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  1. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    I think this may be my least favorite episode of the season.
  2. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    Multiverse shenanigans at play, maybe?
  3. KittenPokerCheater

    S02.E02: Torn

    As much as I dislike Callie's storyline, I will miss that Judge and the other characters in the office. They were interesting. Callie's forgiving Malika is beyond incomprehensible to me. It would be a long time before I could forgive a friend who had done something like that to me, even if I understood it was done in the heat of the moment.
  4. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    Unpopular opinion: I like Deke. And I like how upset he was that Fitz had died/was still alive. He might be comic relief, but I appreciate the moments when we get to see him as more than that. I will miss Enoch a lot. So is the woman with the jump drive the creator?
  5. KittenPokerCheater

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    Who was the french player (she was blonde, number 6) who got a yellow card at the end of the game, and then shoved another us player down, but nothing was called? I'm not super knowledgeable about the finer points of the game, but it looked like she should have gotten another yellow card after that second hard shove. But good game, and I think the semi finals are going to be super competitive.
  6. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E03: The Unusual Suspect

    Now, reason and logic don't really count on this show, but if Charles if the Chairman of the Board for Empiracal/Millenium, wouldn't that preclude him from opening another publishing company? I miss the days of seasons 1 and 2.
  7. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E08: The Old Man and the Anomaly

    Ha-ahahahahahahahahha! But actually, I would be okay if the Anomaly took out either Octavia or Dioyza. Both of them annoy me, and if Dioyza IS as bad as she was back in the day on earth, then I truly would like Karma and Nemesis to pay her a visit.
  8. KittenPokerCheater

    S02.E02: Torn

    I am not surprised she failed the bar- most people take classes and give up their lives completely to study. Callie was partying and doing everything BUT study, it seems. I like the guy who plays Marianna’s boss. I just do. I’d like to learn more about the character, and I really like that he is trying to even the playing field, even if it is tone deaf and inept. He’s trying.
  9. KittenPokerCheater

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    I feel like the European teams always do well, which is why I tend to root for Asian and African teams . Thus said, I am also rooting for England and the US. As the teams whittle down, I have favorites who I want to win, but mostly I want to see a good game without dirty plays.
  10. KittenPokerCheater

    In The Dark

    This gave me the best chuckle- because I think it's true. 🙂
  11. KittenPokerCheater

    In The Dark

    I did not see *that* coming.
  12. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Exactly. I was so happy to see him again. And I don’t get it either; why a guy shooting himself in front of her was her worst memory when compared to everything she did after. Speaking of the whole after, when will we understand how after Russel killed his family/everyone, he magically brought them back to life and put a chip in them? Now, how they get Clarke back and get Josephine out of her (preferablly dead), is something I want to see.
  13. KittenPokerCheater

    Roswell: Aliens from another Planet aka Cast in Other Roles

    I just saw Sherri Saum on Agents of Sheild who was playing....wait for it....an alien. Whose planet had been destroyed. I think she also has powers. 😂
  14. KittenPokerCheater

    S06.E01: Big Day

    babys & kids: jump the shark time.
  15. KittenPokerCheater

    2019 Womens World Cup France

    I felt bad for Thailand too. To me it feels like bad for the US to keep on scoring when it was so clear they were going to win by a large margin. I mean, the US women are the heavy favorites to win, so they could have been more gracious. Instead, I feel like they humiliated Thailand.