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  1. SourK

    S02.E14: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part II

    Ugh. The first half of this episode had me. I was like, "Wow, this is a surprisingly satisfying explanation for most of the mysteries," and then the second half just straight-up didn't make sense again. The whole reason they're going to the future is to save the data from Control, so the fact that Control is on the ship with them seems like it should be a pretty big deal. Especially since nobody seems to know how things are going with Georgeiou and her attempt to kill him until they're in the process of going to the future. And then, when Georgeiou kills him, Control is disabled so there was no reason why they still had to go to the future right then. Also, I realized part way through the space battle that Enterprise could just destroy Discovery to stop Control from getting the data. And then I wondered why nobody considered alternate ways of destroying the ship after the self-destruct didn't work. Also Pike had a really good point about knowing that he couldn't die if he stayed with the torpedo, because he has to be alive later to get blown up. It's like when a witch tells you how you'll die and you know nothing else can possibly kill you. Also LOL at Michael telling Spock to run straight into Kirk's arms because he's annoying. That was so funny. After all this build-up about how they're totally going to make the timeline make sense and explain how this is happening in the Star Trek universe the solution is that everyone promises to never, ever mention any of the characters again. It's actually more stupid than inventing a magic slime pod to bring Culber back from the dead, and I didn't think that was possible. I actually found that a confusing way to end the season, since it almost seemed like the show was going to be about the Enterprise, now. Also everyone who knew one of the crew members who stayed behind and got a cryptic letter from them last week saying they were going on a long, long mission and wouldn't be back. Plus everyone who evacuated the ship because it was being sent to the future. I had the same question, and it was important to me because she's the main reason I watch the show at this point. Apparently there's an interview floating around where she said she's filming Discovery season three before whatever the new thing is, so I guess there are more plot points before she goes off to her own show.
  2. SourK

    S03:E18: Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker

    LOL. The first time someone on this show "has to go to school" and it's an excuse to leave her mom tied up in a bunker somewhere. Also... it's more annoying to divorce someone if they won't sign the papers, but it's not impossible. Plus, didn't Alice already forge his signature on the papers she used to liquidate Betty's college fund? FP is a super sad character to me and, I think, not always for reasons the show intends. In this case, he's obviously not qualified to be Sheriff, and so he asks his teenage son to come interrogate suspects for him, and then his son is like "Who sold you this stuff? Is it the exact guy I already believe sold you this stuff?" And the suspect's like, "Sure." *sigh* Imagine if you were just a normal person living in Riverdale and every key position in your community was held by one of these bozos. Imagine what you would have to resign yourself to. I love that Jellybean was just like, "Nobody remembers I exist or cares about me!" as the day just went longer and longer and the sun set and she followed some random kid out to the woods. Way to turn your oversights into a plot point, show.
  3. SourK

