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  1. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    Was Clarke always a nightblood? Or did she become one during one of her attempts to save the world? Because if she's not an OG nightblood, then maybe the chip won't work very well and we will have split personality Clarkaphine.
  2. KittenPokerCheater

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Shiloh is going to be dead (or mostly dead) super soon. They way they are telegraphing it is so du jour. At the rate it’s going, I expect Joss and Jake and baby Avery to added to the list of ever growing suspects. I don’t like the song, but Dr. Obreicht can hit the notes. RoHo cannot- especially in that key, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why they made him.
  3. KittenPokerCheater

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    Serena? /runs
  4. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    I don't know that I'm going to be able to take 9 episodes of PodClarke fooling everyone. Hopefully we'll get more backstory of how the chips/blood made it to Sanctum, because I thought that all that Ali/Chip stuff happened after the sanctum settlers left earth. So not interested in Octavia/Dioyza. I know they are on a redemption tour, but I'd rather the characters were written off.
  5. KittenPokerCheater

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    Can we have Nate's Dad Biff show up for a couple of episodes every season? He's so great. Echoing the love about Ray being so Ray he makes friends in Hell. With Savage, no less. A good episode, and I'm looking forward to next season.
  6. KittenPokerCheater

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    So are the actors who play Nell and Eric leaving the show? It certain seems like it. But honestly, I think I'm done with the show.
  7. KittenPokerCheater

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    If anyone is at the Chicago thing, I hope they will report back about it.
  8. KittenPokerCheater

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    I'm okay with Chase's song/performace. Partly because I like the song, and partly because it looks like they actually put a little money into the nurse's ball this year. It's an improvement from last year (and others).
  9. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E03: The Children of Gabriel

    Actually, what I'd really like to know is why Henry Ian Cusik is still in the credits. Is he really getting paid to be off screen and in cryo? I want his kind of contract where one gets paid but doesn't have to be on set.
  10. KittenPokerCheater

    S01Ep22: Luna

    Did the coke lawyer jump from the hopsital room and land on an ambulance, or was he driving it? I hope that Georgia (and Luna, since children always muck up overly earnest shows like NA) aren’t back next season. If Helen isn’t back, I will probably stop watching. She is the most interesting character.
  11. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E03: The Children of Gabriel

    Russel’s wife seems to be a Lady MacBeth- the power behind the throne. Since Dioyza is right up there with Bin Ladin and Hitler, I can see how they wouldn’t want to offer her shelter. But I would think they’d lock her up until she has the baby, keep the baby and THEN turn her loose. Murphy/Bellamy bits were sweet tonight. I like it when the Clarke/Bellamy/Murphy are in the same scenes and I hope they don’t split them up again this season.
  12. KittenPokerCheater

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I always wanted Deeks' father to come back from the dead, because I feel like his father was the one that scared him the most, and I think it would cause a lot of drama. Because if any one could be a terrific mustache twirling villain, who could do a lot of damage, it would be Deeks' Dad. Of course, with these writers, he would probably turn out to be a good guy and all would be forgiven. Bleh. Also, it might be a good reason to bring back Deeks' old buddy from Plan B. Ah, this show was so great in its earlier years....sigh.
  13. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E02: Red Sun Rising

    I haven’t seen this episode yet and and after reading everyone’s comments, I already am sick of Abby. Also, do not disparage Monty on my watch, Octavia. Of all the characters on the show, he seems to be the only one who was genuinely good. I hope the show kills the character of Octavia too.
  14. KittenPokerCheater

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    I hope George Wilson turns out to be super rich and saves Chastain. And that Jane Leeves sticks around- I love her chemistry with Bell. Last episode Conrad made an offer to Bell....did we find out what it was this episode?
  15. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E01: Sanctum

    Not a bad episode, but if they don't do better, I'm going to be massively disgusted. I wonder where the people are- where they hide when the eclipse comes- and how often it comes. On a shallow note, either I've forgotten what Octavia looked like, or she had some work done. I'm pretty certain it's the latter