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  1. Are Brando and Molly related? I can't figure out if Brando is related to Sonny or not. Unless the actress who plays Molly is going on contract, I hope this chem test doesn't lead anywhere. Oh, and what happened to Dev? I figured he's working for Cyrus as a mole (however unwillingly) but we haven't seen him onscreen in awhile.
  2. Do we *knpw* that the other blonde is Max/Isobel's mother. And how do we know Max/Isobel are twins? Because Canon? It's not like anyone every ran a DNA test on them. A good episode, but as been pointed out, the sense of urgency is missing. I wonder if we will ever find out what Michael had to say to Maria the whole "be upset but I have to tell you something" but. Can Max come back to life after being Mostly Dead? Please? Unspoiledd Spec: If Isobel is technically Maria's great aunt or something, there can be a lot of comedy gold to mine there. Especially given how snarky they are to each other.
  3. Everyone is either phoning it in or leaving the show. I feel like on LL and the new kids are showing any kind of life. TPTB need to cancel the show.
  4. I didn't see it that way at all. I think it's the writer's way to show a) how great Alex is, b) that Maria is awesome and c) that he would be with Maria if he was not gay. But it is very interesting to read your perspective. I think Alex is too good for Michael. I'm fine with them being friends, but I don't want them as a romantic pairing. I hope they are not endgame, b/c I'd like to see Alex with someone who deserves him more. Very interested to see what happens to Daddy Manes/Todd goin forward.
  5. I have been wondering about this too. How did he know he could bring people back to life? We only saw in the flashback episode that he figured out how to kill someone.
  6. I'm not a fan of Rosa. She was acting like a brat well before she knew how the town reacted to her death. The actress is very good, but they can't write the character off fast enough for me. Michael/Maria are hot. More of them please. And Michael being a mess is good tv. Why was ManesDaddy coding? Did someone poison him? I am glad Isobel took a morning-after alien drug. We don't need a baby (jump the shark). Max in limbo is getting old. And the conservative woman with her nail polish remover...that wasn't suspicious at all. But it looks like we've met Kyle's love interest.
  7. While I am sure all the athletes are relieved, it must also be a crushing disappointment too. Some folks may have lost their "window" as it were.
  8. If they can't resume taping, maybe they will show "best of" storylines from the 80s/90s....
  9. Okay- I watched the last episode to see where Alex told Michael he was leaving the airfare to play music, like they talked about in this episode. It was never there. Argh. I'm less and less of a fan of Isobel, but I can't wait to see how things play out when she and Rosa eventually have a scene together. Also can't wait to see how Maria reacts when she find outs about the whole alien thing. Liking Michael and Liz scenes. More of them please.
  10. Is the actor who plays Floyd really leaving the show? I wonder why (because most contracts are at least 3 seasons if not longer). Truly, though: Fuck Cancer. The "next week on New Amsterdam" scenes looked intense, and I think it might be pulled.
  11. Abduction. Alien or human , but I'm thinking a Manes or one of their minions.
  12. I enjoyed the episode but I don't like Rose (the character, not the actress). I am sorry they brought her back to life. Meh. And she dominated the episode far too much. Please write her off, writers. Michael, I think, should be more messed up that he is. But I laughed with the whole: "I need you to help me move a body" and he replies "If I had a dollar every time someone asked me..." Isobel pregnant...quelle surprise. (yawn).
  13. Eh, where I live we're all being encouraged to self quarantine, so bring on the Helen/Max romance. I could use the distraction.
  14. Yes, I am sad but glad that they put the health of athletes and people before ticket sales. I WILL be wondering who would have won/medaled/finished. In my fantasy world: Mariah would have won Bronze. The men would be: Nathan, Hanyu, Bojang, and then Jason (not Nathan as I mistyped). Ice Dance would have been: Chock/Bates, The French Team, Gillies/Poriet and then H/D.. Pairs, I have no idea anymore.
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