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  1. What's up with the wonky eyebrow Ollie? And CW audio, you are so fired.
  2. I nominate this for the Most Boring. Series. Finale. ever at the next PTV awards. I know finales never end to anyone's liking but, I'm yawning here.
  3. This episode is feeling very filler to me. Which is weird because this is a very short season. Also, I haven't seen Slade, so I feel cheated and grumpy.
  4. I really like this Laurel- I wish we'd had this Laurel from the start of the series. /preps to dodge tomatoes. And Yau-Fei! I like this character so much.
  5. I am so tired of the word Crisis. "If I hear crisis one more time, I'm going to have to learn to spell it!"* Also, what's up with the audio? Post production peeps, you're slipping. *vauge, TVD half joke
  6. Ouch, Selena Gomez. Not sure if your earpiece was working b/c you were off key. And Taylor is her best friend again. I may be the only one watching tonight, but it's fun for the musical performances (the only reason I watch).
  7. McWidow? No thanks. Keep Meredith with DeLuca. Amelia- the baby is Linc's. Your OB is WRONG/ Catherine Fox- needs to shed some of there holier-than-thou attitude. In other words, this fall finale was an utter disaster for me.
  8. I hope that she will have some scenes with Hayden.
  9. Because this is a soap opera, I would be okay if Julian/Alexis get back together. But I see the appeal of a Julian/Brooklyn pairing. because it would make Sonny's head explode.
  10. I'm all set to duck tomatoes, but I thought RH did a good job today.
  11. I feel like the finale episode was rushed- like they tried to cram 3 episodes into one. Glad for the happy ending. Now I want to go back and watch the series all over again- if I can find the unedited versions. But if they decide to make more seasons, I won't be watching. Especially if they jump to The Stranger that Came Ashore (or whatever the book is called).
  12. Has any news outlet posted/reported if/when/where GH episodes will air, since it looks as if episodes will be pre-empted for awhile?
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