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  1. So the entire Kalani family puts on Christmas pj's to go to a nursery to purchase a Christmas tree and they look at the big trees and then settle on a small tree in a bucket that looks like a landscaping tree, that seems so anti climatic. Asuelo doing housework to prove he can take of another child was stupid, that proves nothing. I would love to see an all out family brawl at this point, I want to see blood, just do it and get it over with, please. Natalie, Mike, the big tire and the fighting, boring and Natalie still sounds stuffy. Yara and Jovi still fighting about the baby slee
  2. What is it with recording yourself doing those things especially when they have nothing to brag about? Why are these people always shocked when their video is leaked? Why don't these people adhere to the "behind closed doors" adage? Why are these people so stupid?
  3. It looks like it would hurt. Did Ramona unpack by herself!!!???!!! I think that is a first for her on a HW trip. Unpacking her own crap! LOL.
  4. I used to work with a woman who used the phrase, "shit the bed," for a company that went belly up or a person who messed up, this really does apply to Ramona I just didn't realize it would be a real thing!
  5. I did not think for one minute that girl was going to convert to Judaism let alone Orthodoxy which is very restrictive for women in many respects. Why would she make that bold statement, never follow up with anything about converting AND none of the women ask about it on camera! I mean how could anybody not ask Leah about her conversion journey? It would be impossible for me to not keep asking questions.
  6. I dare you to go to the tattoo parlor and re-enact the scene from their dinner.
  7. Why wouldn't Natalie looked for an ENT in Port Angeles, it's much closer to Sequim than Seattle. Also, how would she have not had to get a pre op medical exam without Mike knowing, (she was using his insurance because there might be a co-pay and seeing she had no money for a hotel room I doubt she has the money to cover the co-pays for her surgery), you don't get an exam until you know when your surgery is scheduled. I would have stayed the night in the hotel closer to where her surgery was being done after the surgery because driving two hours back to Sequim would seem uncomfortable fo
  8. It was not as sweet as I thought it would be, the flavor was off for me, it was a combo of bitters and something I could not figure out, I wanted it to be my summer drink, you know, cool and easy to drink but to me it tasted musty. I am hell bent on finding some drink recipe to use the bottle I bought, I am not giving up. Tiffany seems like she would drink something sweet like moscato, (not my kind of bubbly at all).
  9. I am surprised that there isn't a visit to a winery this trip, they always seem to go to a winery and that way Bershan can chide Leah and Lu for not drinking...hilarity ensues.
  10. I feel like Crystal drew a line in the sand with that answer, I doubt we will ever see Crystal and Sutton being friends, it may be like Rinna and Kim, they can be in the same room together but the minute one of addresses the other things will be forever misconstrued and it will start another issue/fight.
  11. The problem with this lug nuts on 90 Day is that they don't know the person they married, they meet someone on line and talk to them for a time then fly to their country and all they do is fight, get engaged anyway then every visit after is just more fighting, get the person to the states, use the 90 days to "get to know them," fight the entire 90 days, wait until the very last minute then get married even though they do not know that other person and what they do know they hate and just sort of hope things will get better later on. The only options these people are exhausting is the mon
  12. My husband learned that in Alanon, slightly different but same sentiment, it really does help to think just the littlest bit before you open your mouth. Bershan is trying to make her time on camera memorable, controversial, etc...she has to be ready for the blow back when she does this. I too had high hopes for a fun HW but alas, no fun HW. Everyone is posting abut how Lu likes to say "how dare you, who are you to...." Ramona did it first, at Heather's house in the sticks, while they were canoeing and that pretty model splashed her and got Ramona's hair wet, Ramona launched in to "who are
  13. I cannot get past that. Who was that unfortunate looking person in the black dress with white embroidery? I fell asleep during the show and woke up to Vinnie and Brianna playing the shoe game then realized I did not have to watch the rest of the show.
  14. I guess Erika will be able reclaim the part of Roxie Hart since she will have prison experience, maybe she can orchestrate the Jail House Players performance of "Chicago." The running mascara was a nice touch, didn't work but it was a nice try. Kathy is a mystery to me, one minute she is a doddering old woman, the next she looks young, then she is funny pulling everything out of her bag like Mary Poppins, then she is the consummate hostess (albeit in PJ's), then it is 3pm and she is up for the day finally and howling with her dog Sue, who names a dog Sue?
  15. He has no people skills and we have seen his one and only job interview, it was not good, it was a fake interview but I imagine the real ones would be similar. Can you picture Andreiiii going to an interview at a real estate firm, Andreiiii: I expect to do what ever I want, can you give me all my pay now and I will decide what I want to do and I would like my name on the building along with your company name. No questions asked, please. I will tell you what questions to ask. I will tell people what house to buy you just worry about yourself. Real Estate Firm: Well you have to w
  16. A few years ago I met a woman who in casual conversation told me she dated Juan and really liked him but he was still living with his ex wife and she felt funny about that and stopped seeing him. I wonder if most of the women he dates care if he lives with his ex and is now engaged again to Robyn? Robyn has got to know Juan has a wandering eye by now, right?
  17. Because "boring" gets you fired...who wants to watch a boring housewife bring nothing to the table?
  18. I read that like Alex said it when Jill popped in to surprise the girls on Scary Island, "We've had enough drama," her voice quivering as she said it.
  19. How are we not talking about Ramona dancing on the table at that yelling dinner? Like, what was that, did she do it to show Barshan how cool and fun she is? Did we see Ramona get down off that table because I really wanted to see how she got down without help. Didn't Ramona loose her shit (yes, I made a funny), when the ladies were dancing on the ottoman at her birthday party for her 50 nearest and dearest girl friends? I hope the tattoo parlor sage sticks their place, there was some really bad juju going on there. Ramona questioning Eboni about getting a tattoo so quickly seemed
  20. What the hell happened to our possibly chill, fun Barshan? Where did she go? Why was she so awful to the other women? What crawled up her butt? Why would she make me like Eboni more than her in that moment, how could she do such a thing to me? So many questions.
  21. I think guzzling a glass of red wine thru a mask would have gotten her attention but Barshawn and Ramona ignored that so I guess she had to ramp up the crazy.
  22. I think Natalie was her happiest when she was hugging the tree.
  23. I hope Clara and Ryan did not pay for that wedding they were (faux) planning. Eight grand for the use of a venue with not caterer seemed stupid, well actually it is stupid. Was anyone surprised at this news? I didn't think so.
  24. I am watching that now too, the apartment hunting was good, the friendship between Carole and B was good, Ramona's face was original, those were the days.
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