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  1. Between that stupid Lord name and that Food God person...ugh, I know how embarrassed you feel right now, lol.
  2. I think that was the designers thing, an orange tag sewn on the sleeve, what drives me crazy is when people buy a wool winter coat or blazer and fail to remove the makers brand on the sleeve...that is not supposed to be worn as a fashion statement. That green silk outfit was the one and only thing Leah wore that I actually liked.
  3. I truly thought this past Sailing Yacht season's cast was the most unattractive group and I was shocked, shocked I tell you that any of them hooked up.
  4. Chef better remember to register his anxiety meds with Sandy, we all know what happens when you don't. Which brings me to my next question, didn't Chef tell Sandy he has anxiety and wouldn't lead to a follow up question from her as in, "do you take medication for that, if so please show me the perscription, etc..." I hope Malia does not put Chef on her shit list because before you know it she will be sending Sandy photos of his toiletries, right?
  5. That is my thought too since she went to the South Hampton to vote, that just might be her full time residence. I did notice the sticker on her front door, it looked like the sort of sticker on the back of a hotel door.
  6. This is where I think Eboni will wear on people quickly, I like her being in the mix but I am hoping that she can bring something more to the table than topical controversy, it is exhausting to be around someone who only lectures or tries to "show you the way." Leah has done this for her entire time on the show and we are all tired of her doing the same thing. Eboni's dinner in Harlem started off really good, I liked how she introduced each famous person to the HW's, a little history that was germain to the evening...the candles were nice, she made it nice. I get she felt a certain wa
  7. Hahahahaha Ronald stole an air fryer. Hahahahahaha
  8. Honestly, this woman is on the boat for a few days and she wants her entire suitcase full of clothes to be steamed only to be put back in the suitcase because half of which she will not wear.
  9. I thought she looked like the daughter from Schitt's Creek.
  10. I have to renew my drivers license this November, I am planning to go to the MVA where Mark works, Mark as in Nikki and.
  11. She strikes me as the type that if Tom was on fire she wouldn't even give him a glass of water.
  12. Every time I am in downtown Frederick I am all eyes for her, as I wander thru the shops and my radar is on, beep, beep, beep....
  13. All I have to do is jump on 70 and I can fan girl with you, I fan girled with Tanya in Conn. at a restaurant where she waits tables, the lunchtime margarita did not help filter me, lol. We both know that Tiff could have found herself a man with a prison record and an addiction in Frederick. So she has flawless makeup, where is she going with a flawless face anyway? Does she have a job?
  14. That is why I added the "who am I kidding" remark. We all know how this relationship will go, they will torture each other endlessly, they are miserable people.
  15. The company I worked for went under after the CFO embezzled 2.5 million dollars, she wound up in jail, serving 7 years of a 23 year sentence, (the judge suspended all but 7), she was shrewd money person and we all knew she had a stash somewhere in Ireland, (she traveled there a lot), waiting for her when she got out...money people know how to hide the cash. Erika can always perform her act on a cruise ship when she gets out of jail.
  16. I sort of understand Tiffany and her wanting a break from the being the constant Mom, putting on makeup uninterrupted is a luxury, all I ever wanted was to eat a meal while it was hot with both hands. Tiffany is expecting Raw-nold to know exactly what needs to be done without being asked, Tiffany does not realize that Raw-nold has been living the bachelor life, no daily responsibilities of kids and their needs. Maybe effective communication can save their relationship, bwahahah who am I kidding?!!!
  17. I was hoping Chuck and Andreiiii would do a Thelma and Louise, putting all of us and them out of theirs and our misery.
  18. I think he was doing those things to avoid Tiffany and baby responsibility.
  19. Maybe she should have done some research and watched some aerobics tapes or youtube videos of exercise dance or barre classes, something other than doing her go go dancing while two men awkwardly watched while standing in a gym. Also, fine give her a ride to the interview, don't escort her inside, she should appear confident enough to go in alone. Julia did not research event planning but went to the interview, she did not research apartments on line and how much rents would be and the perimeters for qualifying for a lease but went to look at apartments...I am beginning to think Julia tr
  20. I have always wondered why people wear headbands, (it has never been a good look in my opinion with the exception of Cher in the 70's because you know, she is Cher), like, how many did she try on before she decided on that one? LOL.
  21. Aren't we all relieved to know she does not want to be a "mudel?"
  22. I hope she collects her $5000 before she leaves.
  23. Talk about Crazy Island...how are they not all on some sort of drugs just to be near each other.
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