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  1. I like Mariana and her boss together- they've got chemistry. I know why they can't be together (at least not for now), but I really like the performances of both actors when they are sharing scenes. Raj and Mariana's roommate are totally going to hook up.
  2. How are they defining cultural dance? Does it have to be a culture from the team’s home country? Will they all be dancing in yogurt costumes? (I’ll show myself out).
  3. Can we add Moulin Rogue to that list? Or at least put it on pause for the next ten years?
  4. I don't remember who Der is, but it would be great to see Steven come back. I've never took a shine to Adam. He's done too much bad stuff- poison/shoving his Mom's face in a fire/gaslighting his brother/boyfriend? into an institution? Even for this show, it's beyond the pale.
  5. Still think they should raise the age limit.
  6. They could always recast Alex (although I seriously doubt that happening).
  7. I'm going tp get slammed for saying this, but after watching 4 continents, I want quads banned for women skaters. I loved seeing all the other elements/jumps/spins/laybacks, and to see them get rewarded.
  8. Just saw the video of the Free Dance. Zach (Donahue) had quite the disaffected look on his face. I couldn't tell if he was made at the scores or mad at himself. Cannot wait to see the men's short program when it airs. I heard it was awesome.
  9. I'm sad that Kaori didn't skate better (and/or get better scores). I love her skating- she is such a breath of fresh air. What's happening over in France- WOW.
  10. This episode felt very filler to me- they could have had these plot ones done in 10 minutes but they stretched it out to 42. I’m starting to really like Evan.
  11. I’ve had a crappy week, so Meredith speaking Italian to DeLuca has was heartwarming and comforting. In today’s world, I need more of that sexy flirting in Italian. When can those two get stuck in an elevator again? Also, Team Link. Owen has too many kids already. The Irish Widow annoys me. He needs to go back to Christina and hook up with her.
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