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  1. I would not use Leah's measurement as to what makes a man a real man I mean the ass eating...is that something that is on everyone's must have list? I think Leah has a skewed view of most things so this is just one of them.
  2. I did not know she had ties with them, I remember Dorit wearing Fenty and Sutton asked who she was wearing and thought Dorit said Fendi, etc...Dorit should jump on Fenty about doing something together since that little exchange did more to promote Fenty than Erika's association with them, right?
  3. In order to stop watching this show we all may have to attend a Housewives Anonymous meeting every Wednesday night. Quitting is hard but we all agree watching Leah and Eboni will make it easier to quit but support will still be needed...who is ready to earn their first chip? That is what I said!! It is like they are fused together at the top. I wonder if she has ever seen a pair of boobs to know that isn't right...or has her doctor ever seen a pair? I find myself staring at them during every TH, I cannot look away.
  4. Did he really have to be in the kitchen during his on line Japanese lesson? Producer set up for sure. I would love to hear Jax kill a conversation in Japanese, it's a shame he cannot go to Japan to practice.
  5. The article says she was happy to have time away from working...she has a job? I'd love to know what that work is that is keeping her so busy that she needs a vacation. Is posing in lingerie in your own home a job and if so, is it that exhausting?
  6. Yes, she seems like she can be a good listener, sympathetic, fun, remember a birthday, swap recipes with, all that stuff that is normal friendship stuff but I would also be friends with Sutton because away from the other HW's she is probably a good friend IRL plus she likes to give gifts, lol. Many seasons ago I thought Kyle would be a good friend to have but now I know better.
  7. I cannot stop looking at Leah's boobs in her talking heads, they seem to be fused together at the top of her cleavage, just something is not normal looking. All the little bits of work on her face, nose job and botox, fillers, what have you, she is very bland looking.
  8. Not just one lamb chop but two!!! Why was Chef more concerned with the little pile of dirt on the floor than Ms. Bahamas eating guest food? Chef Matt reminds of the the Phil Hartman sketch about the Anal Retentive Chef.
  9. Who would feel bad for a friend if all they could afford was a $9500/month rental with a pool, cabana and decorated nicely...is Erika going for pity with this?
  10. I loved Kathy's blue and white room, I hope we see more of her house. Sutton who brings a gift for every occasion failed to bring a gift for Garcelle's birthday was embarrassing for her but I think what really sent her over the edge was that some of the HW's went in together for a gift and it hurt her feelings that no one considered asking her to chip in with them...we know how she feels about being left out of the group. Also, Sutton was right about Crystals pants, not flattering at all. Sutton could have just extended a mini shopping trip to her store to Garcelle so she can pi
  11. I wonder if Sonja knows that bit of history about "her family." She was so freaked out about one of the women touching the Morgan Letters and how Eboni went to a bank other than a Morgan bank for some personal loan...now she can obsess over where all the books went. It really is a fascinating part of the Morgan history, that would be more palatable for a lesson from Eboni instead of her brow beating the HW's and calling them the racists.
  12. Well I am sure the employees at that parlor were very impressed with that.
  13. I predict Barshan will be the breakout star from this season, she has a great vibe and seems like she wants to have fun, wear designer clothes and maybe throw a really fun party with interesting people. Did anyone hear Ramona describing her 50 close friends as just people she knows but the HW friends are the people that know her core (but was not going to invite them to her birthday party last year, lol).
  14. Considering that woman had just said the hotel was built in 1924/25, do those women ever listen to anybody other than themselves? I don't get the whole dress up thing, what did dressing up in leather have to do with Salem? Did we all think we were going to have a fun episode, I know I did but then here came Eboni and her brow beating anti racism accusatory speech, she is losing me as an almost fan of her, did she say that all of the other HW's were racists? I don't want to rewatch but I thought I heard her say that when they were in the hotel lobby pre dinner at that cool tattoo parl
  15. No way, no how, I will not watch that in a box, I will not watch that with a fox, (and I have one in my backyard as I type this). You could not get me to watch this episode of Best of because she is the worst of New York, who among us would be excited about watching an hour of Leah?
  16. I just don't see Tiffany with her cold shoulders sauteing mushrooms, I am almost sure she does not eat them let alone cook them. I think Raw-nold stocked his freezer for when Tiffany has gone home with her money he will at least have some chicken in the freezer. Polony, I cannot even fathom what is really in that product.
  17. I am not sure if this means anything but last night I dreamed that I was Sonja, in my dream I could not comprehend what was going on around me. Should I be worried?
  18. I was really upset with myself for watching and being entertained by Danielle because I thought she had some sort of mental deficiency and kept wondering where "her people" were but then realized it was just an unfortunate person who did not have her shit together and had the ability to make her life as difficult as possible by making dumb choices. Natalie was desperate to get to the US and live her dream life just like her (never on camera) friend that introduced her to Mike...sadly it is not going the way she wants because she never actually listens to Mike to see what kind of person he
  19. Maybe Michael really has a wife and kids and Angela found him on line, (not the other way around), and they hatched this plan together. We all know how Angela likes the limelight and Michael thought a few extra bucks would help his family...I believe WE got played.
  20. There is nothing wrong with wanting a specific breed that you may not be able to find at a rescue, I would not be able to find my Cornish Rex kitties from a rescue, I have a reputable breeder who breeds carefully and raises as members of her own family.
  21. I am sure he still rents pianos but employees of the State of MD have awesome benefits, not sure he gets benefits by renting a Steinway.
  22. 100% agree with you. It is the "reaching" that devalues any real sentiments.
  23. He is the man that impregnated that sour puss Kardashian sister three times. The drinking and lack of a career drive or ambition would be enough for me to never date him, he is a Peter Pan and it is not a good look. I guess a 19 year old can relate to an older man who just wants to party, he can after all legally buy her booze.
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