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  1. I was convinced that if I were truly a sophisticated stay at home cat mom that the A Spritz was for me...I was wrong, I could not acquire that taste. I believe you meant to write, "Unprotected Sex on the Beach."
  2. I have math struggles, I had math tutors in elementary school and nothing helped, I am math resistant, I admit it, maybe I have a math learning disability but was never diagnosed because back in the day a lot of kids with learning issues went without being diagnosed. It has been decades since I have had to help with homework and I would literally get flop sweat from the thought of simple math problems let alone algebra and beyond. This past year was horrible but to add math homework in the mix would have driven me to morning wine, praise to all who suffered and endured and victory to all
  3. I would love to see Dorinda and Jill back on the show if they got rid of Leah and Eboni.
  4. The little girl seemed like a deer in headlights on camera and the boy reminded me of Manny Delgado, he seems polite and nurturing to his little sister, a lot of credit goes to their mother, raising kids with a sense of helping other people is hard work unless they have a good example. Candiace is getting her masters but could not decipher a 2nd grade math problem? Did I see the same couch in Candiace's house as in Wendy's house? Gizelle's house looks like it was built by committee. I remember there was a rumor about Ray living in a townhouse in Rockville and not in the
  5. Was that wedding even legal, was there a marriage license? I am still outraged by Ms. Bahamas eating the guests lamb chops. While watching the rerun marathon it struck me funny that in a past season Malia was on anchor duty and was holding up fingers as to how many shots the anchor was, Sandy was pissed because she said Malia's was too short and was unable to see her fingers but now as Sandy's favorite Bosun that is no longer an issue? Did Malia get taller? Katie is a really good stew not only can she manage her staff but I loved when the guests were rapid firing drink orders sh
  6. It is funny that last season Candiace told Ashley that she wanted to start on her journey to motherhood, (who talks like that anyway?) and used it in a way to apologize to Ashley, in turn Ashley said she wanted to be there for her during that journey, blah, blah, blah...Candiace is not interested in having a baby any time soon. I did not completely hate G's leather outfit she wore to Wendy's, "Here are my two new friends" dinner. Maybe TPTB should have cast someone like a medical doctor or someone who spoke another language or maybe had five degrees not some basic bitch wanna be who
  7. I would love Downton Abbey's Violet Crawley/Maggie Smith to have tea with these ladies and teach them how to politely shade someone, Karen needs a tutorial but Gizelle has the "Never explain, never complain," down pat! Ashley looked so uncomfortable in her dress and her feet were to puffy to wear the heels she brought along, she kept tugging her dress down, the idea of wearing anything skin tight 10 days before giving birth, ugh, I embraced my tent like clothing when I was having babies. Wendy's house and all the different levels on the main floor, so dated. She is on track with her
  8. Hence what will be a Bravo filmed vow renewal, (not calling it by any other name, it is a vow renewal).
  9. I thought she was the lost Kardashian sister. She really comes of very fake and a bit of a liar, she tries to lie to a group of women she met five minutes prior...these women will tear her to pieces. There is a The Joint down the road from me and my husband seems to ask what kind of business that is every fucking time we pass it, (so fucking annoying), now I know who owns it. Also, I give him a different answer as to what it is when ever he asks. It is a pottery place, a dentist office, a furniture store, a medical pot dispensary, a day care..... Her lead up to what she had do
  10. Angela needs to stop with the "I've had major surgery," no you didn't and besides it was not medically necessary, it was elective as was the augmentation, it was all out patient surgery to which you are not even following the rules for after care!! Hand slapped, to specify slapped with a hand and not a fish or newspaper...hand slap. Oh Angela, the rings, the dirty, cheap, ugly rings, ick. I will never not shame those rings. Sexy Grandmother, house dress and bra straps showing, right, sexy. Angela does not realize her yelling at Michael during every phone call has nothing to
  11. I thought that very thing. If Raw-nold spends $650 on Christmas decor and only has $5 to his name how would he afford Christmas presents for MuhBoy and the girl? Tiffany is screwed if this money issue and attitude of Raw-nold's is not a producer driven story, like if it is real life, she is screwed. Cut to the landlord of Ronald's apartment, "Dude you build a room in my garage?!?!?!?" The elephant experience makes me wonder, I have a friend of a friend who got my family in the behind the scenes, back of the house of the elephant house at the DC zoo, no keeper attended to an
  12. Also Wendy's table did not look like it would have had room for one more guest so I am thinking Mia was invited last minute to fill Candiace's chair. I really hate when professionals refer to the guests/clients as "you guys," if you are a private chef you should refine the way you approach the table and describe your courses, I don't know, maybe it is just my issue.
  13. We have a fox that cruises thru on occasion and have a humming bird that visits everyday and sometimes I can hear a raccoon kill a bunny during the night, it makes me sad, they scream.
  14. Oh Trackie, never change! (Please read that in a Karen Walker voice).
  15. But her owning one when she has two kids, maybe seven...not such a crazy purchase.
  16. Did anyone else notice how the inside of that RV was full of trash, somehow that will be Andreiii's fault.
  17. I spent a lot of time in Seattle in the mid 90's, I would fly back just for the bao, there is a little place across from Pikes Market that made amazing bao.
  18. I screamed "Family Van!" in my head as I wrote that post.
  19. Having a mini van would be a good thing if Asuelo is an Uber driver. Didn't they drive up to the car dealer in a mini van? Kalani acted like Asuelo saying the word, "pregnant," will get her pregnant, she says no more children but they do not use birth control so... Oh geeze it's the Swinging Farmers.
  20. Ronald wants Tiffany and the kids to feel as homely as possible...I think they achieved that. I also think he meant "homey." Tiffany has a smart budget but a dumb brain. How did they get the tree (I know it is in a box) and all the other crap in the car with two kids in the back? Ronald spent $600 for holiday stuff when he had to borrow money for food, ugh, what a waste. Maybe we will see Tiffany's cold shoulder Christmas sweater.
  21. Yes she is near my neck of the woods, about 15 min away from me and I am no where near Potomac.
  22. Why would Wendy giver her kids those tacky nipple cupcakes?
  23. I believe that hat is now called "The Trish."
  24. What does she want them to say, something like they all had a black friend once? Eboni is insufferable at this point and is stopping the regular flow of the women screaming at each other about sharing the same men in the very shallow dating pool and listening to Lu sing happy birthday to someone.
  25. I do not believe for one minute they actually had an Airbnb in DC, nobody in their right mind would attempt to drive a huge RV in to the side streets in the district and expect to be able to park it. Why wouldn't Libby have a print out of the property or something on her phone to show Andreiiii the proof about parking etc... Andreiii and the brother in law talking about men's work/women's work...drops suitcase off of the cart, clearly they are not good at men's work. I imagine the Marylander's breathed a sigh of relief when that brood left the state.
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