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  1. Are the judges lowballing Caine/LeDuc? Kirenen and her partner are really really good. And they look consistent. Some of the other pairs looked slow, which I have never really noticed before.
  2. Yes- it was the third episode when it took off for me- Roy and his niece Phoebe, the newspaper reporter, and every episode after just continued to impress me. I can't wait for season two. 🙂
  3. Okay- this is pure speculation but I'm fanwankingt that Nelle is holding Sonny prisoner. (and maybe Julian because a dead body doesn't guarantee anything on a soap opera)
  4. I completely agree that Anna is with the wrong Chase. Also, Chase and Willow are so much better together. Her scenes with Michael makes me snooze. And anyway, I like the character Chase much better than Michael.
  5. Deluca, I think, is toast. So much praise about his life and how he's handling his illness- it's like they were eulogizing him. We'll see what happens in...whenever they come back for the rest of the season. I wish they'd write off Owen instead.
  6. What was the list of names they showed after the show? Does anyone know?
  7. They all tested positive today?? Or in general, over the last year?
  8. Are they chem testing Maxie with Brando and/or Dante? Is Cyrus legit concerned about Lulu? Plot twist coming
  9. Cared too much about winning, no matter the cost.
  10. I just watched this show- hot damn it’s so much fun. I wish they had season two ready to go because it’s going to be a loooooong winter, and I could use a dose of Ted, Beard, and everyone. And the Diamond Dogs. 🙂
  11. Chase was so clean shaven yesterday he looked like a 7 year old. Please, bring back a little scruff or something to make him look a little older. And yes, I want him and Willow back together. It’s about time Michael/Willow know what they did to help keep custody of Wylie. I hope we get more scenes of Anna/Valentine. I don’t them to be romantic, but I like the dynamic between them.
  12. So if Lulu is being written off does that mean....Danxie? Mante? Looks like they had a chem test earlier in the week,
  13. I don't want William Devry to leave. I like Julien. 😞 If anyone should leave, it should be Chad or Willow. Or Peter or Maxie.
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