public forum is helpful for anyone especially for Aryn, who is clearly very hurt. Unless his behavior points to a pattern of abuse (ie, more than one woman telling their story), it seems it was a bad relationship left a lot of hurt and anger between them both. I hope she finds the happiness she wants and deserves. And I wish the same for B and E. They've known each other for 7 years, so they must know each other very well enough by now so that it is not exactly spur of the moment.
  10. ...but next week we get a whole lot of 1982! But this was an intense episode. I'm not worried for Coulson (he always comes back), but it seems like all the "let's not make waves" is out the window. At this point, I think AoS has gone into an alternate universe now. Poor Mack. That truly felt like a gut punch. Deke and Souza are such great characters. And aw, Enoch is a member of the family now. Officially!
  11. That was.....awful. The writing was terrible and I felt badly for the actors/directors who had to do it.
  12. I am not cool with Cindy/Shiv being abusive to her stepmother (still not sure if she's a robot or a brainwashed human). I don't care that her father is a tool- it's not an excuse. Domestic violence is crossing a line. Sadly, I think the character is a series regular, much to my disgust, but I would be fine if she was written off the show immediately. Cameron has got the cute/broody thing down pat- he checks all the boxes. And I wonder how the janitor (who is he?) knows Stripsey.
  13. It's never going to happen, but I wish Daisy would give Deke a chance.
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