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  1. Personally, I don't think anyone who is not vaccinated should be at the olympics. It is too dangerous for everyone.
  2. @CheshireCat, you're right. There may be that kind of stuff happening too.
  3. I hope they will show replays, because I'm going to miss a chunk of the figure skating events. :(
  4. Being the cynical person I am, I am pretty certain that some countries will do everything they can to get their skaters to compete. Like some athletes will do everything they can to win but "fixing" their tests for PEDS (Lance Armstrong, I'm looking at you) some will be more than willing to find ways to fix covid tests. Sigh.
  5. Are the skaters all in Beijing by now? I am so sad that Kolyada won't be skating.
  6. Welp, Dylan McDermott is joining FBI Most Wanted, so I guess his time on OC is almost up- unless Dick Wolf has worked his magic so he can appear on both his shows (even though they air on two different networks).
  7. Richard Wheatley is not long for this world if he's going off the rails like this. Doctor Wheatley is on the rise, I think. I like the actor who plays Sebastian. Wonder how/if he'll turn up again.
  8. I know it probably won't happen, but I would love Kaori to sneak in for the Bronze.
  9. Oh, I wanted Osaka to reach at least the quarter finals.
  10. If I were any of Eteri's girls, I too would be watching my back. You know how eager Tuktamysheva is to go.
  11. Now that he's been deported from Australia (hopefully for three years), I will make it a point to watch the Australian Open. Hee! I am adding"Spoiled Serbian Snot" to add to my lexicon.
  12. If I ran the ISU, I'd make these changes to the point system for the Singles Events. 1. Falls need to be more penalized, so that people don't do jumps they can't land because it would cost them so many points. Rotations don't count if you can't land them. 2. Triple Axels should have a higher base value than quads (since the triple seems "harder" for whatever reason. 3. Make the steps/laybacks/spins have more a lot more points so that more people will do them. 4. No bonus points for backloading programs. 5. No favorites. Judge everyone fairly or the judges will be fired.
  13. I hope not, but if tptb want her to stick around, she'll have to be somebody's daughter. I wonder if Brooklyn/Austin was some kind of weird chem test? I mean Ewww, but I can't figure out how they are related anymore. Right now would be a good time for the writer's to retcon things and make Nina Willow's mother or something. Anything to break up Millow. Love Tracey. Love her so much.
  14. This awful song is a horrific ear worm. I swear, I think the only cure would be for someone Rick-Roll me.
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