    S02E13: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part I

    I love that Michael was like, "I'm going to go to the future like my mom!" and everyone else was just like, "Obviously that won't work and you'll get marooned in time somewhere." I'm interested to see where Discovery ultimately ends up as it sets itself up for season three, and I... am willing to go along with this plot contrivance where the important characters all stay on the ship because they love Michael so much or whatever. But, normally you'd need a full crew to man a ship that size, wouldn't you? And why did random characters who barely know Michael stay behind? And LOL at Michael's parents saying they'll take care of Spock while Spock turns around and stays on Discovery with her (I think something will happen to separate him from everyone else in the season finale, but still). Final question -- is Georgiou taking Tyler and Culber to her new show with her? I'd be down, if that's what's happening.
  4. This wasn't as fun for me as the first season, but I liked that it changed direction a few times and went some places I wasn't expecting. Yeah, that was weird. On the AV Club that asked what kind of deal Netflix has on music if they're using Phantom of the Opera here and on Umbrella Academy, and I wonder the same thing. I love Phantom of the Opera but "we should perform a big group number from a musical to confuse the villain" is a pretty wacky plan. At first, I thought it was BS that so many of the characters, especially Zelda, didn't want to help the Dark Lord, but the more I thought about it, it kind of made sense. What most of them care about is preserving their power structures and traditions and that doesn't directly involve interacting with Satan. Plus Zelda's been on a journey where we saw that she wasn't stoked to have sex with the devil on her wedding night, and Father Blackwood ended up abusing her as soon as they were married, so the idea that she's ready to flip on the Dark Lord to help Sabrina might not be far-fetched. There are a lot of things this season that I think can make sense if you want them to, but they rushed by so fast on screen that it feels like people just randomly kept changing their goals and allegiances. I completely forgot about that, but, yeah -- I'm confused, too.
  5. I never knew Leviathan existed, and then he was dead in Ambrose's stomach, and then he was alive and cute and my new favourite character, and then he was dead again. It was a real whirlwind. The single most stressful moment of the season for me was when he screamed on the stairs and Sabrina was too busy talking to hear him. Leviathan!
  6. Okay, so, when Hilda poisoned what's her name, did she also bury her in the magic garden and bring her back to life or was that a serious murder? Because, in this universe, sending a ghost to bug someone doesn't seem like a reason you need to die.
  7. Also, it's dicey to create a body horror story about a trans person. I understand why it seems like the opportunity is there -- it's a situation where somebody already doesn't necessarily feel comfortable in their body and may want to change things -- but, "Something awful will happen if you try to do gender confirmation surgery (or the magical equivalent of that)" isn't a super uplifting message. The episode in general reminded me of Night Gallery, which I never cared for, but that story in particular felt weird and uncomfortable. No, that's only normal. She's the best one. :)
  8. The detail that I liked most about this episode is that Roz already lost her virginity and has thoughts to share about it. Often, in these kinds of shows, the lead character is the first person to do everything important, so it's nice to see them break that pattern. And it's nice to see two people actually be friends. It was very pretty, but it seems like everyone arranged things to end up with the partners they already had and/or wanted so... why not just do that? Why not let it be a thing where you can bring a date, instead of pretending to pick one at random?
  9. I found the parallel competition stories kind of interesting this episode. Theo probably didn't have a shot at making the basketball team, because he's not good at basketball, and Sabrina probably didn't have a shot at winning the school competition because she's brand new and hasn't studied anything yet, but both of them were initially denied the right to even try because of their gender, which is where it becomes gallingly unfair. And, once you've been honest about that -- once you've come right out and told somebody to their face that the possibility that they could succeed is so disgusting to you that you won't even let them compete -- it makes the question of whether it's okay to cheat a little more complicated. I think the discrimination stuff was heavy-handed in this episode, but there's also something annoying accurate and lifelike about the ultimate outcome of the magic competition, where Blackwood would rather pick a random adult who doesn't even go there than a female student. My explanation for this is that, if Sabrina's a beginner, the safest thing for her to do is stick to simple, obvious rhymes rather than trying to use weird ones. But maybe if you're good at doing whatever this is, part of your skill can be going for unconventional rhymes? I don't know. Me, too. I also wondered why Prudence wasn't stepping forward, and then they reminded us part way through the episode that she wants to stay on Blackwood's good side so that she can get the family name. But, 100%, if I was going to nominate a student who should be Top Boy at the Academy, it would be her.
  10. I binged the whole season, so maybe that's making the story feel accelerated to me, but I don't get how Lilith went from "Who's this random dude?" to "I love him like whoa" in such a short span of time.
  11. I've lost the thread of what's happening with these signals. However, one thing I hadn't thought about that I found interesting was the suggestion that whoever's sending the signals wanted Saru to change for some reason and, if the person sending the signals is an enemy, it might be a bad reason. Relatedly, if anyone wants to re-explain what's happening with the signals, that would be wonderful. :) I like Reno, too, but I don't understand why every single person on this ship wants them back together, still. And I'm starting to feel a little bullied on behalf of Hugh. If he wants to break up with Paul, he's allowed to do that. It doesn't matter if it makes things sad and uncomfortable. I laughed out loud when Pike said it was too hard to explain how he met their son. The explanation is literally, "He's a time wizard, now, and I met him from thirty years in the future." I also laughed because: imagine if you could dump your kid somewhere and have them instantly turn into an adult who's processed his feelings about you and decided to remember you fondly.
  12. SourK

    S02.E11: Perpetual Infinity

    Props to the actor playing Michael's mom. I don't recognize her, so I don't know how she normally acts, but it looked like she pitched her performance to match what Sonequa Martin-Green was doing. Either it's super good casting or good acting, but the two characters seemed like they were related. Honestly, no offense to anyone with dyslexia, because I know that's a hard thing to deal with, but I find it really funny that they're trying to make this his super power. It's kind of like that one episode of Misfits where being lactose intolerant suddenly saved the day -- it's funny because it's such a mundane, ordinary thing and it's getting blown up to epic galaxy-saving proportions. (Also, don't get me started on why the Vulcans would be so mean about dyslexia rather than just appraising the situation logically and coming up with some alternative reading device for him or something). While I was watching her cooperate with Tyler, I started to think it would be fun and/or funny if they got together romantically. Mostly because Michael would hate it so much.
  13. SourK

    S03.E17: Chapter Fifty-Two: The Raid

    If I had to pick the thing I hate most about these characters, it would be that, whenever they solve a problem related to abuse, they solve it for themselves and their closest friends, and leave everyone else to rot. The scene were Veronica and Archie confront the Governor about Prison Fight Club was basically a re-play of the scene where Betty (IIRC) threatened to tell on the Sisters for abusing kids if they didn't cooperate with her. In both cases, you should be telling on these people anyway! You should be going to the media. You should be going to the police. Why would you ever, ever, ever agree to keep this a secret in exchange for some favor that benefits only the people you know? I don't understand and I'm genuinely upset about it. Not only did they survive but they were able to get up and keep running right away! I feel like movies and TV shows have warped our perception of how high is too high to fall from but, in this case, IIRC, nothing even broke their fall. They just smacked into the ground. Agree with all of the above. However, Cheryl is the last person I would ever send to infiltrate a cult because she's so vulnerable. Like your scare quotes indicate, getting sucked into a cult isn't really about being "smart" so much as it's having the specific kind of vulnerability the cult's designed to exploit, which can vary depending on the cult. But, since Cheryl has no real support system, is estranged from her parents, lost her primary relationship recently (her brother), was recently abused by religious fanatics, just had a difficult coming out process, and all the other reasons... I wouldn't send her to the cult interviews, Betty. Veronica would be a much better choice. Ethel would even be a better choice. I agree that this story doesn't make sense. But it's also not awesome that they're living in the house that Gladys bought and Jughead just burned down their old place. I also think there's a good chance FP wouldn't realistically care that Gladys is a criminal since he's a criminal too? I think maybe Jughead is the only one who is genuinely bothered by this? I don't know and I don't really care.
  14. SourK

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    Here is a thing that surprised me: My space girlfriend Georgiou did something nice/right/emotionally intelligent for once when she decided the story about Michael's parents wasn't hers to tell, but that she could put pressure on the situation to "make sure it was told." I don't know why she wanted to do something nice, right, or emotionally intelligent, but good for her. She's better at managing conflict than most people on this show. Yeah. It's also an extremely excellent reason why she shouldn't have been included in the briefings about what the plan was or told the exact details as she was demanding. I'm really surprised with Section 31 guy didn't tell her that. I don't get why all the random guest stars ship these guys so hard. I don't get anything that happened in that scene. But yes, everything would be made worse and therefore kind of improved if Georgiou were there to interfere with it. It's weird because he should have been really interesting. And I actually think he was interesting when he stayed with the Klingons. But that whole story line got dropped and now it seems like they're trying to find a new divided loyalty for him by putting him in Section 31 but it's really not working. I think there were a couple of moments where I actually felt like I was suffocating watching that. It was a really intense scene. But, absolutely. Even if we buy into the premise that she needed to die, why did she need to die in the worst way possible? What did that add to the experiment?
  15. SourK

    S03.E16: Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun

    LMAO. Last week, I was like, "Hey, half the couples who should break up broke up. Things are finally going well in Riverdale!" Little did I know the writers saw that as the Darkest Moment before they all got back together in the musical. Okay. Maybe she was banned after she made the musical all about herself last year. I kind of love that they seem to have gone out of their way to cast all of these young actors who love musical theatre or whatever, and they all sing and dance and prance around all the time... except Cole. Usually it makes sense because Jughead's too cool to like anything, so he's obviously not going to burst into song (and because only the women on this show are forced to do a sexy dance every time they want to change clubs) -- but then you get this "musical episode" thing... I think there was an opportunity for real comedy by having him just casually NOT sing or actively REFUSE to sing, and they missed out. It also kind of seems like a nightmare people have. I thought it was funny that FP was sitting in the audience with a confused expression on his face because, yeah, there are so many questions. Why is my son in this play, now? Why am I watching this play if my son wasn't supposed to be in it? Is he trying to dance or is he not trying to dance? Why did they skip the comedy of having him refuse to dance? But then, as others have said, everybody looked confused for some reason and while that's probably realistic to what your parents would look like watching your dumb school play, I don't know what it signified in this case. I think their voices sound over-produced whenever they sing anything, especially if there's a direct transition from talking to singing. I feel like I have no idea what any of them would sound like in real life.